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  • ali_belly696 November 2007
    Im usually a fan of chick flicks, in fact i love them. But this movie was truly made-for-TV junk. I fell to sleep no less than 3 times throughout the whole affair, and couldn't wait for the movie to end. The acting was awful, the plot - even worse, and the annoying thing was,, the two main actresses, AL and aj kept plugging their mediocre music for all it was worth. There were even "guest appearances" (so my sister tells me, but for the life of me i had no idea who these people were) from past guests of the show "my super sweet 16". Just because your family owns a few million should not give you the right to think you can act when you clearly cant! Overall a no-go
  • My friends forced me to watch Super Sweet 16: The Movie with them yesterday. It's the usual teen chick flick, but it isn't one of the good ones. The acting was nearing miserable, mostly due to Brendan Miller, who looked so "All-American-Football-Jock" it was way hard to believe he was supposed to be a documentary-crazed nerd type. But he does serve well as eye-candy. Aly is fine as Taylor Tiara, the super-rich popular girl who tries to break up the friendship of Jacquie and Sarah, the environment-conscious vegan AJ plays.

    The production qualities are great and the story is fun, though.

    My Advice: Skip this movie and watch some chick flicks that are actually good. (Mean Girls, Heathers, She's the Man...)
  • wolverinerage26 December 2007
    I caught this on TV tonight, regrettably. I can't name a single good thing about it. So let's point out the negatives: poor direction, rubbish acting and really (i mean REALLY!) 2D characters. I wasn't impressed by that Lindsay Lohan flick Mean Girls, but that was fantastic in comparison. The story centres around the most awesome hero ev-err(!), Miss Philanthropist Blonde who's a vegan environmentalist, and who doesn't care about fashion, etc. Basically a typical delusion of the less socially successful. And everyone sees she's better than her fashion-mad rival, Miss Dumb Blonde. But when her best friend joins her school, Miss Philanthropist is appalled to see her friend (from a racial minority, of course!) is impressed by Miss Dumb. What's more she can see Miss Dumb is using her friend! O M G (as Miss Dumb would somewhat annoyingly say). The film is ridiculously lazy: everything is 100% PC, as well as regurgitated, bizarrely, from similar terrible films. But none so bad as this, and the only excuse for watching it is if you want to delude yourself. I hate these films myself but if you're considering watching this, go watch Mean Girls instead. If you have taste, avoid all films aimed at WASP teenage girls. Thank you and goodnight.
  • When two lifelong best friends are reunited after one spends a year at boarding school, their friendship is tested by a popular senior that wants to take over control of their sweet sixteen party.

    The plot is very simple and has been done many times before. For an MTV movie, the actors were pretty good, except for Sarah's love interest Shannon (Brendan Miller), and an over-the-top and ultimately just irritating party coordinator played by Debra Wilson of Mad TV fame.

    To go off on a tangent about poor writing, Sarah (Amanda Michalka) is a student activist that makes a big deal about taking cheese off of her pizza because she's a vegan, but has no problem eating ice-cream. And poor writing for her character also leads to her cheese-free comment of "I don't eat anything with a face"... Sorry, but cheese doesn't have a face, nor does the milk that it is made from.

    Much of the dialogue is corny, and the character personas are overdone. The time between what they begin as and what they "become" happens too quickly without any transitional period. It's probably the best effort they could have made to turn an MTV reality show into a feature-length scripted movie. Overall, if you keep your expectations low, you might enjoy it. Maybe.
  • This movie has a great storyline, but they play way too much in between a PG and PG-13 rating, they honestly tried a little too hard. Cassie Steele and Paula De'Anda carried the film, and their parts should have been more fulfilled. Ally and AJ seriously should have demanded rewrites in the script to better their rivalry chemistry, but the music of the movie was the highlight of it all, along with wardrobe and location sets.
  • These hip-hop teenagers are the ultimate in excess and self- aggrandisement. I feel dumber for watching this. Stir together consumerism, elitism and a lot of bitches and you have Super Sweet 16. The worst moment was when one girl used lawyers to stop a rival charity fundraiser. Yugh, blech, puke in my hat and then wear it. Seriously don't bother unless you are really shallow. Two girls turn 16 on the same day that I want to close my eyes and die.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sarah (AJ Michalka) and Jacquie (Regine Nehy) are two best friends and have been all their lives. Their birthdays fall on the same day so every year the two always had a joined party. With their Sweet 16 rolling around they want to throw one together yet again. However, when Jacquie transfers to Sarah's school, she unfortunately meets Tayler (Aly Michalka), a senior whose constantly followed around by her posse, Zoe and Cloe. Aly befriends Jacquie, but not for the right reasons. Jacquie, falling into Taylors trap, suggests to Sarah to let Taylor help with their party. Sarah is however against the idea. When Taylor starts to inter fer, creative differences start an argument eventually leading to Sarah and Jacquie deciding on throwing separate, competing parties.

    I found this movie entertaining and funny. It's not completely put together well but the performance by my favorite singers Aly & AJ make up for it. AJ is sweet and cool as ever and Aly is hilarious as Taylor. This movie was a huge leap for the sister duo, many fans not liking the fact that these two are growing up, they go ahead and show that they are ready to grow up and not be the same little Disney tweens.

    Regine Nehy, though I have never heard of her or seen her before, did an okay job. Brendan Miller (Shannon) was pretty good and looked cute with Sarah. And I found it amusing on how much he looks and sounds like Matt Damon! Overall the movie was entertaining, pretty predictable, but funny and a nice performance from the rocking sister duo! I'll watch it again, no problem =]
  • xcrackxthexskyx20 August 2007
    I enjoyed this movie and watching these two best friends plan their sweet sixteens and compete over which one would have the better party. I find the things they must go through to make their parties "perfect" to be amusing. I think my favorite part of the movie was when the band Hellogoodbye performed. They are one of my favorite bands and it was absolutely amazing to see them make an appearance in the My Super Sweet Sixteen movie. Hellogoodbye definitely made the movie worth loving for me. I think that anyone who would find spoiled kids throwing fits and tantrums over their sweet sixteen parties to be humorous should definitely check out the show and movie! It would not be a waste of time to check it out!
  • Let me just start off by saying 3 of the 8 stars I am giving go to the movie. The movie was funny and like every TV movie, predictable. Sarah and Jacquie are best friends until their Sweet 16's and....oh you get the idea.The other 5 stars go to the Michalka sisters a.k.a Aly&AJ. They do a great job in this film. AJ is great as Sarah and Aly is really good at capturing Taylor. I mean, if you watch any of their interviews, Aly is not mean at all. For me, the highlight of the film is the cafeteria scene. Where you see how hard these girls are trying to get their parties populated with people. Especially, when Sarah says "Remember, the devil did wear Prada". Basically, what I'm saying is the Michalka sisters made the movie what it was.
  • well I too was forced to watch this pathetic waste of a movie, Aly and AJ played convincing roles as did Cassie Steele (better known for her role as Manny Santos on the Smash Canadian Hit TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation) but all in all the movie was more or less like a really long, extremely fake episode of My Super Sweet 16. this movie is almost as bad as every other MTV Presents movies... including that one MTV endorsed American Pie movie... unless you really like chick flicks this movie isn't one for the family. or a movie you'd go out on a date to watch for that matter. you'd be much better off spending the money on the new Indiana Jones movie then this waste of time, talent and not to mention Hollywood tax dollars.. personally i feel bad for Cassie Steele... due to the fact that she's the only really acting talent in this movie and she gets such a small unnoticeable role