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  • I didnt like the first one - it is about a nurse who has to take care of an elderly bed-ridden woman. The lead actress Jhanvi cannot act for sure n in fact the old woman gave a better performance than her. This one is not at all scary but a sad story.

    I hated the second one - about a pregnant lady who takes care of her nephew aft her sis' death. She also feeds birds to ward off a curse. It is painstakingly boring n ther is nothing horror about this one n the ambiguous ending looks too far fetched.

    I enjoyed the third one - about a man who arrives in a small rural town which is desolated as everyone except two kids turned into flesh eating creatures. This one is creepy, surreal, gory, tension filled with an amazing cinematography. The creatures r scary n a mix between vampires n big foot.

    I laughed a lil at the twist of the last one - about a man's obsession with his dead grandma. Of course, the lead actor ain't no Norman Bates but the twist is funny, considering the granny using the f word. The Henley tshirts werent looking good on the lead actor but the lead actress looked hot in those chemise.
  • The only scary part of Ghost Stories is how these 4 are supposed to be amongst Bollywood's top film directors. Serious rubbish and scary thought about the future of Bollywood. Dibakars segment is relatively better but Anurag Kashyap needs to retire. He is going the RGV route. Except that Anurags peak has been much lesser than RGV.
  • Horrendous! This is my first review. 4 directors take a huge dump on the horror genre. Ridiculous and laughable plot lines. Total nonsense. Karan Johar has shown that he's capable of producing the worst ever movies across genres. Film school freshmen could have done a better job than him on a similar budget.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    3rd story from Dibaker banerjee was good, gripping and intense,rest 3 stories were total crap, didnt look like made from such big names. Mrunal was beautiful as always in karan johars story but it didnt quite scare or haunt me at all. Do fast forward and watch the 3rd story and leave. Its an indian version of werewolf(sort of).
  • Yes, only 3rd story is interesting, others are just a waste of time. Story by Anurag kashyap was the most boring one, Karan johar's story had very stereotypical scenes and again boring story, zoya's story could not maintain the interest till end, But the exception is the Dibakar banergee's story, its interesting, gripping, good cinematography and set design, lights and camera work is really good!
  • Was expecting better! Do not miss the one by Dibakar. It's crazy 👌🏻
  • sansdeep2 January 2020
    I had huge expectation but it turns out to be blunder. While watching I was hoping the next one will be a good one but all 3 were B grade horror without hot scenes. I still havent understood the first one. Anurag second and dibakar third were more like look away challange. The make up was hilarious. I got to know that Zombies have decision making abilities whom to eat. Directors There is fine line between gross and horror. Fourth one I didnt watch coz its Karan Johar making horror. I hope my review will save someone 2 and half hr time. Our generation watch movies like The Wailing, 4bia. Dont make these craps.
  • I have watched lots of series and movies in Netflix. I guess this is the worst among all. Not even a single story is interesting. So dull and bore.
  • Terrible is an understatement. Very disturbing, illogical & pathetic stories. Except the one directed by Zoya Akhtar, the rest are extremely ameuterish . Wonder what Netflix was thinking when they allowed this kind of content to go on air!
  • Zoya's short :- well performances were good, setup was good but horror element was missing. Unfortunately this zoya's story is forgettable comparing with her lust story short. I think zoya could have done a better job.

    Anurag's short :- creepy as hell. I understand 25 mins of it but after that I had tons of questions and this short didn't gave me anything. I think anurag is only best at showing human horror like he did in ugly. this is anurags worst. forgettable movie.

    Dibakar's short :- The best amongst all. Dibakars truly understands the horror. It was intriguing, funny and thrilling, I wish it was longer and I don't know since inception everyone wants to leave their ending incomplete. I love this short wish I could see this in a movie with runtime of 2 hours atleast.

    Karan's short :- Predictable story. Performances were good, setup was nicely done but I think karan is still an immature director. There were many bollywood cliches and ending was illogial
  • A bunch of overrated directors come together to do something which is just embarrassing to say the least. Besides being over indulgent in the execution these directors clearly don't understand this space and they are all badly exposed. Another let down from Netflix India who have decided to blindly trust these overrated film makers instead of the content.
  • If this is the cream of bollywood, then we should be worried.
  • shishir_dahal1 January 2020
    There are 4 stories. The first with Jahnavi is okay, rest is all waste of time.
  • A ghost story is supposed to be scary, it's supposed to be something that gives you goosebumps, something that you close your eyes to and still watch with a corner of your eye. Story 1: Zoya Akhtar: It starts slow, builds a moment to give you a shiver in the spine but as soon as you are just about to get scared it ends the story. Story 2: Anurag Kashyap: It was a physco story seemed something with a hidden meaning of sorts made me feel vomitty rather than having goosebumps. Story 3: I got so bored didn't feel like watching it. Absolute waste
  • As usual, indian industry is selling all its cr*P to Netflix or may be they are getting it for free because all recent releases are utter rubbish.....i will not go deep into this but just save your time and jump to third story which is a bit watchable otherwise simply pass it..........
  • Cliche !! only thing that came into my mind while watching this Horror Anthology. Indian literature is enriched with bone chilling horror stories yet filmmakers relies on western crap. And watching Karan Johar trying his hands on horror is just pathetic. Anurag Kashyap's Story was dull and boring so is Zoya Akhtar's. Only saving point of this Anthology is Dibakar's take on Warewolves who actually looked more like Big Foot, was interesting and had bit of gore which is new for Indian movies. Avoiding this one won't be a loss. Rather watch Ghost Stories 2017, which is actually a good Brit Anthology horror.
  • Its a boredom of 2 and half hours. stop making movies that no one wants to see. Waste of time.
  • ajread-218633 January 2020
    A series of four shorts that were altogether too long. Even in this format they managed to fold in plot holes, impressive really. The acting was sub par, even for a movie like this. Cinematography was typical of an indie movie but with no direction. Instead of building suspense, terror, or what have you, they just threw filters on. As Joey Tribiani once said, "Smell the smart acting" was abundant. All in all, a whole lot of nothing.
  • Zoya - 5/10 Anurag - (-)3/10 Dibakar - 6/10 Karan - 3/10
  • They should learn about the genre before making a total fuss out of it.
  • himash-331113 January 2020
    Huge expectations, it was a waste of time, such famous writers and such bad stories. I dint know how to react......cry, laugh or get angry. Am sure anybody else could have done a better job, I have better ghost stories to tell.
  • None of the 4 stories are scary, leave apart scary none of them make sense. Only good part is makeup in third story. WORST EVER HORROR on Netflix.
  • Very disappointing esp given the directors. The stories are uninteresting. The first one by Zoya Akhtar lacked a plot; the 2nd one by Anurag Kashyap was so unreal, the 3rd one had some silly man eaters and I have no appetite to get to the last one.
  • There are 4 stories, non of which have any relation to 'ghosts'. It's an absolute diabolical of 2 hours and 24 minutes of your life which you will never get back. It should be shown on a cartoon channel. Don't waste your time with this.

    The one star rating is for the 3rd story, skip this rest.
  • Stories are complicated enough, thrills are too few. Dibakar and Zoya gave it a good shot but Karan and Anurag showed that horror is not their cup of tea.

    Many questions unanswered, character motives absent, audiences made to assume background and context. This is how these directors are trying to eye a prestigious international award.

    Dibakar Banerjee segment lacked background explanation properly. Zoya's story was more tragic than thrilling Anurag's segment was for the hyper intellects Karan Johar's movie was a joke at best.

    I would suggest these guys to watch: The conjuring (clap scene) Thummbad Paranormal activity (leg pulling scene)

    Enough talk. Watch only if you have abundant time in life to waste....
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