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  • lor_15 April 2019
    I was going to make a pun about Sir Lew Grade in the Header for my review but thought better of it. This is bottom-of-the-barrel content from Killergram Studios, shot for website use and compiled on DVD (as just another title in the release schedule) by London's Harmony FIlms, a company that began life as a string of sex shops but blossomed a decade ago as one of the best DVD sources of Brit Porn.

    These seven vignettes bear the low-angle camera style of DiSanto, but are hardly up to his usual expertise. The studs are mainly headless (remaining anonymous except for their dicks), and I could identify only two of them. The ladies are not from Brit Porn's A-list, and are styled rather poorly, making them look ugly rather than glamorous. Even in an industry where false eyelashes are virtually mandatory, one of them is wearing what look like purple insect antennae beneath her eyelids, quite distracting from the genital areas that DiSanto (or whoever) is pointing his camera toward.