Charlie: Is this smart?

Kat: I think we left smart six weeks ago.

Kat: I didn't think actually. It was a moment.

Press: You're banking a lifetime on a moment?

Kat: No, I'm banking a moment on a moment. Get enough of those and that's a lifetime.

Charlie: This is ridiculous. I don't think anyone is going to believe she is going from Bastian to me.

Parker: Good point.

Colin: The fact is, she did go from Bastian to you.

Parker: Counterpoint!

Charlie: This might be a little too edgy for you to handle. But when my mom was sick we watched a lot of musicals and her favorite was Camelot.

Kat: Hmm.

Charlie: It was a like Game of Thrones, but less nudity and murder. More music and velvet.

Kat: Excuse me, miss. I'd like to buy champagne and caviar for the whole flight.

Flight Attendant: I'm sorry, we only have ham wraps, cheese cubes, and Michelob Ultra.

Kat: Okay, well then, ham wraps and Michelob Ultra.

Airplane Passenger: What about the cheese cubes?

Kat: Sure, cheese cubes too. Why not?

Parker: Are you at some point gonna be fun again?

Charlie: I was never fun.

Parker: That's true. But I love you anyway. You know, you're not always going to feel this way.

Parker: You know, he's not so good with the back-and-forth. So I got to ask you Kat, are you... is this for real?

Kat: Well I walked out on Fallon to freeze my toes off in Peoria, so..

Parker: Excellent point.