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  • This isn't bad at all.

    In what's probably his best acting performance in a while, Seagal plays a former cop with a shady past (what else!) who's up to his neck in gambling debts, is way too fond of alcohol and a pretty lousy father to boot. A mysterious man (a cool Lance Henriksen) buys up his debts and wants Seagal to eliminate a few scumbags to work it off. So in fact; Seagal's his new whipping boy.

    The film's not without it's fair share of clichés, takes a few convenient shortcuts and some of the action scenes are a bit stiff but"Pistol Whipped", as another Steven Seagal direct-to-DVD flick, is really OK entertainment.

    Steve is actually pretty good in his role here, looking like he's actually trying to act and he comes out a winner. He's getting a bit puffy again but he looks solid enough in the action department. Others are so so with only old pro Henriksen making any kind of impression.

    Kudos to the script as well. As said, it's far from perfect but it does have a nice twist up it's sleeve and it gives our man a little better dialog than usual.For fans of Seagal this is a must. For others, "Pistol Whipped" is still an OK way to kill an hour and a half.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Keep in mind that I am a big fan of Steven Seagal and have followed most of his films since the start of his acting career.

    In this flick Steven Seagal plays the role of an ex-cop named Matt whom has fallen into problems from both gambling and drinking since being kicked off of the force and getting divorced. Eventually Matt's life takes a turn after an encounter with a mysterious man named "blue" that clears him of his debts and hires him as a hit-man to take care of certain marks in exchange for clearing these debts.

    Overall I was rather impressed that Steven Seagal had it in him to make another solid movie after the follow-up of Urban Justice. The fight-scenes were very solid and involved Steven Seagal in most of them, not to mention a very impressive shoot-out at the cemetery near the end of the movie. Unfortunately the acting was not so stellar and Steven Seagal referred back to his "ghetto" voice in some parts which ruined his character in my opinion. Regardless the film was very good and tied his character together with his daughter very well and there were even some brief moments of humor thrown in as well.

    I definitely recommend this movie to a Steven Seagal fan or a fan of action movies in general, Seagal has proved once again that he has still got it and I am looking very forward to his next flick Prince of Pistols.
  • barleysodapop21 April 2008
    I was surprised that this film was very good. To be honest, after the last two Seagal films I thought he was done, but wouldn't you know....he's back. I should have known not to count him out. He definitely hits the bullseye with Pistol Whipped. The rest of the cast for the film did a great job too. Lance Henriksen always plays a good part in anything he does. I was also happy to learn that this film was shot in Connecticut a few towns away from where I live.

    I'd like to see Seagal do more small acting roles like he did with Executive Decision. Hopefully he'll be back in the theaters soon. I would have paid to see this movie at a theater.
  • I'll start by saying that I have seen all of Steven Seagal's films, from Nico to this one, and at one point thought he really went downhill with shadow man and the films that followed (Attack force and flight of fury) then came Urban Justice which I thought was a bit of an improvement and then I saw Pistol Whipped, and thought thats more like it.

    Unlike a lot of his previous films this one actually has a deep story, its about a disgraced ex cop who is obsessed with gambling, has a lot of dept and is an alcoholic, he is approached by a mysterious stranger that offers to clear all his transgressions if he agrees to assassinate specific targets.

    The performances by the cast are excellent and also unlike Seagal's previous films, he doesn't overshadow the rest of cast, for instants, where Seagal is either framed or has lost a loved one because of a gang, and then all it boils down to is Seagal going from one area to the next and beating the living snot out of who ever made him mad, and in that case the rest of the characters only consist of gangsters, terrorist or to put it mildly, they may has well be in the movie to act as human punching bags, where as in this one you have a lot of great characters like Drea, Blu, the old man and even Matt (Steven Seagal's character).

    Lastly, the direction by Roel Reine is definitely the best I've seen out of all the other direct to DVD Seagal movies, and his other credits includes Drifter and dead water(also starring Lance Henriksen).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have been loyal as a Steven Seagal fan. In high school Marked for Death and Out For Justice were Saturday movie regulars. Under Siege was an opening night event. I have reviewed most of the Seagal films on this website and have viewed them all multiple times. This past Saturday my wife and daughter left for the I sat down armed with a 6 pack of Coors Light and Blast o' Butter popcorn and into my "PS3" I popped in "Pistol Whipped" with very low expectations. Was I pleasantly surprised! The film moves quickly. The director takes some great camera angles...great soundtrack (for a Seagal film...)...and seems to have a great sense of what older Seagal fans enjoyed so much about him as an action icon in the late 80's and 90's. The dialogue is on par with such Seagal classics as "The Glimmer Man" and "Out for Justice". Seagal seems to have found his charisma...with the exception of 2005's "Into the Sun" his last 8 or 9 DVD's have lacked that main charisma ingredient. The writers decided in this film to make Seagal's character vulnerable, mean, and lacking good judgement. Something Seagal hasn't been in character for quite some time. This film has a few technical problems...mainly the ending shootout could have used a little touch up in the editing room...Seagal seems to have sunglasses on and off in the same breath of dialogue??? A few stand in scenes (very brief)on long shots...but nothing like the crap we as Seagal fans have scene in recent efforts like "The Foreigner", "Attack Force", and "Flight of Fury". The akido scenes are great and well shot...

    I can only hope that Seagal has found his step again...I will still be reluctant to get excited as Seagal seems to hold a pattern...After 2005's acceptable "Into The Sun", we got "Submerged" which I thought was horrible. After 2006's "Shadow Man" (which I enjoyed) we got "Attack Force???" The formula for Seagal's success lies in his ability to work within the means of the "Direct to DVD" market and its meager budgets to produce films like this one which will secure his fan base to push him back into theatrical contention. Time is running out for the aging star...but I strongly suggest you watch this film.
  • An unremarkable action thriller, but probably one of Steven Seagal's best films so far. This one has a plot that actually keeps your interest (even though the main "twist" is telegraphed ahead of time) by going beyond the simple "they killed his loved ones and now he wants revenge" scenario, without becoming a muddled mess like, say, "Mercenary For Justice". It also has a pretty slick look, and the action includes a well-filmed car chase climaxing with a spectacular car flip, and a John Woo - style graveyard shootout at the end. Seagal tries to play a morally ambivalent character, which he does up to a point, but the usual problems associated with his characters (the invulnerability and the vanity) are still present (wait till you hear a girl's remark about a certain body part of his). He is still overweight and most of the fight scenes are blink-and-you'll-miss-them, but at least he is there doing them, and doing them efficiently. The movie also benefits from a good supporting cast, though Lance Henriksen should have had more screen time. Renee Goldsberry is gorgeous & tough and earns "Pistol Whipped" a few more points. (**1/2)
  • elwoodjames2 March 2008
    After watching renegade justice, Which i really thought was Segal getting back on form after a run of real budget films. I was looking forward to seeing this film.

    Although i am not disappointed, Its a mind annoyance that, Stevie who can once again perform his Aikido at a speed and grace which does not require stupid camera work to cover it up. Did not use it as much as i would of liked.

    I have given this film a 9 because i felt that once again there was a lot of effort in this film. No stupid Stevie doubles with silly wigs on. Or ridiculous dubbing. Like many Stevie fans out there I wish i could see one more film with the same quality and calibre as Under Siege, Come on Steve, One more Cinema release... If Stallone can bring back Rambo and Rocky... Bring Back Casey Ryeback..... and get some pie out of the oven :-)
  • I am a big Steven Seagal fan of his 90s movies but began to loose faith in him after Half Past Dead. That was a very impressive movie which did not deserve a rating of 3.9 out of 10. Plenty of action and humour, plus some great kicks from seagal. After his Straight-to-DVD features, i began to lose faith, his fights looked so fake because he had stunt doubles that looked nothing like him and his voice was dubbed pointlessly.

    Then came Renegade Justice (or Urban Justice as US calls it), it was a very decent action flick and made me see that he dozen't need to retire early. The fights were all done by seagal and dubbing was ignored. It was also a fun film to watch and a must-have for all seagal fans. What I mostly love about it is seeing seagal the way we use to know him in the 90s. Just no original plot.

    This film that I am talking about is the best seagal film I have ever seen. This is mainly because he isn't the hero in this film. There are no heroes in this film. He is an alcoholic ex-cop with a gambling problem, a huge debt and a neglectful father. It convinced me on what a depressing character he was.

    The soundtrack was brilliant. At the start, seeing Seagal shooting in a cemetery while there was emotional music playing in the background made me see the drama in this film. The second scene where seagal and the priest are talking really described his character as not being some "perfect hero" but a more realistic character. These problems that he has is also his fault.

    The action was also brilliant as well. There is still mindless violence in this movie but that won't spoil your fun as the fight scenes are still realistic but they are not the reason why this movie is so great. Seagal also shows talent and emotion in his acting which is very rare as he is mostly acting with his fists and guns.

    This is the best seagal DVD movie yet. Mainly because it is something a little different than his others and is the most unique out of all of the films he has been in.
  • I am a huge Stevo fan and have seen nearly all of his films except the ones you just have to turn off after 20mins like Ticker and The Patriot so this rating is very subjective to Stevo films and shouldn't be taken seriously by a non-Stevo fan. I have given this the same as Shadow Man which isn't right really because its better;

    Let down by some incoherent editing (same with every Stevo film even his debut "Above the Law") this film actually has a decent story and the action scenes are good. There is a great climactic shootout in a cemetery at the end of the film which is really well shot, the music builds up the narrative really well unlike Urban Justice which has an awful "computer game" style sound track.

    I hope Stevo keeps it up because this is above average even for a non Stevo fan....... STEVO!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    steven seagal is back in top form in this action thriller about an ex cop who is recruited by a big time gangster to be his personal hit-man, seagal's movies have since 2003 been absolute garbage really, and im happy to say that pistol whipped is the best steven seagal movie since fire down below, he kicks ass brutally and has some of the best shoot outs I've seen in an action movie for a long time, there are no stunt doubles this time, no stupid voice doubles just a classic badaas seagal bieng a badass, seagal's role here gives him more to do as well as he plays a quite bad character who wants to be a good farther and he pulls these scenes off well if at times a little awkwardly, but hey this is a steven seagal movie and it delivers some top bone crunching violence, definitely recommended
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After the excellent URBAN JUSTICE, it seemed that Steven Seagal had his work cut out to keep making good movies. Let me tell you from the get-go, PISTOL WHIPPED is as equally good, with (despite it's lower budget) better production values (although i suspect Urban Justice was given a grittier, raw look on purpose?) Seagal plays Matt, a disgraced ex cop, who been sliding off the tracks, since his suspension. He's been gambling and hitting the bottle, and most importantly, ignoring his estranged wife and daughter. It seems that, despite his shortcomings, Matt is still a proficient bad-ass, but he's more of a bad guy, than he'd care to admit. Suddenly his gambling debts have caught up with him, in the shape of a shady businessman (great cameo by Lance Henrickson) who offers to clear the debts, if Matt will 'terminate with extreme prejudice' some wise-guy mafioso type. Being of dubious morals, Matt undertakes this job (fearing for the safety of his daughter) and in true Seagal-style, opens up the required whup-ass on said contract. But it doesn't end there......Matt's new mysterious employer wants more people 'taken care' of....including his ex-wife's new husband (a fellow cop, and one of Matts friends) But is his friend everything he seems?

    Seagal fans will enjoy this one, as it give the stout sensei a chance to relax, let it all hang out, and play (as in OUT FOR JUSTICE) a scummy anti-hero, who's far worse than the bad guys he's taking down. Yet there's a genuine warmth between Seagal and his on-screen daughter (proving he can be a good natural actor, when he drops his defences) Seagal plays the part perfectly (a crying shame he's been making duff movies in Romania) when PISTOL WHIPPED is one of the lowest budgets he's worked with. Director Roel Reine has a good visual eye, and if anything, it proves that Seagal can work in the confines of a low budget, provided (as we've always known) he ditches the 'wrong element' around him (the 'yes' men) These people have gladly cashed cheques as Seagal has been involved in some truly dire projects of recent. Good to see you back on track Steven....stick with directors/people that give a damn.

    All in all, PISTOL WHIPPED is a great Seagal (biff-em-up) thriller, with it's lead showing (as Stallone has done likewise) that age is nothing but a number (some of the fights here are extremely brutal) and Seagal has lost none of his trademark speed, or for that matter, wit (check out some of his dry dialogue....very funny for fans of the genre) and it's comforting to see Seagal playing a flawed (allbeit, still untouchable) character, who's not a straight-laced good guy. Once again, i have a SEAGAL movie, that survives repeated viewing, and one to show off to my mates. All in all, Big Lee gives this great movie 10 out of 10
  • orik200710 February 2008
    Before i say anything i want you to know i like action movies,even those that contain mindless violence(i actually enjoyed the last installment of Rambo very much).

    That being said,i didn't enjoy this movie very much,except maybe for some parts that make you laugh even though they're not intended to be funny. Come to think of it,it's a classical Steven Seagal movie,picturing him as omnipotent,without at least providing some good scenes where he can entertain(that's right,there aren't even good fighting scenes).

    So my advice is watch this movie only if you are a fan or want to kill some time with your friends.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    thought this was a good Seagal film for a few reasons, first off it is back to basics, with immediate no questions asked action by the man, in scenes when he is even remotely threatened. That is classic SS and a throwback to the early days like in Marked For Death etc, so from that perspective, fans should not feel disappointed. Also thought the inclusion of the guy who was in quite a few films in the early 90's the character Blue was a good one. He was in some real good films like King of New York and Sea of Love and it was good to see him in this film, he comes over pretty well as some kind of mobster who clearly does not respect Seagal or even his Boss. Also thought the scene where Seagal tackles his ass in the house was good to watch, always like seeing SS do fight choreography with actors who are not in the business for that reason. Storyline is OK, perfectly acceptable to call in a debt from a lethal family man to knock off a few wide boys. All in all this is probably one of Seagals best 10 movies.
  • Steven Seagall at one time was one of the best action actors around twenty years ago and by the turn of the next decade he would be a attraction to see on screen even if I never went to any of his films in the theatre. The last several years Steven seem to slow down a bit and he wasn't the same kick ass guy he once was but after watching Pistol Whipped. Steven still had it which hopefully it'll be an opportunity to be on screen again and perhaps appearing in a Quentin Taratino film may really boost a comeback for him teaming up Uma Thurman. I always liked Steven Seagall even though many critics don't take him as a serious actor but hopefully they'll praise his acolaides when they start to realize his talent.
  • Compared to other recent Seagal films this one is OK, but it is nowhere near as good as his early movies (Under Siege, Above The Law, Hard To Kill, all of which have an honorary place in my DVD collection).

    On the plus side, they don't even bother hiding the fact that Steven has become old and fat. However, he doesn't take himself too serious, by playing a down-on-his-luck drunk. The film itself is alright. Roel Reiné, the Dutch director who recently stated that his goal to make Blade Runner-like movies in the future, made the best out of it he could. He pursued Seagal to do more of his own fighting, talking and... well everything (since he has stand-ins for almost everything in other recent movies, even stepping out of a car). The plot is decent and the camera work is entertaining.

    But then there's a protagonist who just doesn't want to be there. Sorry Steven, each time I try to like your films, but you just don't like making them anymore, and it shows. It is nice to see Steven do his own fighting again (or at least not with the obvious use of stunt doubles all the time), but a real comeback is still far, far away.
  • First a few words about the plot. Steven Seagal is Matt. An Ex-Detective who is addicted to gambling and also does drink quite a bit. He is divorced and has gambling debts all over town. A mysterious stranger buys all his debt in exchange for Matt's services. Which are to eliminate some bad guys. The final target is someone though, who is quite close to Matt.

    So much so good. It sounds like a regular Steven Seagal movie. It's not though. Let's begin with the production values. Despite costing only about 10 Million $ the movie looks pretty good. It seems that Seagal earned his was back in the states as his recent movies are no longer shot in Bulgaria or Romania but rather in the states. The camera work in this movie is top notch. Really stylish. The camera-work alone makes the movie look like it cost about 20 million more than it actually did. The score is also great. Not just for Seagal standards. It actually holds up even against real movies. The acting is also pretty good. In this movie Seagal doesn't look like he really doesn't wanna be there like he did in a few other DTV titles he did. The other extras are also above average. Lance Herniksens short appearance in the movie is also memorable.

    Like I said, this movie looks good enough to be in theaters. Just a few little things here and there could be better. Overall, it seems that Seagal got back whatever it was that he lost.

    So I give this 9 out of 10. (I gave Indiana Jones 4 only a 7 out of 10. Both movies I rated in perspective to the previous ones).

    If you enjoy Seagal even a little, you won't be disappointed with this one.
  • Steven Segal has done it again. Made an action packed movie full of drama, humor, suspense, romance, and a strong, yet vulnerable woman named Drea Smalls, played beautifully by Renee Elise Goldsberry.

    Ms. Goldsberry's portrayal of Andrea(Drea)Smalls gives credence to the reality of the statement "Behind Every Strong Man Is an Even Stronger Woman." In a lead role opposite Steven Segal, Ms Goldsberry brought beauty, vitality, and spontaneity to her character Drea Smalls. The chemistry between Segal and Goldsberry was natural and edgy. Congratulations to Steven, Renee, and the entire cast of Pistol Whipped for a memorable performance. I enjoyed this movie. I only wished this movie had made it to the theater first to be viewed by a wider audience before going straight to DVD. This is a Segal classic to be enjoyed and added to your film library.

    Mary C. McGregor
  • seagal brought back the old seagal that we all know and love. i don't understand why this went straight to video. this movie as movie theater material and one of seagals best movies of all. i don't understand why people bash this movie so much. seagals had some bad ones and some good ones and this was one of the good ones. i would defidently recommend it to seagal lovers and i highly think you will enjoy watching it. seagal should start doing movies just like these but he should direct them himself. good luck to one of the best actors of all time steven seagal and keep up the good work. steven is doing better than ever and i hope it remains that way. again good luck and keep up the good work. GO STEVEN SEAGAL!
  • Actually, he is slimming down as we speak, and Steven Seagal is back on top form is this electrifying thriller from writer JD Zeik, the man who penned Frankenheimer's suspenseful DeNiro classic Ronin.

    I won't bother going into plot details, but this is, in all seriousness, a very enjoyable film, and a nice step up from Seagal's recent career, a million miles away from duds like Flight of Fury and the God-awful Attack Force, in which he sounded, for half the film, like he'd been dubbed by someone who usually voices tough, gruff martial arts masters in eastern releases. For once he's not the whiter-than-white superhero with a background in black ops/special forces/law enforcement/environmentalism/being a chef; this time he actually plays a flawed character(!), which is a huge improvement over every other film he's ever appeared in where he's the honourable and unbeatable master-operator. As the drink-sodden ex-crooked cop, Seagal is not exactly revelatory, but this is the first film where he's actually bothered attempting to do anything different from his standard formula which sometimes works (The Glimmer Man, Submerged, Into The Sun) and often doesn't (Attack Force, really, absolutely rotten to the core), so i do commend him on that, and also the fact that he has slimmed down considerably from the behemoth who was only filmed from the chest up in his more recent movies. Oh, and he even attempts a few kicks in this one, something we haven't seen since....hmmmm.....

    Seagal is supported by two people i never expected to see in one of his films, Paul Calderon, who'll be familiar to fans of King of New York and Pulp Fiction, and Mr Lance Henriksen, who sadly only appears in a few scenes. Both add an air of respectability to the proceedings. But this is a Seagal film, not Merchant Ivory, and it delivers well on the fighting/shooting/killing front. An enjoyable load of nonsense, but a bit of a comeback for Steven Seagal, hopefully it'll end the cycle of appearing is tatty East European-set trash. Also, please bear in mind that this rates an 8 out of 10 purely as compared against other Seagal vehicles, not The Godfather, for instance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Mr Seagal is sui generis.You can't judge his movies by the standards you might apply to so - called "proper"Hollywood ones any more than you could compare "Date Movie" to "King Lear". Each has its target audience and crossover is minimal,a situation both are happy with. Within Mr Seagal's somewhat eclectic body of work "Pistol whipped" marks a return to happier times with our hero utilising both of his facial expressions within the length of one movie - a definite improvement over a number of his latter - day performances when he appeared to have been rolled out of a deep - freeze 10 minutes before the cameras started running. He is - of course - still a one man killing machine;this time an ex - cop fitted up by dirty colleagues to hide their own nefarious deeds. As an alcoholic and a stone gambler he neatly fits the profile of a desperate ruthless man in dire need of money and not particularly choosy about the way he earns it. From there on the plot writes itself and will not tax any movie - savvy ten year old. But "Pistol whipped"shows definite signs of life and imagination beyond what has sadly recently been Mr Seagal's norm. The years may have slightly withered his martial arts skills but he can still shoot the head off a matchstick,bless him,although why anyone would want to do so is not absolutely clear to me to be honest.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Steven Seagal has one of his more unflattering roles as an overweight, alcoholic ex cop, living a bleak existence where he owes mounting gambling debts, lost a beautiful wife to divorce, and is a bad father who can't even provide his girl one day a week without failing to make the grade. Hired as a contract killer, his gambling markers will be paid if he takes out specific targets arranged by an arcane benefactor(Lance Henriksen, often communicating from the shadows) with ambiguous, esoteric motives. Known as "The Old Man", Henriksen keeps Seagal's Matt Conlin honest by employing a mysterious gunsel to look after him, Blue(Paul Caldren), shadowing his every move, there in case a challenging situation develops, while also detailing the tasks he must perform. So Matt does so, eliminating two marks, but the third, his daughter's stepfather, detective Steve Shacter(Mark Elliot Wilson), will not be easy. Steve, it seems, is not the straight-arrow, virtuous cop Matt always thought so highly of, and his elimination will prove most difficult, particularly since his position has grown within the force. We see when Steve slits the throat of Matt's priest that he'll go to any lengths to keep his reputation inculpable. Renee Goldensberry is Matt's love interest, Drea, an actual member of The Old Man's entourage, herself a hit woman if needed. Decent actioner allows Seagal to knock some guys around while firing off rounds as well. The conclusion is a showdown between Matt, Drea, and Blue against Steve and his crooked police gang in a cemetery as headstones and bodies are torn apart by bullet-fire. The movie also provides a shootout as Steve and his cronies attempt to gun down Matt in the middle of a street with Blue coming to his aid, with an ensuing in a car chase resulting in vehicular damage. The director employs unnecessary camera techniques(..and he speeds up the film for no real reason whatsoever)and shoots at odd angles, sometimes ruining gun battles as they occur. As is often the case in these kinds of movies, Matt's daughter is used as leverage by Steve in the finale, her life in danger if he doesn't put down his weapon and surrender.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I thought this would be on par with "Urban Justice", but it wasn't. However, it was still pretty good. Seagal needs to take some pep pills and see jenny Craig, though. He seems exhausted throughout and needs a stunt man for scenes where he walks more than twenty feet. Some of the movie was unintentionally laughable, like how the thirty-something chicks really dig this old-looking dude who's worn out all the time. The guy who played his daughter's stepdad did a great job as the villain. Good acting throughout. This co-assassin named Blue challenges Seagal to a fight twice and got his butt thoroughly whipped twice. It was kinda funny, like throwing around a rag doll. There were some good scenes, and the car chase was pretty good. The dialogue was good, too, especially when Seagal gets irritated and cusses at somebody. I'd recommend this film. It was directed well and was fast-paced. But Steve - before you make another movie - drop the weight and drink some coffee between takes!
  • I didn't expect to see Casey Ryback, but I wasn't disappointed either. Steven Seagal seems to be doing better than his last direct-to-video efforts.

    He's an ex-cop with an alcohol and gambling problem, and is also neglectful of his daughter. He has a chance to get his life back together.

    His quest for the bad guys leads him to a place where he didn't expect.

    The action is hot and heavy with car chases and a final cemetery scene that ends in a blaze!

    Seagal is back!
  • Although "Pistol Whipped" is mostly shot in broad daylight - in opposite to some of Seagal's recent "stumble around in the dark" flicks like "Attack Force" - it has much in common with a 1940s film noir. Seagal portrays a totally broken hero - losing lots of money when gambling, divorced from the mother of his daughter, fired from the police, drinking too much, and he can't even keep promises he gives his daughter. But the world around him is not easy to divide into good guys and bad guys. His former police colleagues are corrupt, he doesn't trust his new employer at all, and even his new girlfriend has something to hide. Many dark shades of gray, thus the story was better than I expected, definitely a good progress from Seagal's previous couple of movies.

    Nevertheless, "Pistol Whipped" couldn't avoid the ridiculous moments typical for a Seagal flick, for example when he observes somebody secretly in a bar, trying not to be noticed. Yeah, right, 10 feet tall and staring at the other bloke all the time, nobody will notice him. Ah, but wouldn't it be less fun without things like that?
  • Steven Seagal has arguably been on the dawn of his action-star career with such films as 'Foreighner' and the awful 'Attack Force'. Fortunately his latest action film is ten steps better than those flops. Steven Seagal's character, Mat, is divorced, gambles and owes tones of money. Then he is hired by an old man to kill off some of his enemies. It doesn't sound very good but it's the best Steven Segal film since 'Exit Wounds'. There are 4-5 small fight scenes. and one that spans to a minute and it is a brief return to the Seagal of the 90's. There is also a well-made car chase, not something very special but a good addition, and lots of shootouts. Seagal does all of his fight scenes and there is no voice dubbing. The direction is also a pleasant surprise and slow-mo is kept to a minimum. Seagal tries to act, but again nothing special, overall a decent cast. The best Seagal film in years, recommended. 7/10
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