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  • There are a few weak spots in this movie - very few - that get soft and sentimental to excess. The family problems - a 14 year old boy largely estranged from his father - is banal and has been told many times. But once we get into the real meat of this movie, the transformation of a spoiled kid into a young man through acts of real devotion and courage, this film becomes not just very good but extraordinary. The young boy, who is not cute or in any way cinematographic but just, in appearance, a normal kid, is also a first-rate actor.

    The crossing of the North Sea - I won't explain that here, because I don't want to spoil anything - had me riveted to the screen, but so much of the return trip is just astounding.

    The aerial photography is also worth far more than the price of admission.

    Go see this movie. If you know a 14 year old kid, be sure to take him with you. If you were ever a 14 year old kid, be sure to let him out so he can experience this movie as well. Take a few handkerchieves as well. Even if you're a manly man, the 14 year old kid inside you may get the better of you - and make you better in the process.
  • "Donne-moi des ailes" is a true tale of innocent courage. A child risks it all to save his family of geese, by taking them across hundreds of miles. It kept me engaged throughout, and awoke in me a sense of wonder. It is heroic in a way that children of this time ought to know. Without being preachy it encourages us to act on our beliefs, and to give our children a world to inherit.
  • Grifo7L12 October 2019
    Climate Change, waste, wars, starvation. So much to make us scared or sad or permanently depressed. This film shows one, important area where a crazy individual with a grounded scientific idea, and his brave son, can impact and address a major danger for the species. And give a tangible path to follow. Brilliant from start to finish.
  • Just one word: wow....

    See this one, you will not regret it. Anything I can tell besides this could be a spoiler, and you do not want to enjoy a second less!
  • dejanzoric14 November 2019
    Thank you for this Movie. I 've enjoyed. Story and actors was fantastic.
  • This movie is really good and touching, people and nature, love and courage, really great! I couldn't help my tears when I first watched it.
  • The world we live in is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrowed from our children and grandchildren.
  • This movie is a remake of Fly Away Home (1996). The 1996 version, set in North America, has nicer pictures of the gooses, but is a bit slower. This 2019 version, set in Europe, dispite lacking a bit on the animal photography, has a better overall script, less emphasis on the family and character difficulties of the main hero. Both movies target a similar audience of pre-teens and young teens. It is a close score with a slight edge for the 2019 version.
  • It is a beautiful movie with touching and amazing scenes and music. All gives us a hope in a world we care about animals and we can go together. It is a true fairy tale, which conveys a meaningful story.
  • anasnoops11 November 2019
    It restore your faith in humanity and dreams. It is thanks to the Thomas' and the Greta's (Thunberg) of the world that younger generations will, hopefully, do more than we did, to save our world. A film to see with your kids in order to inspire them.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hypocritical film, like a bureaucracy in Europe or Greta Thunberg. Suddenly phone nerd turns into Greta, sorry, with 'balls'. Love at first sight of geese causes him to change his perspective on life, He is without any skills become a top-class pilot, flies across the sea through a storm, does dangerous tricks, he is become survivorman, like Bear Grylls or Less Stroud in an instant. Nobody cares, except parents, that the pilot is a 14 year old child, that this boy is stealing, that his father had forged documents and violated the laws of several countries, but it is not a problem, because Geese - Above all. This movie is the quintessence of lies, hypocrisy, betrayal and venality of the Europe, because it is good to live in a well-fed Europe and think about geese and spit on the problems of others, for example, the war in Ukraine or Syria, the problems in Hong Kong ... If you like Greta Thunberg watch this movie.
  • And not as good, stick with the original it is much better and not french either.