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  • alvintalavera31 July 2019
    This is so far, the best Filipino movie of 2019. I really love the story, which shows a lot about the lives of Filipino workers in Hong Kong. It is not like any other of those Filipino rom-com, and drama movies you've seen before. This will make you laugh out loud a lot and cry hard.

    For me this is Cathy Garcia-Molina's best movie. Kathryn and Alden really shines in this, great acting by the whole cast. It also has great shots, cinematography and soundtrack so it is a must watch!
  • Unexpected chemistry of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. They successfully portrayed their characters. The plot of the story is great and we want more! Great job Team HLG! Part2 please!!!
  • This movie is almost 90% accurate when it comes to portraying ofw life in china. acting is very good and I never expected that kath and alden would have a good chemistry.
  • Kathryn and Alden gave justice to their characters. You'll forget that these are actors just portraing roles because they portrayed their characters so well! The chemistry between these two is overflowing! These movie is not just a love story, it's a life story. It tells you the life of Overseas Filipino Worker abroad, the struggle that they have to go through to achieve their goals for themselves and thier family.
  • Real emotion, it gives you a glimpse of what its like to be an ofw worker, more so being a domestic helper.

    Teaching one that inorder for you to love others, you need to love yourself first. You need to choose your own happiness
  • This not just a love was more than a love story.. its story of dreams that we need to see how far we can go and nothing can stop us even love. And i salute all Filipinos who works hard and conquered other countries for their families. WE ABSOLUTELY NEED A SECOND PART IN THIS ONE. I don't really into in Filipino movies it was my first local movie i watched in 2019.
  • jeuzeah3 August 2019
    I would love to watch this over and over again. i Love the film all in general. i was so speechless, so please help your self to witness this Movie. it's not your typical love story but it was a real life of an ofw that working hard.
  • lmtabanao3 August 2019
    This is by far the first movie of Alden Richards that I watched. At first, it was just an attempt to like the tandem of Kath and Alden but it turned out to be an affirmation of their chemistry. I was moved and even shed some tears even in scenes where not much is expected. Simple conversations that will make you fall into tears. Very touching movie. It's actually about Love in general and that includes Love of Family.
  • errichcervantes16 August 2019
    Its an eye opener to some of the facing problems of OFW
  • This is by far the best Filipino movie of 2019. And one of the best of all time. There's no waste or boring moment. This movie sets the new benchmark for Filipino movie. A must watch and highly recommended. 👍
  • Hello Goodbye Love. What a beautifully made movie, what a wonderful message for the millennials. Great story by Ms. Carmi Raymundo, great directing by Cathy Garcia-Molina, great acting by both main actors, Ms. Kathryn Bernardo and Mr. Alden Richards as well as the supporting actors. The movie focuses on the life of Joy, a Filipino nurse-graduate who works instead as a DH (Domestic Helper) in Hong Kong. The crux of the film shows how OFWs (Overseas Filipino Worker) live in other countries. For me, the love story between the characters was secondary but it was the right touch to bind things together. Kathryn is most beautiful bare-faced and delivers a great performance. A must-see movie. 10/10
  • It's Unique by itself, Highly recommended! A must watch film! Alden (Ethan) and Kathryn (Joy) brings spice to a good story! I can tell that its a masterpiece! Love the Movie!

    PS. Part 2 please
  • Breathe of freshness on screen, we've been served with a platter of good offering, AR's gentleman antics and KB's toughness and complexity complements each other's character just right, a movie that highlights the life,pain and sufferings of filipino working abroad especially Hongkong an eye opener about the common misconceptions about the life of our modern day heroes the brave ofws. Another masterpiece from direct Cathy Garcia Molina for mixing out the reality of life abroad, stories of risk-takers the dreamers sacrifice & selfless love.
  • This is the best pinoy movie ever. The characters are superb. Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards performance was the best. There is no boring moments in the movie. It's a must watch for everyone. Kathryn Bernardo played the role of Joy a Filipino worker in Hong Kong who is struggling and doing odd jobs to take care of her family. On the other hand Alden Richards played the role of Ethan a funny and unserious bartender who later crossed path with Joy and the story of their undying love begins. The story is not just another pinoy love story. It's a story that shows the struggle of all OFW . I was touched and move by the acting of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards. They made it possible for me to relate with the movie. I'm not a Filipino but I was able to get every piece of the movie because of their wonderful onscreen chemistry. Kudos to the cast and crew. Good job Director Molina. I wouldn't mind to travel again for the part 2 of this movie. It's worth my time and my money. More movies for this duos please. I would always travel with my family to watch their movie onscreen. More movies for Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards please. They've won my heart.
  • Tris10118 September 2019
    The movie is a bit boring, a let-down. Too many scenes with nothing happening and boring dialogue. Ain't diggin this shiz.
  • Maybe because I couldn't relate to the movie. But Kathryn and Alden was so great they make the ordinary story extraordinary! And don't forget the kilig factor Alden brought up on some scenes. Overall, not a waste of money.
  • I was excited to watch the film due to the hype and some of my friends posting about it on social media however, I was very disappointed after watching the film as the acting from the lead actors including supporting cast appeared quite scripted and very awkward. Kathryn & Alden seemed too rehearsed and some of their co-actors were really annoying. The story was predictable and recycled from previous films. Only thing I appreciate was the cinematography and soundtrack. Save your money and just watch this on netflix or cinema one when it airs.
  • shng-7791217 August 2019
    A story about everything that's happening in real life. From sacrifices, responsibilities, self-love and relationships.

    Not a fan of Tagalog movies, watched this upon recommendations from friends. Truly worth every penny. Great Job Kathryn and Alden. 👏
  • rhajeanyahmini2 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Pretty great. Finally, no cheesy cliché Filipino romance in here. It's a great start for hollywood-esque films 😁👍 It even has lessons like remember to care for your family and how to love someone purely. How much OFWs work hard just to provide for their family and how other people should appreciate that. The best one is 'I love you but this time, I love myself more.' :)
  • dazzylila27 October 2019
    Oh they went deeeeeppp.

    This isnt just one of those sappy romance stories, no, it covers real-life topics (i assume) about Filipinos foreign workers, immigration etc. I gotta admit that i never really think twice about these things but this movie makes me feel the pain! We just gotta be grateful of choices we have in life - some people have it harder.

    Now, Kathryn (Joy) is such an amazing actress! I can almost relate to everything shes going through in the movie. And oh, prepare tissues cause youre gonna need em.

    P/s: Low-key Hong Kong Tourism ad done right. lol
  • Ethan will continue sending friend requests even if Joy declined several times already. He will make the radio station talk about Joy in public without her permission. He will use another phone to text Joy anonymously. He will act like a police even if Joy is weeping out of fear. He will squeeze through inside a small room knowing that Joy will be uncomfortable. He will continually send "Need a friend today?" text messages even if Joy has rejected it so many times. I don't know how a Filipino girl reacts to such moves, but if people consider this as "nakakakilig," there's a problem.

    'Hello, Love, Goodbye' is at its best when it tells the story of Kathryn Bernardo's character, Joy. In some ways, the film manages to outdo similar mainstream Filipino romance films because of Kathryn Bernardo's stunning performance and the earnest depiction of OFWs. Bernardo, whose acting holds the film together when it was falling apart, effectively evokes a palpable sense of weariness, discontent, and eagerness to alleviate Joy's situation. Actually, I can do without the 'La La Land' love story if the social commentary was strengthened and expounded more. In a similar vein with 'Sunday Beauty Queen,' the film resonates with Filipinos because of its sensible portrayal of what it is like to work abroad in a job you are overqualified in.

    But Cathy Garcia-Molina's picture falls apart as the annoying, melodramatic score continues to play in the background, tackier drone shots are added, and more forced, "hugot" dialogues are delivered by the leads. Sure, this is how cliché-ridden mainstream Filipino romance plays out. But how I wish we get movies that transcend this generic romantic stratagem. 'Hello, Love, Goodbye' fails to offer something new to romance movies as an art form, which is disappointing since the OFW story and Joy's arc have so much potential.
  • eldonjohn-4226517 February 2020
    Another Kathryn same ol' tone of character film! I wish that her writers and directors would gave her something different worthy of famas or urian award, she deserves it, it was just the material that always failed her.

    The story could have been very good to tell, but it was the storytelling that seems to be ordinary and safe... it could have been pushed a little bit more.

    but at the end of the day, it makes you feel something and that is what Filipino films are good at
  • karenkeysie24 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Hello Love Goodbye, despite being a largely feel-good film, did not shy away from the harsh realities that its OFW audience experiences. Despite being upfront with the struggles of an OFW, it still serves as a gentle, hopeful reminder for our modern day heroes to not forget to choose themselves. To not forget that they can allow themselves to dream, to love, and most of all, to be human. It show that love can wait but our dreams it knock once like opportunity grab it once it came in your or our life.

    Kathryn Bernardo portrays Joy's exhaustion, anger and resolution so potently without much words. It all comes out in the way her lids look heavy from a two-hour sleep; how her shoulders slump as she grapples with the thought of her agonizingly routine life. We see it in her quiet moments in the night when she can catch a few minutes just to stare blankly at the wall. The depiction felt authentic and tugs at your heartstrings, Joy is the symbol of women with dream. And also her leading man this is a more mature role for Alden as well, and the material lets him show a deeper side to his acting chops. His character's personal story carried as much weight as the romance, and in Ethan's vulnerable moments, we see Alden as a dramatic actor, and not just a tutti-frutti leading man. That's not to say that he didn't play the charismatic boyfriend role well, though. The kilig factor we as always cranked up to high, thanks also to his and Kathryn's organic chemistry.

    The most unforgettable scene in this movie when Ethan and Joy decided to leave each other to continue their dream and when Ethan said "will you give the rest of your time with me in Hong Kong? ". Those line make me sad and overwhelmed because even they know that they leave each other they choose to understand and make those little time to make memorable, they choose to spent those time to be happy. This movie make us inspired that life is like a photography, we developed from negative.
  • edwinchoy22 August 2019
    This is another cheese pinoy movie, but base in real life, that is the point, at the end family is not the principal role, a twisted end, a lot of lacrimogen bomb, good for the family but pinoy is the new korean drama
  • As far as the film's story goes, it has so much potential. It depicts a few of the many instances of what OFWs experience while working abroad. But the way Cathy Garcia-Molina presented the story was too mediocre.

    Their choice to cast Alden and Kathryn was bad. There isn't any chemistry between them. The chemistry happened between the viewers and Alden/Kathryn, but not between the characters themselves.

    Alden's character was unrefined. His acting was subpar. His smile is problematic. Instead of conveying something that relates to being hurt or having a struggle, it becomes out of place and sometimes creepy.

    The camera shots were out of place. It felt like the production team were trying to show off their drone shots even when it would have been better to just use a simple wide shot. Close-ups were not utilized properly.

    The script contained the typical "hugot" lines. At the same time, the film contained at least 30 minutes of pure exposition. It became a film of telling rather than showing.

    I haven't talked about the problems with the other casts. But overall, the film was purely a waste of time. I would have felt better if I just watched the film "Anak" with the other OFWs in one of the film's scenes.
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