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  • This will be a great show if sometime in the next episode all the melodramatic teens get eaten by the zombies.
  • I watch in hopes there is an episode where they tune skip ahead 5-10 years so that the show stops being a poorly scripted and acting version of a kid show with zombies.

    It's like this show starts with all the scraps left over from the other two shows. So far, the best episodes are worse than the worst TWD episodes in late seasons

    Clearly AMC is trying to grab a new age group. But at a loss if the people who pay the bills like Directv or similar paid networks that air this show.

    Show has zero edge that made TWD good to begin with. Scenes that should be powerful and suspenseful are comical.
  • I have a hard time assessing this from the lens of a teen. Being... well... somewhat past my teenage years, I can't presume to speak for the predominant mindset and culture of that demographic. I can only speak for myself... and I will.

    To me, this show was seriously lacking in depth, complexity, intelligence, sensibility --- even redeemable action or superficial excitement (or fun). Not only is the plot centered around a bunch of teens, but they seem to think like teens, and make stupid typical teen mistakes. The problem is, in TWD universe -- they'd be DEAD. There was nothing uncanny about them, their skills, or their situation which made it seem plausible.

    Now, I've seen show aimed at teens or kids, which I truly enjoyed. Either they were more deeply layered, or had fun/excitement/action, or were just plain funny enough, to be enjoyable. I don't see those redeeming complexities, here.

    I actually wanted to enjoy this. I gave it a shot -- but I just can't. Some shows, I might say "it's not for me, but give it a shot, maybe it's more your cup of tea." But not this one. UNLESS, of course, you are in that youthful demographic. Maybe the perception of the modern young person is different enough to like this. After all, someone makes Kardashians and other reality shows popular. But if you're at all like me -- you'll wish you'd just passed it by.
  • The TV series is absolutely bogs, no thrill, fun, emotions I had while atching this.
  • jhmoondance17 October 2021
    This was so disappointing for me n I'm onto episode 7 season 1 but I can't see it improving at all.

    Bad inconsistent acting amazingly dire characters n awful story.

    I was looking forward to finding more on the CRM n how n where Rick Grimes disappeared to but all I got was a bunch of annoying teens trying to find themselves.

    Very disappointing but I will continue to watch it for curiosities sake.

    Excruciating to watch.
  • arfdawg-115 October 2020
    Horrible writing.

    None of the kids can act. They are all stereotypes written by adults pretending to know how the kids would act and react.

    This is clearly the worst of the three Walking Dead sows and that's not saying much since at this point, they are all horrible.
  • You know when (at the time of review) there are 18 10 stars and 334 1 star that something went terribly amiss. What is sad is that the writers just don't respond and keep dribbling out the same crap - melodramatic teens that, if they are the first generation after the zombie apocalypse, then the human species is bound for extinction. This is followed by bad acting, except for the occasional zombie and poorly written script. if it doesn't get canned it will be surprising if it makes it past season 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My title seems to suggest The Walking Dead franchise doesn't usually make missteps, which is incorrect. This once-loved franchise has been slowly self-destructing since season 4 of the main show, but in the 4-5 years since then, it's shocking how bad this laughingstock of a franchise has become. Sure, the main show (and even Fear The Walking Dead, to some extent) has better actors and dialogue than this one, but it's not by much. The "feel" is also the same, way too much exposition, way too little action or forward progress. An endless slog.

    World Beyond takes the slog and exposition to the 10th degree, however. The vast majority of this show consists of youthful looking (I say "looking" because these actors and actresses playing teens are actually in their early to mid 20's, btw) actors having hushed conversations in darkly lit corridors. Very little action, very little exploration of the world. Sure, they happen upon interesting places, and then sit in them doing nothing for an entire episode.

    Seriously, they say this is a limited series of two seasons, but at the rate they move it'll be season 10 by the time they get to NY. I'm guessing the usual "time jump we don't have the budget to show the travel" trick (that TWD has become famous for) will be employed between season 1+2. But we'd all be much better off if this disaster was just cancelled before season 2 is made.

    But, no, that won't happen, because you see, "Rick stuff" might occur. The show runners continually tease that Walking Dead fans "need"to see World Beyond because maybe, maybe Rick's character from TWD will show up, or something. The logic is pretty hazy considering every promised tease or "big reveal" in TWD history has been a huge letdown. Also, so few people care about this franchise compared to even a few years ago, that trying to get the few remaining fans to watch a much-worse version of the show, in the hopes of maybe seeing clues to another show, just seems like a terrible idea or motivator.

    The dialogue is so bad and overly melodramatic that it makes me uncomfortable for the actors having to deliver the lines. But it's not just the dialogue, the acting itself is just cringey. The actresses playing Huck and Iris Bennett especially were poorly cast, to say the least, but there are no standouts here.

    Bad acting, poor writing, and a really pointless story = garbage overall. Honestly, I love zombie stuff, but this is the 1st "Walking Dead" show I'm giving up on. My time is more valuable than wasting any more on this crap.
  • postirene13 October 2020
    It is soooooo boring. Omg. I dont even know what to say. Dumb. Boring. No action
  • Whoevers "great idea" it was to make a TWD show with idiot teens as the stars, needs a flogging. Same with those that approved and paid for it. This show is a pure slap in the face to all true TWD fans.

    Please stop now Kirkman and retire.
  • I kept saying arching hoping it would get better. Then I hoped that some aspect of show would help me with the core shows.

    Nope, save yourself the disappointment and skip this show. It's a waste of time. And one recap for 30 seconds in the other shows and you're caught up.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "The Walking Dead" gets a "Famous Five" style make over as the "team" of intrepid youths, face's off against a zombie apocalypse.

    Well, actually its the fame-less four, in this fall flat teenie spin off. Its an instant failure, primarily because its entirely the wrong setting for this kind of coming of age, youth adventure drama.

    The result is farcical in every sense. Glow in the dark, not so terrifying zombies, who shuffle and moan at the foot of a tree house, where the teenie team of four are playing Monopoly. Thankfully the "empties' as they are called are few and far between, so the youth wont get munched on, compliments of a giant tyre fire. Seriously, who writes this stuff?

    Is there an upside? Well you could count quality production values, decent special effects, cinematography and reasonable acting. That said, these things should come with the territory, given this is a mainstream series.

    In short, a bizarre mismatch, in every sense that matters.

  • What a load of rubbish!! Teen idiots leaving the safety of their sanctuary to go on a road trip 🙄 Total snooze fest with idiotic characters who do the dumbest things and say even dumber things 😴
  • So I thought I'd give it to the second episode, I wish I had not. The acting is woeful, seriously bad, how these people ever got on is beyond anyone's imagination, perhaps that is the true sci-fi/fantasy here. As for the story, well it's godawful, the usual yawn characters, the seven stone young girl, the gay kid, the misunderstood dork, the mixed race leader etc have all been done before and a lot better. It really could not get worse you think, but then the dialogue rams it home, turgid, lame and quite frankly stupid lazy writing. I won't even go into all the errors (episode 2 is rife, checkout out Elton's watch and amaze at the next line), the glaring WTF's annoy enough, mowed lawns, no dust in derelict property, rope barriers. Did the Walking Dead execs see how The 100 was basically fooling the viewer with same season over and over again (even though they left earth) and thought it they can fool the viewer's why can't we? Let's make even more moolah? Embarrassing rubbish.
  • Yeah, this review will just get lost in the other 800+ 1* reviews and that's ok, I'm just writing this to vent because this show is that bad.

    Terrible writing, actors, characters. You root for the Zombies every time they appear but to no avail. There's a female marine that acts like Rocky? What? Another who's name is sheer irony named "Hope" who is the most pessimistic annoying millennials teen you'll ever see on TV. It's just garbage...pure, rotting, stinky garbage. The Zombies smell better than this show.

    Apparently there's a guy named Scott Gimple behind this show, first he ruined TWD, then got moved to FTWD and when they saw the pattern repeating were smart enough to yank him off that one before he did too much damage to it. Funny, how he's at the helm of this one from the start and it's a flaming bag of dog doody from the get go. Think it's time to can this guy and quit giving him shows to ruin.

    Seriously, the guy has petitions to fire him online he's that bad and hated.

    This is the CW does Zombie Apocalypse and if you know anything about CW shows then you get this statement. Just skip it.
  • I usually don't review new TV shows after watching only two episodes but I don't see myself watching this show any further. The Walking Dead is now on it's ninth season and has slowly been declining in quality since season seven. The show has gone on just a bit too long at this point and really needs to wrap things up but I would rather watch a declining Walking Dead TV show than one that started only two weeks ago and is already as low as it can go in terms of story and quality.

    The Walking Dead has always been a franchise that's aimed primarily towards adults weither it's the TV shows or the Comics The Walking Dead has always been filled with high levels of violence, gore, zombies, harsh language with interesting and likable characters and storylines that have always been serious and thought provoking.

    The Walking Dead: World Beyond is what can only be described as the "Teenage" version of The Walking Dead this may sound like a bit of rush to judgement after watching only two episodes but there's a big difference between a TV show that begins with a slow start and one that can't even get the basics right.

    The first issue I have with this show is that the main characters are all teenagers which would be fine if they had any kind of personality or interesting character development. Instead each character in this "New world" is given one trait that defines their entire personality you get the typical cast of clique characters. The serious and moody main girl, the rebellious girl who breaks the rules, the nerdy guy who dresses funny, the fat kid who gets picked on and a handful of side characters who's only reason for existing is for the main characters to interact with and spout out exposition dialogue to explain how the world works and advance the plot.

    My second issue with this show is that almost every character is written to fit some kind of diversity quota for example. Three of the main characters are gay and not just gay but are in some way persecuted for being gay or "different" There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay but that doesn't mean there needs to be a gay character in every single scene. In the two episodes that have been released there's been more scenes of characters discussing who their partners are or what sexual orientation they are than scenes that explain plot points, world building, or even scenes with ZOMBIES! In a TV show about zombies!.

    My third issue goes back to the main characters being teenagers again this can be done right when the characters are interesting and have actual character development. The story centres around these characters and their journey through a world infested with Zombies as well things like water, food and medicine shortages while also having to traverse a broken world where nowhere is safe and the over abundance of plants and nature has man made structures dangerously unstable leaving cracks and holes where zombies may lurk where one wrong step could lead to you falling down a hole. Sadly that's not what is focused on in this journey instead the characters just discuss their individual teenage melodramatic problems while showing us flashbacks of uninteresting past events.

    My forth issue is the laughable excuse for Zombies and violence in this show there's one particular scene where a mother and daughter walk through a crashed airplane and come across a zombie tangled up in the planes electrical wires while around him are the bodies of people he has killed and eaten. Now on paper that sounds like it would be a blood filled scene but it just looks incredibly silly like a scene out of a low budget horror movie with bad special effects and makeup also we never get to see how they make it out of the plane alive they just jump cut to the other side like it was a minor inconvenience to a scared mother and child.

    The Walking Dead TV show has some of the best looking zombies ever put to screen complete with blood, guts and decapitations in most episodes. There's also some scenes that were very controversial for the time including a scene that showed characters getting their throats cut execution style without cutting away from the gore. Another famous scene from The Walking Dead was one of Negan smashing in Glenn's head with a baseball bat until his head was split open again without cutting away from the gore.

    To go from an adult TV show filled with such violence and gore aswell as likable characters and thought provoking storylines to a TV show that even a fifteen year old would call boring is such a massive step down from such a memorable and genre defining TV show like The Walking Dead.

    I don't recommend watching this show even the current generation of teenagers would find this show tedious and boring.
  • Kids zombies show but not on Disney+ . not recommended for TWD fans
  • Surely this show is not written by the same writers of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead !

    I am gobsmacked at the quality of this spin off show given the quality of the previously mentioned shows this is awful with a capital A!

    Not sure what I dislike the most the quality of script and story or the very annoying choice of cast! The main characters are so annoying naive dumb with little depth that you end up willing any of the zombies to kill them off and put us out of our misery!

    Not sure if this show can be salvaged at the moment who cares I will stick to what's left of the other 2 shows and avoid this dreadfully weak offering!
  • I almost made it a full episode, and it's as bad as everyone says, 600+ reviews can't be wrong. A spin off just for teens, acted by teens and written by teens probably.
  •!! As if there aren't enough teen angst programs out there, now they've made Walking Dead for kids. Or is it for old men who like staring at young girls? Either way, this show is totally boring. I might try to binge watch it once the season is over, fast forward past all the teen drama scenes. Are they going to tackle bullying, teen pregnancy, and other teen issues on this show? lol Sorry, I know it's just one episode, but it's supposed to grab you. Like the first episode of TWD, and even FtWD did. If you didn't see the zombies at the beginning, you would not even know this is a Walking Dead show. Woh Woh
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is no reason for even doing spin of series of the walking dead when they have no story left for the original series of the walking dead. world beyond dosnt offer any thing new other then new faces who are so boring I keep falling a sleep wells watching each episode im over half way through the season and I dont see it getting any better from this point on.
  • kathylill17 October 2020
    This show is just horrible. Of course if you're looking for a very mild non violent zombie show this could be for you. And the people saying "give it a chance" or "to many haters" are clearly under 16. I'm rooting for the zombies.
  • I'm an avid zombie lover, books, movies or series, no matter I'll be there! But this? I really wish it was possible to give a 0.

    If you've ever watched a horror movie, and gone "No, don't go there, stop!". Then you've gotten the awful yet satisfying, "I told you so!" feeling a good may times.

    In this series, apparently written by a zombie, you don't even get that, danger? Nah, the power of youth and writers block to the rescue!

    TWD and F:TWD has had a few, let's say less than amazing episodes, AS of the time of writing, I'm two episodes in, and the best minute of this show won't even come close to the worst in any of those. Skip it!
  • RandomTard28 November 2020
    Well after finishing the 10th episode, I still don't have a clue of to whom was this show meant for. These teens doing the most stupidest things imaginable and being the most annoying whiners just makes me wanna take that ridiculous oversized wrench and hit myself in the head with it. Nothing in this show makes any sense, why are they doing what they are doing - it's just completely random and not believable.

    I'm sure they could of done something decent with their budget, but instead they made this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only effort put into this by the writers was to see how many lazy overused tropes they could fit into it. Siblings who are so different, one clever and one wild but no, wait, the wild one is the clever one but watch out for the moody teen with the dark past oh and the geeky one who in the middle of all the death and sky falling in has somehow managed to go off into the world with the chick that killed his pregnant Mother! (gasp I hear you gasp) Then there's the adults, the cool guy who just wants to keep everyone safe and the tough misterious woman with an equally mysterious past (you still with me, just checking) and of course a British baddie who has a big union jack on her wall to prove how British she is (the flag is actually hung upside down but who's keeping score at this point) If all that wasn't enough for you we have torches the suddenly cut out, batteries in walkie talkies that randomly corrode and a fit young woman completely unable to jump down two feet without twisting her ankle when the empties are after her. And what's that all about, having to think of a new name to call the dead for every group in every series, I feel everyone would just call them the dead because that's what they are, dead like this spin-off.
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