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  • mamadmjf28 January 2020
    This movie was not bad and has very funny scene. but what its problem?? You cannot see this movie with your family NOT AT ALL! from the first Sequence to the last, they use Vulgar words and again and again. use the Sexual jokes is not only way to making laugh of the viewers.
  • androidniafara12 October 2019
    It's a great movie with showing the problems of iran... it was not fair to stop it's showing. Thank you mr hadi Thank you all for this uniqe and special movie without any censorship
  • Once again, Manoucher Hadi proves that there's no limit to being lousy in making movies.
  • slreza17 March 2020
    It's just fun for Iranians. So if you are persian, see it. I enjoyed 👍