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  • Jewel DeNyle directed this rather timid showcase of herself opposite imported British babes. Result is underwhelming.

    Boring format has each Brit girl do a striptease and then masturbate then hump. She either gets a male partner, even including superstars of the ilk of Manuel Ferrara, or perhaps hooks up with Jewel herself, no shrinking violet. There is no content, with Jewel's encouraging dirty talk perhaps the only thing to keep the viewer awake. A lengthy "Behind the Scenes" bonus reveals that Flick Shagwell is a giggly femme with loads of personality and way more appealing than her one- dimensional XXX assignments would lead one to believe. Redhead (dyed) Donna Marie, a familiar Euro porn face, has the best segment teamed with Ferrara, handling anal sex with the big guy with deceptive ease. (She later complains of an expanded bum in the BTS short).

    Basically gonzo content, which I watched as part of my current deep dive into Brit Porn, even once-removed like this Chatsworth concoction.