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  • dvd12318 July 2007
    This is a real stinker.

    For some reason I thought this was actually going to be a real movie. It was within the top 30 pre-leases on Amazon for the week it came out AND it starred one of my all time favorite actors- Jeffrey Coombs.

    I had hopes. Hopes that were dashed against a stone within the first five minutes. Jeffrey and the villain had marginally believable characters, but just about everyone else made Denise Richards look like Laurence Oliver. They were just horrible. And not very pretty either. It wasn't like they sacrificed acting ability for looks. I've seen a LOT of bad acting- community theater, Troma movies, high school productions. This ranks below just about all of it.

    Like the other reviewer stated, this is definitely an F movie.

    The story is a joke as well, although you're so busy being amazed by how bad the acting is, it's hard to scrutinize the plot that closely.

    On a happier note, this movie helped me to realize how good most of the stuff I watch is. After this, I'm much more appreciative of actors and their craft. Most actors, that is. Definitely not these.

    As far as my fondness for Jeffrey Coombs goes... it's still pretty far up there, but not quite as high as it was.
  • In a small town, a serial killer mutilates the bodies of his victims and leaves a flower on the corpses. The efficient Sheriff's Deputy Zoe Adams (Sarah Thompson) and her political chief and lover Sheriff Jimmy Fleck (Jeffrey Combs) investigate the murders but the proximity to the elections makes Jimmy not informing the menace to the local population. Zoe finds many clues and teams up with the autistic trainer of hounds Leroy Calhoun (Michael Berryman), disclosing the identity of the killer.

    "Brutal" is a reasonable slasher thriller with a fake marketing on the cover of the DVD, where it is written the atrocity "Hostel Meets The Silence of the Lambs". The story does not work well because of the awful character Jimmy Fleck and his romance with Zoe Adams, and Jeffrey Combs has the worst performance I have ever seen, maybe a side effect of his character. There are moments of black comedy, lots of gore, the killer is hilarious but the the movie is only average. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is poorly made. Hate the scene when two people makes love on (with the red fabric). The girl makes a good attempt at it but the guy just lie there with open eyes and a silly smile, like he never done it before.

    Following that scene the girl dump the guy into a SUV and when closing the door killer stand being with some tool looking silly. I have never been so NOT scared in my life.

    Another thing I noticed is the camera shaking in many scenes. It is clear that the camera is hand-held. The photo besides that is not entirely bad, just very low budget.

    It annoys me more that the lightning is very poor or non-existent which takes down the quality of the camera mans work. Lightning seems to limit itself to silly light from below to create "scary" effects.

    The killer and the male sheriff manage to do some really bad acting. It really sucks, because the people that appear in the most of the scenes should be the best. Even with a poor script a good director could have saved the picture by helping the actors through the scene. Actors cannot watch their own acting and need the support of the talented director. Some of the actors did have potential.

    The guy to blame for the end result is the writer and director which happens to be the same man. What a coincidence! As a producer I would never give him another work again.
  • OK so I have seen 'B' before, well I would class this as an 'F' movie. I have never seen a movie this bad, it was like a school kids first try at a film project. The acting was nasty, I cant even tell you how bad the camera work was... If you have nothing else to watch, and this is at the video store, well... Go home and have a nap, you dreams will be better quality. I rated it a 1, there was no 0!!! Basical it an attempt at a thriller mystery, but I have never see a movie that lets you know who the killer is throughout the whole move. I gory scenes a poorly done, you could do a better job at home with a bottle of Hinze and a plastic knife. I honesty wonder how movies like this actually make it to DVD.
  • This movie is promoted on the DVD cover as "Hostel Meets The Silence of The Lambs"....all I can say is.... that is a stretch of proportionate means, however, it holds your interest due to its campiness. It would've been better had the movies taglines matched its content. The female deputy detects clues that a elementary school kid could've figured out.

    Alfred Hitchcock once said a viewer must develop empathy with the characters to care about what happens to them. When watching this movie, you know who's next and you really don't care.

    But, while the movie leaves a lot to be desired, I think the makers must've realized, one hopes, the lemon that they were handed and attempted to turn it into lemonade, but without the sugar. Think campy when/if you watch and its like watching Fargo over and over again. At first you're horrified, then all you can do is laugh. Don't expect it to be clever and you won't be so disappointed.
  • AnimaMundi8 September 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was terrible. I couldn't even get myself to watch it to the end so if anyone wants to discredit my comment for that reason go ahead. I rarely, even when it's bad, actually turn a movie off.

    The scenes the actors and the settings along with the props and lights all made you associate it to porn - low budget porn.

    In a small town, small enough to only have two policemen, what are the chances of 2 women wearing mini-skirts and offer you sexual services spontaneously as well as one lesbian couple making out in a pub and offer an uptight biology teacher a "free show"? The scene build-up to the killings where all with the build up to sex in a classical porn manner - but instead of sex you get people being brutally murdered or hacked to bits with a chainsaw.

    I like horror, I don't mind slasher movies, I don't mind brutal content but this movie wasn't even bad in a funny way this movie is nothing but porn for serial killers. The plot is bad, acting is bad, lines are bad and poorly delivered the build ups are silly and unrealistic to lead up to the climax - murder.
  • rls081217 August 2011
    If I learned one thing from this movie, it is never judge a film by it's cover art, or critic blurbs.

    The depicted killer looks like he would be cool to watch hacking and slashing his way threw his victims.

    One problem. The killer on the cover is not in the movie. Another problem is the blurb reading ""Hostel meets the Silence of the Lambs in this Horrific Murder Mystery"".

    I hate to break it to the reviewer, Stuart Alson, but this movie is no were close to the aforementioned films, is definitely not much of a horror film, and is not a murder mystery.

    For me personally, this movie was very boring. It kept dragging on and on.

    There was no mystery, they show exactly who the killer is from kill #1, and he is not the kind of person I would associate with a hack - and - slash film.

    The kills were not creative at all. Very little was actually shown, and the blood & gore was minimalistic.

    The acting was not so good. Some characters acted odd at times, while others gave a wooden performance.

    Sound was OK for the most part, but the mics at times picked up the wind, and background noise ( air conditioners, traffic, e.t.c. ).

    The lighting as I mentioned before, was not very well done, sometimes making it so dark it was hard to make out what was happening.

    The special effects were limited to very basic stuff.

    Over all this movie is not worth the time. I payed $3 for it new, but I feel like I was overcharged.

    You know your in for a not so good movie when the opining cinematic for the companies, "Barnholtz" and "Wiseacre" are horrendous.
  • I was a bit surprised at the venom from those who did not like this movie. Perhaps they were looking for something else. As much as I like Jeffery Comb's work in absurdist gems such as the "Reanimator" films, I was impressed with his portrayal of the sheriff. The comic interludes -- such as the car door scene -- were extremely well-timed. And casting Michael Berryman as the gentle but somewhat ODC dog handler was a stroke of genius. But as another commenter observed, the most impressive feature of the film was the character development. Rare is the slasher flick that lets you identify with its lead characters. Give this movie a try.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why is it that every released low budget film is labeled the worst film of all time or utter garbage? Every single one gets trashed, and it's a shame, because the better efforts get lumped together with the lesser ones.

    Speaking of lesser efforts, this film is more or less a sequel to the BLACKWATER VALLEY EXORSISM. As far as I'm concerned, it was just another straight to video genre movie. Brutal however, every aspect, from writing to directing, to visual look, has greatly improved.

    It's an intriguing murder mystery with a "brutal" edge. I found the characters interesting. Rather than a cliché, foaming of the mouth serial killer as the central villain, the film presents a much more human and compelling antagonist. Performance wise, I felt that Combs and the villain were very solid, and the film moved along at just the right pace to keep me with it.

    Technically, the film movie was very cinematic looking, despite being shot on what I believe to be High Def. The musical score was very effective. And I enjoyed the twists in the screenplay along the way. However, some of the gore and nudity felt a little excessive to me. It felt a bit obligatory. And one or two of the supporting players weren't up to the level of the lead actors. But all in all, I found it to be one of the very best straight to DVD movies I've ever seen, and worthwhile rental. Ghostwatcher 2 this is not.
  • well it ain't bad but ain't that good either - not a film i'm going to watch again thats for sure. if was expecting more of it since i heard that it should be quite good but naaa, think there's to many bad actress in this film, and it starts out showing who the " bad " guy is.the story isn't well told , after my opinion it jumps of the story if you know what i mean ....the basic story could be a very well movie, but i don't think the director has put it correctly together, it seems like he just wanted to make a movie fast and then get the money and then split out of business. it needs some that makes you bit you're nails of pure exiting , but in my case he didn't manage to do that. i don't see this film for a horror , but more like a horrorfest movie .....or u know a first timer
  • I rent a ton of horror films on a regular basis but most I have a very hard wanting to continue watching all the way thru. I watched this one twice in one day. First of all, it does a great job of character development. You know what you need to know about all the main characters in the first 20 minutes. It lives up to it's name, BRUTAL because the method of killing was just that and some was actually in camera. I'm an effects artist so I would have liked to have seen more and I could have done a few things for them on this but it was above average. The girls in this were among the hottest girls I've seen. I mean all of the women were gorgeous! And then to top it off, it had it's very funny moments and in places you would least expect it. My hats off to these people for making a great horror film. I certainly hope they will make more.
  • p-stepien24 August 2009
    The plot? Sexy horny chicks, who apparently like giving and getting some, get morbidly murdered, then have flowers placed next to their corpses. The local sheriff Jimmy Fleck (Jeffrey Combs), incompetent and focused on getting reelected, isn't really up to the case. Actually he's more interested in getting into bed with hottie deputy Zoe Adams (Sarah Thompson). With the election on Tuesday, sexy bodies turning up all over the place and Zoe getting all envious about his wife and children the sheriff is getting really nervous. Zoe trying to get her mind of her affair focuses on the serial killings. Unfortunately there seems to be no shortage of horny, young chicks in this small town...

    Despite the above description it is not a porno movie, although the script and lines suggests it may have as well been. Just add some sex scenes and you have yourself a porn flick. Essential gorno with bad dialogue and atrocious acting. Nothing inventive, new in any manner and even solutions are clear rip-offs.

    The only reason I don't give this a 1 is Michael Berryman as Leroy Calhoun, who plays an autistic bloodhound trainer. May not be Shakespeare, but its good to see him in a role, where he is not the bad guy.
  • I've always been amazed with bad guy roles in movies such as this one. The film is called " Brutal " and that's what is inflicted on most of the eviscerated victims in the story. The role of the heavy is often a formula. He is efficient, methodical and clearly a danger to be feared. For nearly 3/4 of the film, the heavy is quite capable, fast, agile, dangerously adroit and highly proficient. Yet when he get's around to the leading lady, he suddenly can't seem to find his head with both hands. He's slow, sloppy and such a bungling artist, one wonders how he managed to become such a dark, lethal entity. There is much interest in this film as the star is none other than noted thespian of stage and screen, Jeffery Combs. His presence alone should have taken this B-Picture and made it into a classic. But as he draws second banana to Sarah Thompson, a sexy and slinky deputy sheriff, in tight fit clothes, his role is relegated to that of a corrupt, woman chasing, political candidate, bent on re-election. Combs plays Sheriff Jimmy Fleck, a married and mostly ambivalent lawman who's more interested in his image, than finding the maniacal killer in his town. That job falls to his deputy who's own emotions lead her to pursue her boss like a love-struck teen. So the task is left to Eric Lange, the town reporter and Leroy Calhoun (Michael Berryman) an autistic man with a team of lack-luster tracking dogs. If we try not to criticize this film too much, then the blood, the gore, the nudity and the mangled bodies, should keep one interested.**
  • The box has a quote that says, "Hostel meets Silence of the Lambs in this horrific murder mystery." The movie throws in a couple of "Hostel" style kills during the first fifteen minutes, and the rest of the murders are just routine slasher movie killings. I don't really see the resemblance to Silence of the Lambs, other than that a female is working to catch a serial killer.

    This movie seems like an unused episode of a generic network crime drama. That said, the script and acting would suffice for 45-minute TV show episode, but the plot ended up being too simplistic to carry a 90-minute movie. The movie isn't entirely bad; there's some pretty campy b-movie humor if you're into that sort of thing, but there's also a lot of boredom that fills the gaps between the cheesy goodness.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just finished watching the (TV edited) version of this so-so film on Chiller. I must admit, I'd never even heard of it before I saw it on the listings this morning. It was, after all a direct-to-video release - which might be why many of the reviews here in IMDb were less than complimentary.

    Really, though: it wasn't THAT bad. I had a little trouble accepting Jeff Combs as a sheriff. He looked...odd with a mustache and a cowboy hat but that's just me, I guess. He did an acceptable job in the role'.

    I didn't like the exposing of the bad guy pretty much at the very beginning of the film. That was kind of stupid for the writer/director to do that. I think it would have been a little better had we the viewers been given the chance to puzzle out his identity while the characters were.

    Although the acting certainly wasn't Oscar-winning by any means, I've sure seen worse than what was in this little piece of work.

    All in all, it was OK. Not rotten, not "HOLY S**T!! this was great!" An acceptable diversion - but I don't think I'd watch it again...well, maybe if someone handed me the uncut DVD even though I suspect the only difference would be some T&A which wasn't strictly necessary to the story line.
  • whpratt111 August 2009
    This film had blood and gore I could not even look at the screen, which is very unusual for me, since I love the average blood and gore type of film, this takes the cake.

    The story is about a young sexy sheriff's deputy (Sarah Thompson) Zoe Adams who works as the Sheriff's second in command and there are many reasons for such favors being given to Zoe.

    One day Zoe tells the Sheriff, Jeffrey Combs she has a feeling there is a serial killer on the loose in their area because of the same way the butcher does his killing.

    This is a constant film which shows more details of murder than I have ever seen and a plot that falls on its face.
  • I cant say that this movie is "good". its not. But i have a good moment watching it, its fast paced and a good no-brainier horror thriller. So it deserves a 6/10. The concept of suspension of disbelief its taking to a new level here, almost everything the characters made is ridiculous. The acting is not bad, the lead chick is hot, not in a bimbo kind of way, more in a "i want to marry her" way... and you have Berryman and Jeffrey Combs for the same price. This would be much better with more blood, gore and nudity, its too "PG 13" for a DTDVD flick, this could be a minor classic if done by ittembach or Timo Rose, but its not that bad for a Saturday afternoon.. Ultra-tippergore ranking 6/10 (generous)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Brutal" is a decent if not exactly spectacular entry.


    After a wave of bizarre mutilations, Sheriff Jimmy Fleck, (Jeffrey Combs) and his Deputy Zoe Adams, (Sarah Thompson)try to keep the community safe from the mysterious killer. When the killings continue, they try harder to solve the crimes, putting their affair on hold to solve them. Unable to find a way of doing they, they decide to solve the killings. With the help of Leroy Calhoun, (Michael Berryman) they eventually find the murders has a pattern to them, in that there's a flower around each one who's seeds are tied into everything, and quickly race to stop the next intended target on the list from becoming a victim.

    The Good News: There was a couple of good things about this one. One of the big areas is that the film has some really graphic kills in here, much more than expected. Several are cut up with a chainsaw, including one in half at the waist, one is stabbed in the throat with a large metal rod and is later forced out the other side of the throat, a couple of impalings with a tree pruner to the stomach, a whole slew of hearts ripped out and hedge-clippers stabbed in the back of the neck, among others, leaving it with a satisfactory sense of gore. The aftermath is also nice as well, and there's also the film's inclusion of the flowers on the bodies, which is another good point. The film's big twist with the killer, where they use a special secret about flowers as the basis for the victims in the spree. This is ingenious, original, innovative and comes with a highly entertaining and well-thought-out revelation sequence that nicely ties in all the evidence in a nice bundle. The other plus to this one is the fact that the film has some rather nice confrontations with the killer, as the scenes of them around town playing with the oblivious victims are a little comical at times. These here are the film's best parts.

    The Bad News: There's only a couple flaws in here, but they are significant. The main fact is that the film decides to focus on the killer for the duration of the film. We know who the killer is when the film starts, so there's no suspense to be had from trying to use the clues to solve it along with the detectives, the scenes of them interacting with the victims are comical rather than suspenseful and it doesn't generate anything, which tends to play heavily against a film. There's also a point where most of the attacks taking place at night are way too dark to see a whole lot. It's incredibly hard to spot what happened for most of those scenes and it detracts from the film. The last, and it's biggest one to overcome is the incredibly unneeded and unnecessary subplot involving the two detectives in their affair. This doesn't do anything for the film other than fill the beginning with endless scenes of the two of them making innuendo at each other but not capitalizing on it, or later scenes where the case has taken priority and talk turns to making the relationship into a more normal one, not exactly some of the most enjoyable or entertaining avenues to explore for a film. It just makes the film incredibly hard to get into and dull to sit through once it has, two factors which nearly cripple this one detrimentally and are the biggest issues to overcome, along with the rest of the film's flaws.

    The Final Verdict: Not exactly the worst entry made, but it's big flaws are somewhat distracting and do serve to knock it down some. Give it a shot if it sounds interesting or if this is the kind of film you find a lot of enjoyment from, while those who prefer more straight-forward slashers should seek caution.

    Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity
  • "Brutal" is actually a prequel for "Blackwater Valley Exorcism",which I haven't seen.It tells the story of several attractive and usually whorish young women,kidnapped and messily killed with various tools and implements including hedge clippers.This trashy and unmemorable horror flick has Jeffrey Combs as the sheriff and Michael Berryman as the autistic dog breeder.The film is pretty gory,but the killings are not really shocking and the victims are incredibly annoying.The killer is bland and comes across as wimp.The climax isn't half bad,however I'm still not very satisfied by the whole proceeding.Fibonacci sequences as a plot device is a strange choice.Overall,if you are a fan of Combs or Berryman give "Brutal" a look.