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  • Ben Dover aka Steve Perry doesn't try at all in his dumb patter as a radio disk jockey in this horrible Bluebird Films junker, coming late in the cycle for that defunct oddball Brit Porn company.

    The six vignettes have him throwing in a quickie in-joke or two before settling down to humping big-bust Euro babes who stop by his radio station to advance their careers. Ben Dover/Perry cannot resist announcing a song by Steve Perry and Journey, as he shares that name in real life. One segment explicitly addresses the topic of payola (pay for play), but not in hard-hitting fashion, just briefly to advance the ste-up.

    As usual with Bluebird, there is a vast surplus of lovelies in the cast, as two or three actresses were generally put in a scene where one would do back in the label's free-wheeling heyday. Company owner Paul Chaplin with his sh*t-eating grin has a brief cameo as Romanian wannabe star Amanda Black's manager, but doesn't have sex with all and sundry this time around (probably failed his mandatory STD test).

    Anyone addicted to watching these talented British and Continental babes in action has hundreds of far better videos (many of them from Bluebird itself) to choose from.