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  • It's been a long time since I've seen this film, during the time when I still didn't bother to rate and review every Horror film I watch. Lately I've been re-watching some of those I liked especially, but as for Eden Like - I'll pass. Not because it isn't good, but because nobody in their right mind would define it as "fun to watch", that much I do remember.

    However, what I remember most vividly is my utter sense of frustration, disgust and despair with humanity. Throughout the film I've kept feeling the urge to be there, so I could knock some hard painful sense into those no good hoodlums, and their sad excuse for parents! Very much like this decade's streak of "torture porn", Eden Lake plays on these emotions in the audience. Pity for the victim, rage against the assailants, and despair/helplessness.

    Acting and cinematography are good enough, nothing special worth mentioning as far as I can remember (bear in mind it's been a while), but the story and some of the scenes are what sticks with you afterwords. Personally, I can't call the sensations I get out of watching these kinds of films "fun", but they are definitely, in a way, rewarding. Eden Lake isn't easy to watch, and seeing as how this is obviously its goal - it's a success. My relatively low rate is only on account of my personal experience with it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just recently saw a movie called "The Children," where all of the adults acted like whimpering babies as their 30 pound sandbag kids murdered them. Gangs of little eight-year-old children killed their parents, and all they did was cry about it and get angry at each other if they tried to hurt the "darling babies."

    That movie enraged me, and so does this one.

    I don't understand it a single, solitary bit. The whole story in this film exists simply because the adults are idiots and make stupid decisions. They are outsmarted by malicious 12-year-old kids, and not only do they allow this to happen, they practically ask for it. It was so unbearable sitting through it, because I was angry throughout the entire thing, watching as two grown human beings bend over and present their wimpy rear-ends to a bunch of resentful, spoiled rotten youths.

    It wouldn't annoy me so much if the whole "main characters getting themselves into danger because they're morons" philosophy wasn't so popular in films these days. I kept thinking to myself that if I had been in their situation, I would-- oh wait, I wouldn't be in their situation, because I'm not an idiot. Watching an hour and a half of whimpering little ninnies crawl around pathetically was one of the most frustrating things I had to endure.

    I love horror films. I love tension, suspense, and mystery-- especially mystery. This wasn't any of those things. It was garbage, and I'm baffled at how anyone could enjoy it. At so many points, I wanted to shut the thing off and say "forget it, I don't care how it ends, these characters are too pathetic and stupid," but I sat through it to see if maybe, possibly, justice would be served, and those who had their comeuppance would get brutally massacred beyond recognition, if they would suffer the same method the main characters did. I was hoping for such a result, but one never came. It was blundering, bumbling idiocy for the remainder of the movie.

    The ending was terrible, and it left you feeling a sense of unresolved conflict, with a bitter taste in your mouth akin to that of eating a mouthful of raw eggs and cinnamon. I was actually confused when I saw it, thinking, "wait, is that it? THAT is the ending?!" Then I felt even angrier. How could someone write this trash and make it into a film? I guarantee the script said something like this:

    Adults: Hey kids, I'm sorry to harsh your buzz, but we're trying to have a good time, here, so do you mind moving?

    Kids: F**K OFF!!

    Adults: Oh... okay... that's fine.

    Kids ruin adults' lives.

    Adults run from kids and cry and suffer horrific injury.


    If you're like me, and movies like this anger you, I beseech you to stay away. Please. Don't watch this movie.
  • lsouseisekil19 April 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Eden Lake masquerades as a touching and dark film BUT it is quite the opposite. I, like another reviewer, had to register just to express my deep disappointment in this film. Sure, it starts off with a normal setting which you, as someone who is most likely used to the typical spiral into chaos, would expect. This however, turns into complete ridiculousness. The acting was such that, one feels that the characters themselves had NO faults and that it was Mr. Watkins who cruelly killed off such well-to-do people.

    Several things about this movie disturbed me:

    1) Upon having his tire ruined, Steve should have immediately packed up their belongs and leave the Chav-nest.

    2) Why did Steve fail to arm himself while trapped in the car OR as he presumably escaped from said vehicle? Not only does Steve fail to arm himself but Jenny does as well. The chavs had no problem toting around branches whereas Jenny abandoned every weapon she obtained.

    3) Steve fails to put up much of a fight and is felled with relative ease. He managed to break free AFTER being stabbed virtually to death? Mr. Watkins, I call shenanigans!!

    4)Jenny FAILS to get help when prompted to initially. She then calls for help via Steve's stolen phone. This is a major plot-hole as only a true buffoon would make such a bad judgment.

    5) The ending especially leaves a sour taste in ones mouth as Jenny coincidentally winds up at the chav-den. This completely made me want to flip my table. Too much of a coincidence resulting in the film being very upsetting.
  • cookie66630 June 2009
    I can't remember the last time a film evoked such raw emotions in me. I'm literally teared up and shaking - from anger, pain, frustration and disbelief. Watching this film is an experience more than words can describe, it plays on pure emotion. You're sucked into the whole atmosphere, to the characters - both the good and the bad -, and it really eats you up and leaves you with this bundle of emotions that catch you off guard and in the end, leave you empty-handed.

    I'm sorry for not being very precise about the plot and the characters, but I simply can't write an ordinary "this film opens with..." review, the experience was just too much.

    I highly recommend it, but not for the weak-hearted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I seriously can't believe some of the comments about this film. It was truly awful and predictable with huge holes in the plot, no character development and unrealistic scenes throughout.

    There is no development of characters at all with the most predictable part of the whole thing coming at the end. The father turning out to be violent and obviously the catalyst behind the main hoodies behaviour was predictable, boring and quite obvious. The bullied becomes the very original. Anybody who thinks this was clever or an interesting take on society is just insane!

    There is nothing clever in this film, no deep insights into our fears or into society today. We all know there is knife crime, we all know that some kids are violent and have suffered child abuse, bullying and gang mentality and yes, this is terrible. However, this film does nothing to delve into the causes, the solution or any aspect of this. It is just a poor excuse for using what is a hot topic to portray violence, gore and a totally depressing story which was told very badly. I think the thing that annoyed me most about this film is the predictable reaction of people saying what an amazing insight it is into our fears. Seriously? You can read the Daily Mail and get better insights into society.

    *spoilers* One of the most obvious problems of the film is unrealistic reactions of most of the characters in the film. The part where the boyfriend goes into the house to confront the kids was just awful, under no circumstance would that happen in any real life situation. This happened right the way throughout the film too, the girlfriend waiting overnight rather than going to get help after the boyfriend was trapped in the car? The couple returning to the same scene the day after their first altercation with the gang? The car that came just 'happened' to be driven by a relative of one of the gang? The first house that the girlfriend arrived at after her escape was filled with the parents of the gang? Come off it!

    The chase scenes weren't so much intense as predictable and unrealistic. Somehow in a huge forest the kids could hear everything and were only ever just around the corner?

    Overall this was a terrible film with no redeeming qualities. Disturbing yes but mainly due to the predictable reactions of people saying how insightful this film was.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am a massive horror movie fan but this movie left me completely cold. It is mean spirited, cold, and above all else unbelievably frustrating and stupid at times. On the plus side the film is very well acted by all involved, and very well made. But such is the lack of logic in places and the complete lack of a satisfying pay off that any merits are quickly outweighed.

    For example: we have a lead character here that thinks its okay to wonder around other peoples homes without their consent. The other lead then does the most bizarre and random thing with a mobile phone that any suspension of disbelief is lost and the only appropriate response is 'doh'.

    And as for the ending! After so much horror and terrorisation I was expecting a decent pay off. But instead we get a downbeat, nihilistic sign off that has become popular in modern horror. I may be missing the point somewhat here, but all in all I just found the experience unpleasant.

    All I can really say is that this is a movie you should really see for yourself. I hated it, but it seems to work for some people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a long, sadistic, pointless excursion through two nice people who are slowly hunted down and slaughtered like pigs. Telling you this up front is NOT a spoiler. It's an attempt to save other people from wasting there time on this horrible piece of garbage.

    The film is very typical of the kind of stuff put out by Eli Roth and others, but it is totally artless in its execution. If I had to describe its closest match, I'd say "The Others". Except this one exceeds it by far in terms of pointless sadism.

    I really feel sorry for Michael Fassbender. I guess he couldn't be choosy about his roles back then, but this is ridiculous.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yes, it was brutal. Yes, there was horror and terror.

    But hell, was it illogical and over the top implausible! I know one should not relate a horror movie too much to the real world, and I would not have done so, if only the scriptwriter wasn't so anxiously trying to make me think this could really happen to anybody, anywhere in the UK. Of course, there is shitty youth in every town on earth, but to walk into the national champion of psychopathy under the age of 16 at the edge of a lake in the middle of nowhere is a little too much for me. That besides the fact that these people keep immobilizing themselves and keep on coming back to the same spot where they have been molested, in these (what appears to be) massive woods, over and over again.

    Then, when the girl crawls out of the dumpster looking like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill II, and I just started to think that this might become interesting, she only escapes to drive into... What did I say about too much implausible?

    After watching this movie I was angry too, like everyone else who watched it. Because of the ending (yes you will blame the youth of the world after this) but also, after two seconds, because it is an all too easily instigated sentiment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Released in 2008, "Eden Lake" is a horror film from England. It is written and directed by James Watkins, and stars Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender and Jack O'Connell.

    The film is about this young couple who go on a weekend get away to a beach where they encounter a group of young punks who bully and harass them. That's the jest of this film. It's not scary, and it's just a very violent, mean, and stressful film, and I *hate* it.

    Films like Funny Games, Eden Lake, etc....they're just mean. Litreally. They are *mean movies*. What is the appeal? I think a lot of non-horror film fans probably think ALL horror movies are like that and that's not true at all.

    Now folks, I am not some sissy here, mm-kay? For some sicko like me to say this movie goes too far is saying a lot. I've seen some sick stuff before too, but I felt like this is just cruel. Now if someone had told me what I am telling you now, *I* would be excited to see this movie because that's the type of guy I am and I am hoping you're better then that. :-)

    It was a very well made movie and the acting was amazing, but it was the overall story that was the problem. It was just these two poor people being tortured the whole time and that is not entertaining. I've seen torture films before, but usually the people at some point not only get away, but even score a few points if you know what I mean.

    I was just sitting there thinking as I watched this film...."Okay, this has been going on for a while. When are we going to get to the part where the girl escapes and goes Charles Bronson on these people?" That's usually how most films that play like Eden Lake end up! But this one was going to do it's own thing.

    Most horror films I've always enjoyed are either tales of good vs. evil (where good wins), evil vs. evil where usually a deranged killer or the victim kills one or sometimes a group of horrible people (like the ones in Eden Lake), or they are horror comedies - intentional or not, and they're so campy, you can't take them seriously.

    Movies like Eden Lake however are too real I guess you could say, and I don't need to be reminded of how the world works - There is violence in the world and there is no justice. Yeah, I get it.

    This movie was almost like a Charles Bronson film - Only they showed us the entire flashback of the violent crime and we didn't get to see Bronson with his 44. go shoot some bad guys. Now if they ever make a sequel and that is what the movie is about, I'm so there.

    Having typed that, I am not suggesting I am against violence in either films or real life. Violence is necessary sometimes sadly because people like the group of young punks in this film exist. So it's the type of violence displayed in this film I am against. I don't mind bad people getting what's coming to them, but I don't like seeing good and innocent people being hurt.

    All and all, this movie just showed violence for the sake of violence. I am sure some defenders of this film would tell me "You just don't get it." You're damn right I don't get it. I hope I never "get it".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In summary this movie was terrible on so many levels that I can not even touch upon them all. This a poor excuse for writing, directing, and producing. The lack of creativity and insightfulness was compensated with violence instead of substance. It is also a shame that such talented actors were wasted in a pointless film. I joined IMDb just to write a review on this movie because it angered me that much.

    Apart from the fact that some scenes did not make sense, were not logical, and were not realistic, this movie offers nothing to the viewer except expected outcomes and glorifying the actions and lives of disturbed youth.

    *spoiler*It is a shame when our society is sinking so low that we rent (and some viewers actually liked this movie - most disturbing of all!) these type of movies and let the youth of our society grow up watching these movies. A world without consequences. A world where murder, torture, violence towards women and animals is accepted (even glorified). Our society needs to wake up and realize that movies like this CONTRIBUTE to the growing problems of our troubled youth. Movies like this fuel the fire of unexpressed anger in kids and adults. As a society we need to demand more creativity, intelligence, and insightfulness from our entertainment. If the writer/director wanted to delve into the psyche behind troubled youth they could have done so in a constructive way.
  • xmeganx8 November 2008
    This film could easily have just been some chavs bullying people, but it is much more then that. I have watched many horror/thriller films and they have rarely effected me the way this film did. From the beginning the mood is set of this extremely happy couple living in their bliss and as most of you will know before watching this the film is not about their happy relationship. The first thirty minutes of the film are more easy going then the rest, but still captivating. As the film continues it shocks you beyond belief, I expected gore but I didn't expect how the tone of the film would make me feel.

    If you have an uneasy stomach or sometimes get emotional, prepare yourself for this film. It is gruesome but some scenes are a little too realistic which is what makes the film different. A lot of horror films similar to this lack realism so the audience cannot connect with the protagonist as easily, but Eden Lake has been made with a great deal of empathy for the couple and hate for the young kids. Seeing as there is a strong connection between audience and the characters there is a great deal of emotion involved which is unexpected, but this shows that the film has been made very well and that the actors do their job perfectly.

    The young actors who play the chavs are fantastic, and i'm not going to say fantastic 'for their age' because they are truly talented actors regardless of age. Jack O'Connell plays the ring leader of the group Brett, and he really shines. Playing a merciless hateful character is not the easiest thing to do, but if you didn't know better you would think that is how he is in real life because he is just that good. I have been a big fan of Thomas Turgoose since he was in This is England because he is also a very talented and realistic actor and he doesn't disappoint in this film either, but he isn't in it as much as I would like. The other actors in the group are equally as talented. As for the couple they were perfectly cast and they have great chemistry, I have been a fan of Michael Fassbender (who plays boyfriend Steve) for a while but I had never really noticed Kelly Reilly before (who plays girlfriend Jenny) but she plays the character very well and hits the right emotions at the perfect time.

    All in all the film draws you in, keeps you captivated, shocks you with the gore and blows you away with emotion. The best thing about it and what makes the movie special and better then most other similar films is just how real it is. You almost feel like this is happening to you, and their reactions are also real human reactions too. The film is truly great and one of the best of its genre, very impressive all around.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sickening violence and a thoroughly poor understanding of human nature. Most of the characters completely bypassed typical responses to the situations they were confronted with. No attempt was made by the couple to reason with or even talk to the children, to try to turn them against each other, for instance, or make them think about how they'd likely spend the rest of their lives in prison for their crimes. Even a simple "don't do this" would have added a desperately needed touch of reality. The other kids also could have easily ganged up on the leader and stolen the phone from the girl, so why didn't they, and how does one of the children go from being completely unwilling to do harm to the man to shoving a razor into his mouth? Would they really ever have thought they'd get away with three murders? The questions just pile up, and the ending was a tragic confirmation of the writers' juvenile "violence is cool" mentality. This trash should never have been produced, and by the way, I made an account just to spit on this pile of garbage. I've seen a lot of movies, and this was irredeemable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Eden Lake is well-directed and acted, with some legitimately suspenseful moments and a few moments of cringe-worthy violence. Unfortunately, the main characters - the lead male in particular (we'll call him Steve, I think that was his name) - act in such a moronic way for no reason other than to keep the plot moving along that my suspension of disbelief was already at the breaking point ten minutes in. This pulled me way out of the story and really diminished the extremely effective second act of the film.

    For example: 1. Steve appears to have some money and social standing, based on his clothes and the car he drives. Why the hell would he take his girlfriend to a disused quarry at a construction site to propose? There's nothing special about the titular Eden Lake. It's just a lake.

    2. Why would Steve continue to stay at the lake after the kids refuse to turn down their stereo, one of them exposes himself to Steve's girlfriend, and they pop the tire on his jeep? Why would anyone stay there after it's become clear the place is dangerous?

    3. Why would he follow these kids to their house and then let himself inside when they don't answer the door? Was he going to tell their parents on them? If so, why did he hide and then climb out the upstairs window when the dad came home? And then go back to the lake?

    I won't even get into the fact that the kids' pit bull manages to kill itself by leaping right on top of a pocket knife - riiiiiight.

    I'm sorry, but when 1-3 above happens within the first 15-20 minutes of a picture, I have to come to the conclusion that a) Steve is mentally retarded or b) this is a case of really slopping script writing. Since nothing else about Steve seemed "special" I'm guessing the answer is B.

    As for the ending ... meh. It was quite a coincidence that the girl ends up at the parents house. Quite a coincidence indeed.

    Overall it's just a sloppily written exploitation flick with a few tense moments and some extremely stupid people.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just watched it.

    I found EDEN LAKE to be a turgid, wretched waste of ninety minutes. I take small comfort, in that it was nowhere near as realistic, or socially aware, as people think it is. From it's RADA reject 'yoof' cast (and a complete waste of the usually great TURGOOSE) and it's disjointed plot (not to mention, all over the place character motivations) the movie still managed to sicken me.......sicken me, because people find this garbage interesting.

    Yes, i'm aware that some teenagers are mindless thugs, with little or no thought for human life, but this movie, was a check-list for 'cliche's' regarding lower class families. The (Hammer House Of Horror-style) adults (either, shagging, swearing, fighting drinking....or all four) was surely an after-thought, to attract the similar idiots who watch SHAMELESS....and the "We look after our own" ending was laughable (in a LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN kind of way)

    I'd read that other reviewers, thought the couple shouldn't have provoked the gang (i saw no provocation, other than confronting the gang, and asking for their car keys back) The killing of the dog, was merely 'self defence'.....and if the gang were as psychotic (as they were later portrayed to be) they'd have hardly:

    A) Been too bothered about a dog, anyhow.

    B) Given the couple a few minutes head start, before deciding to kill them.

    Also the geography was all over the place. Characters would wander around in various directions (through a huge wood) yet hear any minor sound, or happening , and arrive on the very same scene in seconds. The cop-out excuse, concerning the irrational behaviour of the youths, could be put down to the 'kids being very mixed up'....but i see it as nothing but lazy writing, from a team of (ahem) 'film-makers' capitalising on an already messed up country (and it's soft laws on young offenders) I see the director has writing credits for MY LITTLE EYE (another boring soul-destroying catalogue of pain and misery) and intends to write THE DESCENT PART TWO (wow, this guys got a vivid imagination)

    The add-lines for this (rancid) movie, state that it is (quote) "One of the most provocative and terrifying thrillers of the year".............The only thing i find 'provocative' is the 'terrifying' prospect, that people find this sh*te to be 'thrilling'?

    When you watch the news, and the newsreader reads about some horrible story about a murder, your heart sinks (allbeit, for a few seconds) you quietly 'tut' to yourself, and then (thankfuly) get back on with your own life. I don't need some ninety minuted long 'tut', to entertain me, and (enough of the 'fence-sitting' guys) i feel deeply sorry (and ashamed) for anyone that does.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am compelled to WARN sane viewers that this film is a worthless piece of refuse. I am dumbfounded how any viewers could possibly enjoy this horrible film. Stylistically it was well executed....good pacing, lighting, camera work, musical score. The only thing missing is a story worth telling. And the story Eden Lake tells is one of complete hopelessness in the face of evil. This type of garbage appeals to the basest impulse in some people, who enjoy seeing human beings tortured to death. There is no redemption, no consequences for the evil acts. In the dismal, sadistic vision of the screenwriter of this film, mankind is basically evil at heart, and the good will be slaughtered like lambs. Compare Eden Lake to Lord of the Flies, another film dealing with evil adolescents. In Lord of the Flies, we are shown a balanced view of human nature, one providing a metaphor for the good and evil duality in all men. The majority of humans turn to charismatic leaders for guidance, and those unlucky enough to choose evil leaders ultimately pay a high price. Because humans are for the most part good, the evil doers in life can only persist for short periods before they are eradicated by the majority who want safety, security and stasis, rather than pain and anarchy. The evil kids in Eden Lake commit the most horrendous of brutal murders, and get away with it. The end. Sound like a film any normal person would find gratifying to watch? It is a symptom of a debased culture when its citizens find it enjoyable to watch innocent people tortured to death, with their murderers receiving no punishment for their crimes. It takes a sick mind to write this stuff, and a sick mind to find pleasure in the viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just watched this movie. It was awful. Basically glorifies a group of chavs being scum and killing people. There is the underlying message that hes that way because of his dad but nothing about the consequences of their actions. Worst of all he gets away with it all. Blames it on her and then his scumbag father and friends finish the job for him. No one calls the cops. The few people who do die are the ones who show remorse for their actions. Waste of time, bad plot, terrible movie. From the trailers it looks like its going to be a horror movie which I was really looking forward to watching. Massively disappointed by it and in fact so much so that I joined IMDb so I could write this review.
  • Oh my, this was one hell of a ride! It has everything I yearn from a horror movie. It's dark, bloody, depressing, somewhat realistic and oh, the ending, the ending. This is the second best British horror movie I have seen. The best was Dog Soldiers. The young actors do a good job depicting the variety of feelings from anger to horror to despair and the two lead actors are brilliant. It is a knee deep in doom all the way to the end. A few minor logic problems but you'll get over it, they don't ruin the mood at all.

    I have to praise the script because it works in the boundaries of the real world and does not go over the top in any scene, and I know some may disagree in this but I think you'll like it never the less.

    All in all, it is good and it is for you if you truly like horror. But it is also a disturbing and brutal movie so not for the faint of heart. Enjoy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've wanted to watch this film for a long time (high expectation is not the source of my disappointment though) and when I found out it was about an actual English chav bully gang, I got very excited. A film finally that grabs a topical every day problem by the horns!....but then it leads it to Hollywood...

    It pretty shamelessly rides the new(?) wave of surviver based-on-true-story kind of let's- just- kill- someone- for- absolutely- no- reason- but- for- the- joy- of- it films that are fairly popular these day, God only knows why.

    Let's mention a few recent works here just to see what I'm talking about: The last house on the left, Them, Strangers, Vacancy, Hostel, etc.

    All of these have the similar plot which is that an innocent young couple are being hunted and tortured by a bunch of teens or unemployed/bored adults for practically no reason. After they kill a best friend or more likely a male partner, our heroine turns from hunted into the hunter and kills a few chaps with well chosen stomach turning methods to give us the illusion of vengeance and quite sadly makes us feel better to see a twelve-year-old bleeding to death or being impaled by agricultural tools 'because he deserved it!'

    This is still not enough for a bad film, but the whole story is usually just weak, have random happenings, lacks common sense and aims mainly the gore-hungry audience (who can't take their eyes off of a traffic accident because the sight of blood and flesh makes their day better).

    In this particular case:

    1. What is she doing in the bushes from about midnight until dawn?! After a chase, a car accident and her partner's captivation she hides and the next picture is at daylight where she gets up from the same posture. Did she fall asleep?! I don't know about you but I find it insulting towards my intelligence.

    2. Did anyone count the days since the beginning which is Friday? Just because the end is roughly around Tuesday and the parents of the kids are having a foam party in the garden instead of starting to worry about their children and dog being missing for days at school time. Not one phone call to find out where the hell they could be, let's just have a party while they are not home instead! (Isn't this supposed to happen the other way around BTW?)

    I could go on and on and dissect the film but this isn't the point! The point is: These are just little things, you might say, but if it's a little thing then wouldn't it be worth paying attention to the details and make things right? Because these are the bits that are the difference between a good and a bad film

    Well I'm not here to judge anyone but I think these films are directed/created by people who heard of Alfred Hitchcock and likes but unfortunately missed the point of thrillers very badly.

    They of course have their righteous place in the film world but this one could have finished a few places better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a movie buff, believe me I had never seen a directing job with so little empathy for the audience. I think of the director and I see a person who just wanted to make us to feel angry, upset and powerless during more than 70 minutes. And then, that he enjoyed so much to see how frustrating we felt with his detestable ending. There's no way the director can claim the opposite, because he made the less damaging characters die, whereas the most brutal and loathsome ones got away with everything. Specially Brett, the one we all wanted to kill with our bare hands.

    There are scenes gruesomely graphic, like when they are stabbing Steve. That was just bad taste, absolutely unnecessary. And the leads are always in disadvantage. They could never have the upper hand and that's ridiculous in a movie. We are supposed to see ups and downs in a character, not somebody who's always a a victim... just to end up seeing them dead or implying so.

    I cannot understand how so many people praise the ending just because justice was not served and thus the easy path was avoided. Bullshit, because that works in a movie in which you don't see the protagonists suffer the way those did. This director obviously made us to desire justice, but he wouldn't give it to us. That's why I hate this movie and I think this is the lowest level cinema can reach. Not only that. The movie is itself pointless, without character development or evolution. I hated, I really hated it. Do you know what makes this movie so bad? Making you wish it finish because you can't stand the pain the leads are being through. That's what happened to me and I know a lot more of people too. A well made movie makes you want to keep seeing it and never, never makes you think on the director writer in the ending as the enemy who wanted to provoke our anger.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this video in hopes of an exciting thriller with many suspenseful moments and a twisting plot. I had read critical reviews and thought this must be an enjoyable story. I was sorely disappointed.

    The movie began with much hope of being a good tense thrill ride. The main actors performed the script, what they were given, beautifully. You quickly bond with the couple and hope the author wrote some redemption for their struggles they face at the hands of the angry youth. As the movie wore on, I quickly got irritated with the plot and began to hope for a quick ending. The story slowly builds but never achieves climax. It simply unravels at the end and a completely implausible finale left me angry for wasting the past hour and a half. A violent tale that doesn't seem to go anywhere and leaves the audience in the dark. This is merely my opinion but as an avid watcher of thrillers and suspense films, I felt this film was lacking a worthwhile plot and resolution of the story which held so much promise in the start of the film.
  • From start to finish this film is a masterclass in confronting our views on revenge and on how we choose which 'side' to be on in any given situation.

    The two adult leads are almost immediately plunged into a nightmare where children have the upper hand and where respect for adults is thrown out of the window yet the adults still view the amoral, feral youth as children (at least initially).

    Eden Lake plays as virtually a documentary of Britain in 2008 and as a film gives us a stark reflection of what is happening in this country today. The only difference being that Eden Lake takes place in the countryside while the real violence in the UK takes place on our city streets.

    James Watkins has managed to create real tension, real suspense and some real terror in his directorial debut. So many UK horror films come with great expectations and so many fail, but with Eden Lake, Watkins has crafted a contemporary film that is instilled with the nastiness and vicious spirit of 70s/early 80s horror such as 'Last House on the Left'.

    Disturbing, challenging, thought provoking and downright electrifying in places, this is one of the best horror films of the past few years and one of the best British films this decade.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chavs with regional accents do extreme happy slapping.

    I kept hoping that this would be a parody. It was predictable, stereotypical, and had a script so absolutely bloomin awful, I don't know how the cast managed to keep a straight face throughout. I checked the credits and it wasn't funded by Fox News or as a Sun comment on 'Broken Britain', so what is its excuse? The fact that people have seen this film and have seen it as anything other than contrived and predictable is far more disturbing than any of the gore on show. Unfortunately, once you look beyond it's facile exercise in vilely repugnant classism, you quickly realise just how naff this film really is. Swap the chav's for black people and it would be banned. Anyone with any doubt about the dire quality of this film should watch Southern Comfort (1981) and Deliverance (1972), similar story lines, but better scripts, better cinematography, better acting, better directing, better costume, better scary bits etcetera.
  • Very few movies will leave you feeling such anger and sadness after they end.

    Even though "Eden Lake" doesn't have a truly original plot it manages to look fresh and non-predictable. The acting is truly superb with the standout performance by Kelly Reilly as Jenny.

    The movie has some gore which is used brilliantly without making Eden Lake look like some cheap exploitation movie. Everything that happens in "Eden Lake" is believable and this, powered by great use of suspense, is what makes this movie so scary. There are barely any clich├ęs or errors present. If you liked movies such as "I Spit On Your Grave" or "The Last House on the Left" you will love "Eden Lake".

    I can't recommend Eden Lake strongly enough.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What makes this film so disgusting is that it breaks the filmmaker's pact with the audience: that if we are going to be subjected to two-some hours of brutality, in which evil thugs seem to triumph; than we expect and deserve satisfaction in the ending.

    We expect and deserve to see the bad guys defeated and punished; and the good guys ultimately triumph. And all our pent-up rage released in a satisfying burst of cathartic violence.

    Not here. Not in Eden Lake.

    What we get here is one act after another of senseless brutality perpetrated by young thugs upon decent people. And in the end, the worst of these psychotics smugly smiles into the camera; having gotten away with multiple murders.

    I hated the characters; I hated the story; and I despise the writer and filmmaker for subjecting me and all viewers to this filth.

    No stars; don't waste your time, emotions, and ultimately money on this piece of disgusting garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Eden Lake. How ironic. This film makes the classic John Boorman Deliverance look like a Disney G-rated fantasy. What kind of mind would write such a disgusting, sadistic tale? Who would finance this sick trash?

    Set somewhere in the English countryside where the bucolic scenery hides the most hideous kind of rotten youth (apparently, the bad apples don't fall far from the tree), a young couple plan an idyllic vacation hiking and camping under the stars. "Stop, turn around" warns the GPS. No such luck for this naive duo, or unfortunately, for the rest of us. Nothing but revolting events follow. If you enjoy watching a Neanderthal ringleader and what appears to be his sour-mouthed sister bully a group of other early teens and pre-teens into hunting, torturing, and then setting ablaze two adults, followed by doing the same to an innocent youngster, then go ahead and enjoy yourself.

    I assume it's the assorted parents and friends of the evil-doers seen cavorting under a giant LET'S PARTY back-yard blow up for the finale. Totally ridiculous, but hey, don't mess with trailer trash whose English is so cockneyfied after a while you don't even want to know what they're saying. Did anyone ever consider subtitles? That might have been a nice touch. Didn't notice any blacks in the tribal adults even though one of the more viciously evil of the gang was black. Guess the writer/director was aiming for diversity in selecting his band of toughs.

    Near the end, prior to the final murder, this time at the hands of the equally moronic parents of the above-mentioned bully, one holds a fleeting hope that good might ultimately triumph after all this gore has gone down. Guess not. This film is sick and depraved to the final fade out.

    Can only hope this tripe went straight to video and was a financial disaster. Sorry to say, I was suckered in on a premium channel. I stayed with it, thinking there would be some satisfaction in the final act. Instead, I got sucker-punched once again.
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