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  • Yes, the characters were they're usually selves which was great. The fighting aspect of the game was okay. On some points though it needed lots of work. For one some of the missions in this game were to damn hard. I don't want to pull my hair out on a game, I am looking to pass time, not have a heart attack. Yet for most of the missions you had to turn off the machine if you failed because they did not give you the option to retry it. Trust me you will give up on those prison escort missions if you have to do them a couple of times and have to put up with all the dialog again. The character part also had a flaw too. It let you team up with other characters, but you could only do it for a short time before going to Naruto again and I wanted to use these characters more. I would have rather had the Marvel Ultimate Alliance format. The story though was good and I loved the interaction of Naruto and everybody as it was just like the show. I would have preferred cel shaded graphics, but the graphics are okay. So in the end an okay game that would have been better had they not made some of the missions so hard and had better teaming up. It also would have been better if it involved a more free roaming environment to explore like in Naruto: Rise of the Ninja for the xbox 360.