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  • This series is quickly becoming a favorite. It's well written, the mysteries keep you guessing and it's very well acted. In this 5th episode, a twin is murdered and Billie Blessings helps her boyfriend detective, Ian, solve the crime. Another character is murdered too and the plot twists and turns serving up enough possibilities and red herrings to keep it very interesting and intriguing. It's another in the "amateur chef/baker/librarian/florist etc dates the detective and solves the case" genre but the lead characters, Holly Robinson Peete and Rick Fox are credible and comfortable as a couple and are well matched in their acting ability. The supporting cast are well developed and enjoyable to watch too so the show is one of the better ones to watch. Peete and Fox set the "calm" and realistic tone of the series and I look forward to the next one.
  • 6/10 - better than the last two, but still lacking the intrigue of other HM&M series
  • Cilica9 July 2020
    The story was fine for Hallmark (which is known for predictable storylines of vanilla flavoured subjects with overly romanticized outcomes}. The main actors don't move like manikins but the co-actors do. Strange. This is rate G, but romances run at snails pace, stereotyping misunderstandings. I do like the main characters who are decent actors.