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  • kaibay15 August 2019
    Few shows get me laughing like this one. During the first episode I was laughing so much I had trouble getting a breath. The participants are all wonderful and creative and fully engaged in the activities. The scenarios are great and the hypnotists are really fun and participate with the contestants. It seems like everyone is just having a great time and there is a lot of respect for each other. Really great fun. It is rare I find a show so engaging and that much fun.
  • smballerstein30 August 2019
    I love this show. I laugh at this until I start crying!! It is just the funniest thing I have ever seen. I especially like to see the contestants reactions when they see what they actually did. I think this is great!
  • missbaker-9423826 August 2019
    Lots of fun to watch. Always gets me laughing and a great distraction.
  • I am unfamiliar with the uk original, and I'm not sure if it was more serious or something. I read another review here where the reviewer seems to have expected this to be very serious, and if you are going in thinking the same then this may not be for you.

    However, if you want to laugh harder than you ever have before, watch this. I'm not even sure exactly what it is about it that made me laugh so hard, but I guess it speaks to the inner kid inside me and really gets it going.
  • macatk6621 September 2019
    Just watch this show at Face Value and have FUN! ~ Never having been hypnotized before I can't say for certain if factual but its a Lot of fun and truly Hilarious!
  • Before the show airs, Keith Barry---the hypnotist for the show---works with many candidates to determine which of them are the best subjects for hypnosis. Some people are more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. These people are put under hypnosis about a half hour before the show is taped.

    This is ostensibly a game show, and the four contestants can win up to $100,000. The object is to complete a series of rather easy tasks, but the tasks are made more complicated by the various suggestions Barry give them, such as "when you see the color red, you will think it is hysterically funny" or "you will think you are a crazy abstract artist and you will use anything to create your art". These suggestions make their tasks more difficult, but not too difficult; they actually do win substantial amounts of money.

    But entertainment is the real goal of this show. Some of these people do crazy things that are totally out of character for them.

    The first problem for this show is that some viewers will not believe these people are really hypnotized. I know because I asked some who have watched.

    The second problem is that it can be hilarious to watch someone you know do something that they would never do if operating under their normal behavioral constraints. But when you watch strangers act up, it is not the same, because you don't know them. The producers try to overcome this issue by including short video bios of the contestants, and by having their friends or relatives in the audience to attest to the abnormality of their behavior. It works to a degree.

    Personally, I find the show very interesting from an educational point of view, as an illustration of how the mind works, and the restraints imposed upon it by one's views of propriety and normality. It is also fairly funny. But there are so many shows available for viewing now and this show wears thin after a few episodes.
  • There are many UK shows that succeed once rolled out in the States, but this one I think will cause King George to lose again. I watched it because I thought it might be interesting having been hypnotized myself once, but it simply didn't work. I think because there were extreme examples of things for one or more of the people to do and it just didn't come off well. I'd expect this to die soon, or hypnotize me so I forget it.
  • KatieKay3112 September 2019
    If you enjoy humans make absolute fools of themselves, really, who doesn't, then this is your show. I am a hypnosis sceptic, based upon my inability to be hypnotized but there are people who can be and this show found them.

    Taye is the perfect host for this show; he works with their foolishness and share the joke with the audience both in studio and at home. Not hard to look at either.

    There is such a variety of personalities and I watch expecting a ruse but it ain't happening, baby. Only two more this season and don't know where I'll get my one hour laughs till the next season.

    Seriously, tune in. All set ups aren't 10's but each episode overall is a 10. Laughter makes the world a better place. Keep on keeping on.
  • We watch this only because it's the only thing in the time slot that fills up our TV time in the evenings. This particular episode was off for some reason as the contestant named "Chris" was extremely familiar and vert memorable to both of us. We've been trying to figure out where we saw him as he was on another show on television. I am thinking it was possibly last season of American Idol.

    I just don't buy the whole hypnosis thing in the way it's presented in the show. I think it might be possible to hypnotize someone in a clinic or therapy, still skeptical, but I don't buy the theory it's possible for them to be in a hypnotic state like the show has them in. If you watch the show, you'll notice some slip ups when certain people are supposed to be doing a task or whatever when a chime or bell is struck. Unfortunately, I really like Taye Diggs, however I give this show one season, unless the CW can not get better shows.