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  • Daniel Dakota, among the least talented directors ever hired by the Adam & Eve label, perpetrated this come-on for S&M genre fans. It's one of the weaker entries in that fetish genre, very poorly scripted and executed.

    Condescending to the nth degree, DD has a trio of horny slobs, portrayed by well-known porn studs Tommy Gunn (at the time the male lead in A&E/Digital Playground's genuine blockbuster "Pirates"), Will Powers (unrecognizable with a full head of hair back then) and Trent Soluri, none of whom get even a token screen credit.

    They're sitting around, longing to hump some porno contract girl (A&E gets a cheap plug in Dakota's dialog at this point), and watch a XXX scene on tv featuring Penny Flame and Marco Banderas.

    The boys toss around some dumb ideas about how to get laid, finally hitting upon Tommy's notion that those sex newspapers (a la Screw) are filled with ads for girls, the escort kind. So they get a couple of ladies to come over, only to discover too late that Mikayla and Nyomi Marcela only do lesbian shows.

    On her way out, Mikayla kindly tips them to a club where they can find what they want; they head there; get laid but by beautiful dominatrices, and then we're treated to a suprise turnaround ending that is as stupid as what's gone before.

    Dakota scripted as well as directing and earns all the blame. The ladies are hot but so what else is new for an Adam & Eve release. The stunning and very tall actress known as Tall Goddess is quite striking as the hostess who leads them into the sex club, but that's it for her, teasing the viewer and wasting her talent in such a crummy production. The actual bondage elements are timid and puerile, not even up to the low level of the thousands of softcore bondage/fetish videos on the market when this turkey was made.