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  • Jennifer Lopez is a singing star, Owen Wilson is a high school math teacher. Quite by accident they get married at a concert. Well, it wasn't a legal wedding but it set a few balls in motion.

    This movie is better than it should be, the writing is smart and all the actors do fine jobs in their roles. In some respects it reminds me of "Notting Hill" because a dull, ordinary, honest guy can't image that he could actually have a chance with a big star to build a life together.

    It also has many elements of a Hallmark movie, where two people are attracted, something gets in the way, then they have to figure out how to overcome obstacles.

    My wife and I watched it at home, streaming on Peacock.
  • JLo and Wilson put together a surprisingly well made and adorable rom com. The storyline was perfect in its predictability. The acting was decent and the leads have chemistry.
  • Marry Me (2022) is a movie my wife and I saw in the movie theatre together. The storyline follows a famous pop singer about to get married when on the day of her public wedding she discovers her fiancé cheated on her. She decides to spontaneously marry a man in the audience instead. While seemingly improbable the pop star and every day school teacher to try to make their relationship work despite very different lifestyles.

    This movie is directed by Kat Coiro (She-Hulk) and stars Jennifer Lopez (U-Turn), Owen Wilson (Bottle Rocket), Sarah Silverman (School of Rock), John Bradley (Game of Thrones) and Maluma (Encanto).

    The storyline for this is fairly straightforward but well modernized. Wilson and Lopez deliver strong and believable performances without being too cheesy and awkward. The comedic content is inconsistent but fun and the final few scenes do a good job of creating doubt and then triumph (as you'd expect in this genre).

    Overall this is a fun, feel good date movie that is worth a viewing. I would score this a 6.5-7/10 and recommend seeing it once.
  • Seriously, talk abut not leaving anything to your imagination. IMDb policy always asks if your review has spoilers. What is there left to spoil? Let me guess. They live happily ever after?

    The premise is completely ridiculous, but the dumber the better, right? They say this was adapted from a graphic novel, but it seems more like it came from a bar napkin while Hollywood writers were "brainstorming" at happy hour.
  • lisafordeay11 February 2022
    Warning: Spoilers
    Marry Me is a 2022 romantic musical comedy starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson,John Bradley,Maluma and Sarah Silvermann. A pop star named Kat Valdez(J Lo) is getting married live on stage to her boyfriend singing sensation Bastain(Maluma) in front of a huge crowd. However when her fiance cheats on her,Kat is left devasted and spots Charlie Gilbert(Wilson) with his friend (Silvermann) and his daughter with a sign saying Marry Me to which Kat agrees on. But will romance blossom between Kat the singing sensation and maths teacher who also happens to be be dad of one Charlie?

    Overall I was surprised by this film. Yes it's predictable as I knew how the film will end but I liked it. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez (their second collab together as they were in Anaconda together back in 1997) were great. The songs were nice and I liked the story.

    If you loved Notting Hill,Maid In Manhattan(especially Notting Hill) you'll love this.
  • The plot for this is silly but workable and takes a swipe at the manufactured state of modern life in the spotlight.

    Ironically this film suffers from the aliments it pokes fun at.

    The garish product placement, the awkward tokenism, the forced one-liners, promotional music videos, and relentless social commentary drains the warmth from this movie, making it feel contrived in a very clinical way.

    The characters feel like they rolled off the Role-model Factory: safe, sterile and dull. I didn't care about them at all.

    Both are self-sufficient individuals who don't need each other beyond the superficial - one is happy in her ivory tower of wealth the other content in his smug self-righteousness - so they might as well go their own ways.

    Jennifer's character is always in complete control of every situation, she always looks flawless and is propped up by immense material resources allowing herself to buy her way out of any situation, any issue she has is really only a minor inconvenience that will pass - making her hard to relate to.

    Owen Wilson plays himself as usual, his character is very plain, which is ok. But again he has everything he ever wanted, apart from his daughter's admiration, which is quite easily purchased.

    Whereas Julia Roberts was - just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

    Jennifer Lopez is - just a woman, working in an industry that marginalises women, asking a man to rewrite a patriarchal narrative so she can show her social media audience she is strong and independent.

    Whether you agree with that sentiment or not is one thing, but it certainly isn't romantic or comedic.
  • The trailer made this look WAY better than it was. I wasn't expecting anything profound or even realistic. But this... what a letdown.

    For starters, this movie had only two even remotely interesting or sympathetic characters: the manager and the dog. Kat was a superficial, spoiled pop princess that has no idea how real life works and Owen Wilson's character is so mind-numbingly bland and vanilla that I can't even remember his name.

    The plot is good on paper, but the severe lack of chemistry between the two characters takes any romance or sweetness away immediately.

    Overall... it's really a shame that this was so poorly made. It felt more like one big commercial for an album from J-Lo. And it wasn't even a good one.
  • Marry Me

    It was fabulous.

    Last week Mark Kermode said the Moonfall was intergalactically dumb and this week we have Marry Me and believe me it was RomCom ridiculous.

    The situations was so far fetched, the acting exaggerated, outfits from Eurovision, cheesy lines and contrivances beyond the wit of man but I loved it. However, I agree, if you can't get past the bizarre scenarios and ridiculous plot then you may conclude this is the turkey of all turkeys!

    Why so did I like it, you may well ask, why did this old hack like it, well the on screen chemistry between this odd couple, Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson worked in spades, it was charming, believable, sweet, and it all just breathed in all the right places. These two were perfectly cast and the roles they took were right up their street.

    How interesting that John Bradley featured in both Moonfall and Marry Me, and they had a similar endearing charm and were both idiotically far fetched!

    I'm giving this a firm 7 out of 10 for total charm, and escapist entertainment.
  • cardsrock17 February 2022
    Why watch TV when you can watch this and get the same amount of advertising from NBCUniversal. The amount of ads in this movie is blasphemous, either for J Lo and her career or for NBC's various products they're throwing in your face.

    The story has a ridiculous, if original premise, and chooses to go the most predictable route possible with it. The couple of Owen Wilson and J Lo is just impossible for me to take seriously and makes watching this movie a challenge. That's not even counting the countless cringeworthy moments, cookie cutter dialogue, and mediocre music.
  • I'm pretty sure that this was a rom-com parody. From the ridiculous caricatures to the silly plot leaps to the bizarre dialogue, this movie takes every trope and dials it up to 11. It is closer to a Jimmy Fallon commercial or music video than actual movie. I looked up who wrote the screenplay out of morbid curiosity...and it was the guy from Catwoman. Enough said.
  • This has to get a very low score just for the shameless sacrifice of content for self indulgent music promo. This is just no attempt to be a film here. It is just one JL vanity clip after another.

    I like Owen and JL as actors but this is just a horrid watch. It doesn't bother with anything apart from providing regular video shorts for JL to show what she can do. When it does pretend to be a film it just spews out some worn out copy and paste mess that has been seen and done 10 zillion times before.

    I could go on but this film is just too bad to warrant anymore attention. It is a film with a poor story, a dull plot and bland dialogue. Not recommended! ❌
  • LIKES:

    Pace: -Marry Me is one of those movies that is all about getting the drama and adventure started in little time and jumps right into the quick intro.

    -The titular moment happens early, happens close to the trailer, and sets the stage for the rest of the movie, not taking too long to open the gates for adventures -A fun pace continues for most of the movie, briskly to get to the next fun adventure, but still allowing time for the two characters to bond in new ways -Keeps a nice entertaining pace until the very end of the movie, meaning more entertainment and relaxing.

    The Charm and Cuteness: -This movie is all about the cute factor that arises with the new relationship, and helps brighten up the theater or room you are watching it in.

    -It makes you feel happy, and offers that spark of hope and joy that seems to be needed during the modern era.

    -Family friendly for much of the movie due to this, with little cursing or semantics to overtake the story, again leading to enjoyable for groups and dates.

    -That charm factor does manage to break it out of the pure romance mode, a very strong factor to bring more audience in.

    -Brings elements of other movies to make the movie fun like a Kindergarten Cop element, with Wedding Planner, and a little You've Got Mail.

    Funny: -Not the wettest comedy, but has some good zings to chuckle and laugh at without breaking the limit.

    -The Dog in particular is a funny prop, that does little, but works the camera well in the jokes -A little diversity to help keep things fresh, but never deviates to far from the baseline to be forced or off the wall, again a smart move to keep with the theme.

    -Sticks to the charm of the movie and is not going to be too ugly or disgusting to offset the mood.

    The Acting: -Jennifer Lopez is stylish, chic and returns to the roots we loved with Wedding Planner and Monster in Law. Those qualities don't come at the expense of strength, but rather play nicely with it to make a more representable and likeable character -Owen Wilson's nature of low key, depressed energy manages to handle the high energy of Lopez, and brings that loveable goofy relationship that somehow is inspiring and enjoyable to see.

    -Maluma is okay, his strength comes in singing (talked later), but plays his role as the cad quite well in the limited time he has to act -The Victory comes in the chemistry of the leads and how well they play off of each other to craft a believable relationship that has time and attention to details.

    -It's that chemistry that drives a lot of the fun, brings other characters into the moment to have relevance, and elevate their own characters as a result.

    -Not Oscar worthy at all, but again, fun and fitting for the nature of the movie.

    The Style: -This is mainly a J-Lo category, but I nod to the talent of dress and costume designers in their ability to make these outfits come to life.

    -Marry Me has some importance on fashion, and uses it to express the mood, while also reflecting the demands of the job on profile as well.

    -It will make people envious, because the clothes may be curtailed, but are really fashionable and easy to mimic in the future like Hustlers. They flow, they tell a story and dang are they beautiful at times.

    The Music: -My favorite part after the cute fun, Marry Me's music is a centerpiece of excellence for the movie song category.

    -Part of the songs are just there to get your toe tapping and promote the soundtrack for you to buy, but the pop motions are fun, and go well with the scenes they are promoted over -The second set of songs hold the motion and stronger storytelling, representing the emotion and progression of the character in the face of the challenge. These songs are more about the beauty and the heart than anything else.

    -All songs though are very fitting, and even Maluma has a couple of songs that harmonize with the other parts of the songs, and has its own charm.


    A Bit Cheesy at Times: -They are present in many movies, but the movie sometimes does dip into the cheesy moment to get another song in.

    -The dialogue at these parts loses the charm and natural flow, dipping into the forced writing that gets quoted by many, but does not offer the deepest connection.

    Some Characters Requiring More Time: -Though they were elevated by the main two, they still need more time to give you more of their development and meaningful involvement.

    -A pop star and a commoner together offer some creativity to really exploit and have fun with, but sadly is not done to the full potential leading to generic adventures -More character development needed, including the antagonist who is a very simplistic tool to get the two leads together, but offers little obstruction to the progression of the story.

    -With some other big names and set up plot points, there was more to dive into, but sadly did not happen and that was a bit limiting in the grand scheme of things.

    -Even the leads needed some more time to get the full effects and deals, but fortunately the other factors help mitigate the shallower characters.

    Predictable: -The movie's predictability is extraordinary, with few twists or turns on profile to spice things up or help get a few wow factors back into the movie.

    -If we had better character involvement and some fun adventures, the predictability would be lessened further, and would have helped make this movie feel a little less like a Hallmark movie.

    -Not the weakest dislike, but still something that could have helped elevate the movie by mitigating the predictability.

    -The end credits I expected, but did little to entertain or add hope, and again was a bit cheesy at this time.

    The VERDICT:

    Marry Me is surprisingly a very fun film that really lift the spirits for all during these tough times. It's fun, and moves at that pace that is entertaining and nontraditional for most of the romantic comedy genre films. The acting is great for the role, really elevating the fun they are having, while also helping to expand on the secondary characters, with a chemistry that you think wont' work, but really does. Throw in fun settings, clothes that again enhance the characters, while also looking good, and you establishing a charming movie that is again fun in its simplicity. With a music to provide solid storytelling as well, the movie again accomplishes the goals of a J-Lo led film. Yet, the movie needs more time, or more focus on the fun and character usage to help overshadow the predictable plot. This factor is what I would have maximized, and provided the fun element the most focus to really maximize the wonderful buddy comedy that Marry Me was. I saw this at home, but it really is the movie of the weekend for me, as there is diversity for many groups to go to, or to go solo if you are like me.

    Thus, my scores are:

    Comedy/Music/Romance: 7.5 -8.0 Movie Overall: 6.5.
  • But that doesn't mean that there's nothing worth checking out here. Far from it. Despite the fact that this is a thoroughly predictable rom-com with no plot points that haven't already been seen a million times, it has just enough of a fame-and-internet-culture twist to keep it interesting.

    It also has just enough fish-out-of-water humor from both of the lead characters and just enough charisma from our two leads to keep you smiling the whole way through. I found this movie to be incomprehensibly sweet, and I had a great time watching it.

    I'd honestly classify this as a guilty pleasure. Don't expect high art. Just expect to unwind and enjoy.

    Also, this movie reinforced my hatred of both social media and Jimmy Fallon, and it reminded me that I am completely justified in hating both things.
  • Neon_Gold12 February 2022
    I expected this to be terrible but I actually enjoyed it. It had a 2000's charm to it. It was completely insane but in the end I was just like ok sure.

    It does sag in the middle for me, maybe if they had got it down to an hour 30, I think that would have made it even better.

    The costumes were pretty great too especially the wedding dress.

    The end of the movie does seem to turn into a parody of its self which I did find slightly confusing. I didn't know if the film makers did it on purpose or not.
  • I have no idea why JLo still gets movie roles her movies are not good and her acting is abysmal at best. She lacks any charisma and she never has any chemistry with her actors. We gave this a shot cause my wife and I like owen but even he wasn't good in this film I have No idea how this is receiving a 6..mmmHUH??? Anyway we watched when harry met sally again and everything is right with the world pass on this one trust us. Go see death on the Nile excellent film especially in the theater.
  • jp_9113 February 2022
    "Marry Me" is a romantic comedy of which there is nothing to highlight: the plot is quite cliché, the cinematography could have been better, the performances are bad, especially Maluma's (he does not know how to act or sing). The film contains some fairly fasil comic scenes. A waste of time was the result of this hackneyed movie.
  • 7/10


    I haven't been embarrassed, or ashamed, to go see a movie alone for a very long time, but this movie did just that. At least, before the movie began. I was the only single person to go see this film during this showing and I did feel out of place.

    However, when the movie started, and the lights went down, I didn't care what was happening around me. This was a beautiful movie that wasn't cheesy or corny. It felt like there was effort put into make a good movie and a thought out process of how to actually get from point A to B.

    In reality, I don't believe this story would happen in real life, but in a different world it does. I think Owen Wilson is actually under appreciated, at least to me, as he is able to play the common man so well. He's not flashy and seems so humble in the film. The chemistry with him and Jennifer Lopez is awkward as all get up until they start to know each other. It blends well.

    While the runtime is nearly two hours long it doesn't feel that way because the story is told well and the music is entrancing. There's nothing crazy about this film, but there's heart and passion, and that's what makes a truly good romantic movie.

    In the end there were elderly couples and young couples who attended this film and while I don't if any of them cried, there was definitely laughter, meaning they enjoyed the film too.

    If you're looking for something quiet to do for Valentine's and you like watching a movie, may I suggest this one? I don't think you'll be disappointed!

    Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
  • If you love the "Bachelor" and think love is a choice of shallow egos, this is for you. If you wanna see a church scene that sings about banging in the back seat, this is for you. If you think Lopez is over-rated and Hallmark should stay PG, skip this. It starts silly and ends silly with a bunch of silly in-between. Does give you a look at the shallow side of Hollywood. Funny, she plays a singer who has been married a half dozen times - type cast. In fact, funny goof, she says at one point this is her third marriage and at another it is her fifth. Of course half the cast is alphabet soup. LOL.
  • Marry Me is a new romantic comedy directed by Kat Coiro. This is her comeback as a film director since 2013, as since 2013, she has directed more short films and several TV episode of various shows.

    The film is about popular singer Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez), who, together with her singing partner Bastian (Maluma), are about to release their new album Marry Me and then get married themselves. When Kat learns that Bastian has cheated on her, she cancels the wedding plan and concert. She then sees Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) in the audience with a sign that says Marry Me and decides to spontaneously marry him during her show. This is how the lives of both Kat and Charlie change. Kat now seems a bit desperate by marrying a total stranger, while Charlie suddenly finds himself in the publicity he is not used to at all. The two are just trying to make the best of it together, but now have to go through the publicity and criticism of the news and social media.

    For a romantic comedy, this film initially comes across as two separate stories of Kat and Charlie, who occasionally come together for a press conference or an interview. In Kat's story she just tries to lead a star life and to work around the criticism of others. In Charlie's story, he then tries to improve the bond between him and his daughter. In the second half of the film, the two really come together more, but seem more like friends challenging each other to things than they really seem like a newlywed couple. The film does not come across as a romantic film and it remains more of a comedy. The story is also somewhat familiar and has some predictable or more unbelievable sides. Thus, only a few of the comedic moments in the film work, while the rest seem more impractical.

    The acting in the film is well done, but otherwise not really special. Jennifer Lopez pretty much plays herself as a popular pop star going through a rough patch. Furthermore, she tries to remain in a good light for her fans and the press. In addition, in addition to the film, she also seems to promote the accompanying music album and also tries to sell it in addition to the film. The film often shows how she prepares for a concert and then you get to see a performance. Afterwards you get to see how she works on her song before she releases it or uses it in a performance. If they hadn't brought this up in the film in this way and just used the songs as a soundtrack, the film could have been shorter running and a little less tedious. In addition to the film, Kat Coiro has also directed music clips of songs from this film. They both seem to be trying to earn a little extra with this. For Maluma, this is his first acting job in a movie, but he's really just playing a famous singer just like he has done in his music career for the movie. That way he doesn't really get the chance to come forward as an actor.

    Owen Wilson comes across as an awkward man, who is used to a more quiet life and doesn't like popularity and social media, but now has to learn to deal with this. He also comes across well with Chloe Coleman as father and daughter who have become somewhat estranged from each other, but are trying to adjust. Sarah Silverman likes to play a colleague of Owen Wilson's character, who helps him understand social media, but also takes advantage of his popularity himself.
  • Marry Me is an okay addition to the Romantic comedy genre , but unfortunately not that memorable. Jennifer Lopez is fine playing the star, OTT and completely believable. My trouble is with Owen Wilson, as in so many of his movies, he comes across as a whiner, he has an incredibly annoying way of talking which can work well in comedy, just not the romantic sort of comedy. The rom-com world needs to find it's next Tom Hanks or Hugh Grant, and fast!
  • mageh13 February 2022
    First, the movie is just plain cringe and boring. There was nothing new, surprising, exciting or interesting in its plot. No chemistry between the main leads and even dog was not funny.

    Now, like JLo i got epiphany: she is the most shallow, narcissistic, greedy, vain, vacuous, desperate person. There is no redeeming quality about her. Some quotes from the movie just prove my point: she thinks she is "next level" hot, north of only 35 age wise and should be definitely nominated for something by now (her Hustler Oscar snub sting, i guess). She has no self-awareness to understand that not only she is terrible singer or no singer at all, she is also a terrible actress and insecure woman.

    Because of her terrible personality, this movie went down the drain more than it would, if there was better actress or nicer person playing Kat.

    Avoid by all means, even if you like rom-com. Thank god i didn't have to pay for this garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw Marry Me, starring Jennifer Lopez-The Wedding Planner, Anaconda; Owen Wilson-Wedding Crashers, Anaconda; John Bradley-Moon fall, Game of Thrones_TV; Sarah Silver man-Battle of the Sexes, School of Rock and Chloe Coleman-My Spy, Big Little Lies_TV.

    This is a rom_com that adequately hits all the right rom_com buttons. Not much new, as far as plots go-if you've seen Notting Hill, you know the plot-but it's done in an enjoyable manner, if you want to take a date to the movies. Jennifer plays a music superstar-I know, a big stretch-that is part of a duo that have a hit single called Marry Me. Jennifer finds out he is cheating on her minutes before going on stage and has a meltdown. She looks out into the audience and sees Owen holding a sign saying Marry Me and Jennifer points to him and says she will marry him, instead. Owen is a math teacher that took his daughter to the concert and doesn't even know how popular Jennifer is-he was holding the sign for a friend, remember?-and does not even participate on social media. John plays Jennifer's manager, Sarah plays Owen's co_worker and Chloe plays Owen's daughter. Jennifer has been in several relationships that didn't work out-no, this is not an autobiography of her real life-and has to decide whether to stick it out with her cheating, singing partner or go for the down to earth math teacher. Any guesses on who she goes for?

    It's rated PG-13 for language and has a running time of 1 hour & 57 minutes.

    It's not one that I would buy on DVD-once was enough-but it would be a good rental if you like rom_coms.
  • I still don't understand how Hollywood wasted so much money with this commercial, "waste of time", poor screenplay movie??!!! Jennifer Lopes proved herself over and over that she can sing very well but not act and Owen Wilson, in my opinion, is getting paid (over and over) for being himself. This movie shouldn't even be made for teenagers, it's terrible, painful to watch. I gave 2 out of 10 because of Mr. Lopes songs and not for her performance, that's for sure.

    Another big-budget movie that we'll forget ever existed once it's out of circulation.
  • JLo tries her hand in Notting Hill land w/her current release also starring Owen Wilson, singer Maluma & Sarah Silverman. When a superstar singer, JLo, plans to marry her equally popular crooner, Maluma, on stage in an advertising stunt, things go awry when JLo finds out from her manager, played by John Bradley, her man has cheated on her so what does JLo do, she agrees to marry a fan, actually a dad, Wilson, accompanying his fan daughter, played by Chloe Coleman. Once he agrees to the trumped up nuptials, Wilson soon finds himself falling in love w/JLo & she in turn starts to see life through someone else's eyes i.e. A commoner (as if she were born a superstar). Following Notting Hill's plot nearly chapter & verse (even down to the turned around partner racing to declare their love to the other at some event), the film offers no surprises, performances or moments that made the former so great while JLo, although preternaturally ageless, has done this kind of thing before (even co-starring w/Wilson on the unfortunate Anaconda, thanks to a friend who reminded me of that one) so embarking on this lay-up of an endeavor smacks of safety cones when although I had no love for Hustlers, was probably a step in the right direction for her acting career.
  • Before202012 February 2022
    Why would Owen be in this? Comparing this to Notting Hill, proves that 99 percent of the positive reviews are fake and romantic movies are completely dead. This is not a romantic comedy, just a Jennifer show. Everything she makes is unbearable, her hollering, like if she's the hottest woman to hit this planet ugh. A narcissist that doesn't know how to act. She needs to stop being in movies... and singing... Just go away.
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