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  • The film started off very well, two fellas travel far off in the countryside n visit an abandoned n dilapidated hotel/house. They meet the man who they r supposed to meet but the man holds them at gun point n warns them not to venture outta the house as "they" will kill em all. Sounds good. It is clear that the director is inspired by Ils aka Them, Strangers, Purge, Stephen Dorff's Jackals, etc. His intentions were good but mayb due to the budget or his inexperience as a first time director, the film was not able to hold interest due to the lack of suspense n tension. The twist is kinda meh. The lead novice actor Aidan O'Neill gave a decent performance.
  • hopkinshelen29 March 2020
    Not quite the Purge as advertised, but still a pretty interesting horror movie. Not to be taken too seriously, some laughs, not all that scary. Didn't see the end coming.
  • If you get glib British humour and have a fondness for Hammer House of Horror, then this film is for you.

    The title and marketing don't seem to match the film, what you get is so much better than another Purge/ home invasion movie.

    There are laughs, splatter and plot twists. The Karl character gets all the funniest lines delivered perfectly by Aidan O'Neill. I would like to see more of the adventures of Karl.

    I'm on my second viewing of this and will definitely watch it again, this may very well become a cult classic.
  • suemilio29 March 2020
    I really enjoyed this. Had me on the edge of my seat. Check it out.
  • tinkergreggyt29 March 2020
    Was pleasantly surprised by this low budget horror. Not quite what I was expecting but in the end it was worth my time. Compelling mystery, great twists, and turns.
  • olivezzed29 March 2020
    I love home invasion films and this was pretty cool. Some oiginal ideas, some old horror cliches, but for a low budget flick it wasn't bad at all! Pretty simple premise that takes you on a bit of a ride.
  • Great little indy flick. A few laughs, lots of twists and turns, decent amount of blood lol definitely worth a watch for horror lovers.
  • swisslady73 April 2020
    I quite liked this movie! Great acting! And I don't get the bad reviews. English horror films are not that bad at all! I can only recommend this one!

    British films are unfortunately not funded to the extent of those made in the USA by the big studios, so British cinema tends to concentrate on story rather than special effects, unfortunately this is the case with this film.

    Again we've seen this type of film before, people held up in a building defending themselves from whatever is trying to get inside but at least this had a twist which I didn't even see coming!

    Quite enjoyable especially the twist which I have mentioned but by far the best throughout the film is Colin.

    Not the worst and not the best so....

    Rating 5 out of 10
  • As other have said, not quite The Purge, but a really enjoyable yarn. I love these quaint British made movies that don't have the razzle of Hollywood but still deliver a good flik. As for the 1 or 2 star reviews I've read, seriously, I mean what were you expecting? Worst film ever made? Nowhere near. Take your brain out put it on the table, have a beer and enjoy.
  • lespritz17 June 2020
    Don't waste your life with won't get the time back.
  • This movie is packaged like it's another Strangers or similar home invasion movie. It falls incredibly short. It's not that the acting is all that horrible, the characters are just incredibly annoying with cringeworthy attempts at comic relief aplenty. It's set in an old abandoned hotel which looks pretty cool, but don't expect any quality scares or creeps. I suggest you pass on this one unless you are in the mood for something goofy with an incredibly lame storyline.
  • I wouldn't recommend this movie but I quite enjoyed it.

    The character called Karl was canny funny like
  • You know a film is gonna be horrendous when next to none of the players have head shots and when the movie likens itself to a hone invasion movie like The Purge which really wasnt a home invasion movie.

    The film is so bad the fake reviewers were too lazy to actually write reviews. They just gave it stars. How lame.

    It's horrible. Made for three cents and the worst acting and directing you can ever imagine.
  • davidbailey-515418 November 2020
    This is a low budget home invasion horror film. I feel this is underrated and has some funny dialogue and an interesting plot. Definitely worth a watch.
  • It takes about 25 mins until the someone realized you can't use the same sound track through the entire movie. The characters have nothing to keep you interested and there is no build up. I started skipping parts after 30mins in and it still didn't seem to go anywhere. Probably the worst horror of 2020, definitely in my top 5 worst horror's of the decade. Dismal, should never have been released.
  • This is absolutely ridiculous movie nothing to what it was compared to and definitely not worth a mere minute, you've been warned just leave or you'll regret it.
  • Just don't bother it's beyond bad. Actors, storyline setting just everything xx.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film was made with only a £35k budget. Now I have seen many horror films, hollywood to straight to tv. For a start I love british horrors, far more gritty, better atmospheres and the fact that there are no a listers in most of them, meaning you have no idea who will survive and who the hero will be. As for this film I went into it not knowing anything about it, so when it reached the half way mark I was supprised. Which was nice. Advertising it as "like the purge and your next" is clever I think and done on purpose to throw you off. Carl is a great character and I think acted well. Jenna, ok her acting was poor this could be due to bad direction I don't know. Overall not what I expected but enjoyed the change from your average slasher. Ignore bad reveiws. If this is the worst film a few of these people have ever seen then they can't have seen that many movies. Little tip to those guys before you decide to watch a low buget horror flick then come and slate them for you expectations of hollywood budget's and boring ooh I got stabbed movies with lots of slutty teens,
  • theoberglund14 February 2021
    I watched this movie with my family last Friday, let's just say that it was a huge waste of time. The acting is bad, the editing is bad, the plot is the most terrible I've ever seen. Not worth the watch
  • No story... no acting... nothing horror in it...

    Don't know why I wasted my time waiting till the last that something good will come up...

    Don't spoil your time, eyesight and mood by watching this movie!
  • Poor script , badly directed , please don't waste your time ,
  • zarakerr11 September 2021
    I didn't see any previews for this so I had no expectations going in. I was immediately charmed by the actors in this movie, I enjoyed the story line and was entertained throughout. I thought this was well under rated sitting under 5 stars in IMDB so I wanted to try and bump it up with an 8 :)
  • The horror is average, but the story and the sequence of events down to the final snap is a wonderful thing, you go to a house in a remote area with someone you think you know but it turns out it's hiding a secret that could end your life.
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