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  • lor_29 April 2019
    These four vignettes from the Girlsway websites offer nothing special or new from Stills & Mills, just beautiful actresses doing their girl/girl thing.

    Reflecting an abundance of marquee names, Angela White guests effectively (in a NonSex capacity for a change) as Gabriella Paltrova's girlfriend who breaks up with her, leaving fashion designer Gabi distraught. So much so that she imagines the mannequin on which she places her clothes in progress coming to life faster than you can say Kim Cattrall, with the gimmick making for hot sex but little else. Too bad Mills, working here from a story idea submitted by a web user code named Teendeanna, didn't develop this kernel of a concept into some rom-com action that could have included Angela further.

    The other segments are trivial in the extreme, amounting to little more than modern lesbian versions of old stag movie set-ups. Way too close to the worthless all-sex type of porn for me.