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  • I watched the second part of "Legally Blonde" and I liked it. And then, I watched this at a friends house, and I really didn't like it at all. The acting was beyond horrible ( I later saw that the twins were pulled from an audience and became actresses, which is silly), and the accents were even worse. Not that And that's coming from me! I'm no kind of expert, and I'm not from UK, and I still saw how terrible the accents were. It's all so predictable, and it was the kind of movie that should make you laugh, but really never does. I mean, I'm 13 years old, and I didn't like the movie. If I don't like it, who will? It's all fluffy and pink and blonde and glam and it's all about the rich girls with great lives in fairytale houses and with a bunch of ugly clothes (that they think is fancy). Overall, a huge waste of my time, don't even think about watching it. Horrible.
  • I'm a pretty big fan of the original Legally Blonde movies (prequel and sequel) but by god is this movie so disappointing. I remember looking at the DVD of this film one day in a movie store years ago thinking 'I can tell this is going to be horrible', but it was only until it came on Netflix recently I decided to give it a go. Boy did I wish I didn't. I'm currently only twenty minutes in and already I've got a huge headache. The filming looks a lot more "cheapy" than the original movies. Its a lot like the filming I'd see for a TV series, it's almost as if I'm watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother... (though HIMYM being a LOT more entertaining). Secondly the acting is jUST SO POOR. Straight away being introduced to the twins and their acting is so poor it almost makes me cry? Am I expected to relate them to their "cousin" Elle Woods?? It's too try-hard and hardly anything like how their characters should be. The acting could fit the level of a high school movie production, but for a well budgeted movie of three this is honestly atrocious. Third, the characters created in this are just plain fake and not enjoyable. No connections whatsoever, it's all the same stuff you see in every movie with similar plots, it's like people have lost their creativity in this movie and tried sticking with what they usually do in ever other movie. The twins lack in any connection with the audience and straight away it looks like I'm watching someone's life fold through with no depth at all. The enemy in this movie is just plain boring and instantly annoying, hardly creative at all and makes the movie more harder to watch after every sentence she speaks in the movie. Not that this actor has poor acting like the rest, it's just the things she says and the creation of her character. The first two boys introduced instantly are the ones that fall in love with the twins, incredibly overused and not interesting at all. Lastly the plot is so, so, so unoriginal. I would of at least wanted something new but I just can't. I'm seeing it all unfold already. I just can't begin to express how disappointed I am to know this is apart of a series of two good movies, and they've made this so terrible. So cheesy, so corny, so bad I can publish a 200 page book of words with descriptions to describe this movie. All in all, really recommend you avoid this film, especially to avoid any headaches and disappointment after enjoying Legally Blonde 1 & 2. I don't even think a cameo of Reese Witherspoon will help this movie at all...
  • For the life of me I cannot understand the distaste for Legally Blondes by other viewers. It's a Disney Studio product geared at the teen market and hopefully launching Milly and Becky Rosso as a distaff version of the Sprouse twins. What was everyone expecting?

    Possibly they were expecting something on the order of Reese Witherspoon with that title and the fact that the Rosso twins were made to be cousins of Reese's film character. I guess everyone's expectations were raised to ridiculous levels. The relationship to the film Legally Blonde was not even necessary for the film's story to unfold.

    Very simply the twins come over from the United Kingdom because they're widowed dad Christopher Cousins gets a teaching position. They are put in a posh prep school where after they challenge the reign of snobbish Brittany Curran as the queen of the school, they form their own set and with fashion sense and common sense win over a lot of kids.

    But that doesn't sit well with Curran who with her minion Chad Broskey tries to frame one of the girls and a boy she's dating, Bobby Campo, in a cheating scandal. She also tries to split the twins themselves and almost succeeds.

    For some reason school principal Lisa Bane takes an instant dislike to the ingenuous Rosso girls. That's never really gone into except that Bane is on some power trip. They're nice kids, who could dislike them except evil people.

    The girls appeared on The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody and this film was the Magic Kingdom's way of hopefully launching them as attractions. Don't be surprised if they don't get their own TV series from Disney yet.

    As for Legally Blondes it's amusing enough if you're not expecting Reese Witherspoon.
  • lynseyrox17 April 2013
    If I had to describe this movie in one word it would be 'painful'. The twins (identical, what else?) spoke in unison for practically the entire movie and had some stupid hand gesture they did (think Amber and Ashley from Hannah Montana but remove the humour).

    One of the more annoying aspects was that because the girls were identical and went to a private school (meaning there was a strict uniform) you couldn't tell them apart at all. One of the girls was supposed to be smarter than the other and one of them had a huge fear of public speaking. I have no idea if this was the same girl or not because the movie made no effort to help out the audience distinguish between them. This made half the 'plot' very confusing - most of the movie required knowing who was who. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against movies starring twins. I love the Parent Trap and really enjoy watching Mary-Kate and Ashley movies because you know which twin is which and there is something actually resembling a plot.

    Also there was little to no "legal" content save for a quick trial of sorts at the end of the movie, which I highly doubt should have been done by high-school students. I really wish I could get the two hours of my life back from watching this movie. I really don't recommend it.
  • So I saw this on Netflix and all I have to say is that its not good. The acting, story, and every other aspect of the movie is pretty bad. I would not recommend this movie except maybe as a so-bad-that-its-good. Even then its pretty cringy.
  • This film is about two blonde twins from Britain, moving to the USA to study in their famous cousin's school.

    "Legally Blondes" is a low budget rip off of the first "Legally Blonde". The storyline is basically the same, only that it happens in a high school, and every that could have looked glamorous is downgraded to stuff you find in a neighbourhood charity store. A fluffy chick flick has this obligatory shopping scene of trying different glamorous outfits in a store, but it does not even look glamorous or entertaining. I also could not tell between Izzy and Annie, as the film makes no distinction between them whatsoever. Maybe it was the intention of the filmmakers, but as a viewer I would like to know which is which when I am watching the film. In addition, the level of intelligence in "Legally Blondes" is woefully inadequate, it makes it seem like a teenage version of "Legally Blonde" but a lot worse. In short, "Legally Blondes" is a disappointing sequel.
  • I enjoyed Legally Blond first (rate 7), and Legally Blond second (rate 5) was not too bad, so when I was looking for something light, I picked up this Legally Blonds three. Never I expected this movie would be this LIGHT (well, they don't have 0 point something)!

    I think the story is far from original. If there are many people who want to see this, it must be because it's title and how it mentions Elle Woods (who didn't appear for the whole movie)! So unfair!

    The dialogs between the twins were like a joke. The acting was awful and the play itself didn't help much. The movie was just too full of exaggerations (and most of them are not so enjoyable to see).

    The DVD ended in my trash after some fast forwards. What a waste of my time and money. I would never recommend this movie to anybody!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Extremely cheesy , very pink and rather funny at times it is not as good as the first two but I rather liked it though. I wasn't keen on the fake English accents though ! But it is quite entertaining and a bit of comedy. I wish Reese Witherspoon was in it though . I liked the idea of how they added cool designs and badges and things to the boring uniform . I personally thought the film would be awful but I was wrong it is a rubbish good movie if that makes sense . In ways it was rubbish fake English accents , rather superficial and a bit to pink but I was surprisingly good in a way . I would recommend it to girls of 11-15 ( I'm 14 though I was 13 when I last watched it ) I doubt very much boys would like it unless the fancied they twins which is possible because they are kinda pretty and blonde.
  • I don't even know how to explain this, because I've never seen it before. Simply, I didn't find a single actor to act well in this movie, although it was not a low budget movie. My boyfriend just said that they wrote "Looking for low budget actors" for the casting. If you liked "Legally Blonde" don't watch this one, they have nothing in common. By the way the camera guy shooting during the landscape scenes is great, but the one that shoots during people talk obviously doesn't know how to hold the camera. So obviously it was the worst movie I've seen in a lot of time and I regret I choose to watch this one instead of "Disaster movie"
  • I think that this was a cute movie. It was not supposed to be exactly like the other 2 movies. I think that it was more about the bond between two sisters, being in another country and how it is in schools when it comes to money. No it may not have been the best movie and could have been better, but it was not horrible. It was not about Elle Woods, it was about her cousins. Now it did keep to the original stories to a point. It did have a school trial that both girls were involved in and they were not only defending themselves, but all the other students that it could happen to. Another issue that was brought about in the movie was the social order in schools, which is in all schools. Children and their families are judged for the money and items that they have, well more so what they don't have. Some people can try to argue this fact, but if you are one of those who are in a lower economic class then you know the truth in this. Not everyone will like this movie and some will. I believe the moral of the story is was is trying to be relayed. 1- Don't let people come between family and friends. Listen to what you know to be the truth and not the bad mouthing of others. 2- Money do not make a person who they are, it is only what they have. 3- Don't judge people by what others say about them. Judge them from their action and who they are as people.
  • quisha-0119515 November 2019
    Not the worst movie I have seen, it passed the time would not watch again typical high school movie the typical high school characters
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Timothy Corrigan provides writing prompts - referred to as writing cues - in the ninth edition of his book: A Short Guide to Writing about Film. In the first writing cue of the text, he encourages the student reader to identify "a scene in a film you've recently seen that most affected you" (7). This is a response to that writing prompt. Legally Blondes is the third installment in the Legally Blonde series. It is a spin-off teen comedy produced in 2009 that is directed by Savage Steve Holland and co-produced by Reese Witherspoon. The video is unremarkable and remarkable. It is unremarkable because some viewers consider it a terrible installment in the franchise. The acting is not high quality, the imagery is not especially intriguing, and there are no sudden twists in the writing that would surprise the average film watcher. Yet, it is also remarkable because it is the first and only video that twins Milly Rosso and Becky Rosso have starred in. Their characters were believable because they embodied a sisterly fidelity to one another that is seen in sibling relationships throughout the real world. The scene with the most profound effect was the one in which their sisterly affection became most apparent. Despite the fact that the two actors were extremely inexperienced, they were able to use their real world sisterly friendship to their benefit in the portrayal of these twin characters. The closeness between the characters did not appear contrived in the actors' portrayal due to their real world relationship. The character that Milly Rosso plays is Annie Woods while her sister Becky plays Izzy. In the story, the twins emigrate with their recently widowed father from London to Southern California. They receive scholarships to attend an expensive college preparatory school. Their new high school has social tension due to the income disparity between the families of the students. Due to their charm, appealing accents, and unknowing beauty, they become instant celebrities on their campus. In turn, they quickly make foes as well. One of their classmates who sets about on a plan to drive the twins apart is the character Tiffany played by Brittany Curran. She uses the twins' naivety to convince them that the other sister is plotting against them. She indicates to Annie that Izzy has been trying to steal her crush, Chris. Afterwards, Tiffany tells Izzy that Annie is envious of the time she spends with him. Part of Tiffany's plan works because she successfully frames one of the twins for cheating on a test. The scene begins with their father speaking to them in their new home. He tries to understand the issue but realizes that his daughters simply need to communicate better to resolve the problem. While the framed sister exasperatedly leaves the living room after the argument, their father encourages the remaining twin to go after her sister and fix their miscommunication. This scene transpires after the only argument between the sisters that is held throughout the course of the story. It begins with the two sisters huddled together in their backyard. They sit on a comfort lounge near their pool while the Southern California stars glimmer above them. They realize that someone else has forced this split in their contentment. They both apologize to the other and explain to the other exactly what they believe that they themselves are at fault for in the disagreement. After they tearfully hug, apologize, and make up with their signature secret handshake, they begin to create a plan on how to fix the framing. What is most touching in the scene is the sincerity with which the actors portray the tension these characters had and the equally heartfelt moment in which they resolve their problems. Many people with siblings can explain that the love between them is unlike any other yet these seemingly inevitable rivalries can lead to some of the most heated, cruel, and contentious arguments. Although it may look contrived to those unfamiliar with sibling friendships, it is apparent to any sibling just how important the act of reconciliation is between them. It is easy to appreciate this tender moment, because both the dialogue and the demeanor of the actors encourage the idea that even in friendships in which people are related by blood, accountability - especially apologizing - is crucial for that friendship to thrive. Despite the ridiculous moments, poor acting, and bad writing that is evident throughout the film, that scene is one that nearly redeems the entire video.
  • I loved Legally Blonde (first one) and Legally Blonde Red white and blonde.

    What was so disappointing was not the acting, but the complete lack of any appearance by the character Elle Woods. While Reese Witherspoon was a producer, her character was completely erased from the movie.

    Her character could have been fitted in, but the writers could have cared less abut the audience. I didn't buy the story that she was busy lobbying in Washington. If true, like the movies before, Elle Woods could have been in those scenes, like she was in the previous legally Blonde.

    Also, in the previous movies, she often went back and forth to LA. This movie she literally disappeared. And not single photo of her wedding or Emmett in her home, leading me to believe her marriage did not last long, since it was said to be HER home, not theirs.
  • If you see all the three movies of the Legally Blonde series, you will find that the third one, ''Legally Blondes'', is the worst one. Certainly the worst one. The 2001 movie ''Legally Blonde'' was certainly a VERY excellent movie, but the second movie ''Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde'' was not as good as the first one. But ''Legally Blondes'', the third one, is really a VERY horrible movie. A film like ''Legally Blonde'' must not have a sequel like ''Legally Blondes''.

    If you ask, what type of film ''Legally Blondes'' is? I'll say: There are two themes and they are: funny and fashion. The movie is about the stylish cousins of Elle Woods (one of my favorite fictional characters), Annie and Izzy, who know nothing except fashion. Will this film make you laugh? Yes, it will make you laugh. But it will not touch your heart like ''Legally Blonde'' (2001) touched your heart. Because watching the movie ''Legally Blondes'' (2009) is nothing but a time waste.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD I loved this show Cheesy and sometimes a bit silly but a somewhat somber reflection of class behavour The rich vs the poor See it all the time and Tiffiney is the epitimy of it The justice served out to her and Justin could not have been more fitting It was well worked out and planned with precision So far there are three movies in the series Legally Blonde 1 2 and 3 I see there's a 4th one in the pipeline due in 2020 I will be there for that one without a shadow of a doubt There are only two in the franchise that I consider worthwhile watching Legally Blonde 2 to me was stupid Interesting message but no oomph or excitement When Ellie nails the daughter for murder and the reaction in the court it's something to behold In legally Blondes when the twins nail Justin and Tigginey it was brilliant Tiffany's reaction was PRICELESS and the final result benefited her and Justin to a T Personally I would rate 1 and 3 both 9s 2 I would only give a 6 to Legally blondes 2 was the weakest one of the lot I look forward to seeing the next movie in the series Apparently the twins and Elie are back in this one
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having seen and bought the first two in the series I would rate this an 8 Legally Blonde 1 was excellent Legally Blonde 2 was fair but had a very disappointing ending Legally Blondes was also fair but enjoyable Despite what many critics say there are many references and incidents from the first two movies They are very similar in many ways and several of the scenes are reminiscent of LB 1 Warning spoilers The party fiasco The shoe incident The outburst at the end by Tiffany The rejecting of the twins by the rest of the school The acting might not have been the best but Everyone carried off their roles well The downfall of Tiffany was most welcome because it was carried off very well by the actress to make her much disliked and showed how shallow and vain a person can be and how family class and snobbery is so rife in our schools today I DO recommend this movie and am very contented to have this as part of my LEGALLY BLONDE COLLECTION I hope a Sequel will be made soon which I DEFINITITLY will add to my collection