Following the film's success, the makers have announced the film's extension into a franchise.

The director started writing the script in 2016 and took close to 1 month to finish one line order of the film. Once completed, he took a month break to watch movies of similar genre and watched close to 50 best movies in that genre and started to analyze the flow of these kinds of movies. Those movies helped a lot to understand how to write the screenplay for this movie.

Director Swaroop agreed and the lead actor Naveen Polishetty met at Hyderabad, where Polishetty's 4-years of experience as a writer helped him and they together worked on the script for eight months.

The movies that Athreya and Sneha are watching at the beginning of the movie are The Usual suspects, The Departed and Catch me if you can.

The lead actor Naveen Polishetty explained that when he was looking for some good scripts, the director Swaroop contacted him on Facebook and told him the film's title and about the protagonist. When he narrated the whole story, Polishetty agreed to do the film if they got to work together on the final version.

The Leonardo Dicaprio movie that Athreya and Sneha are watching at the start of the movie is Catch Me if You Can (2002) directed by Steven Spielberg.