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  • boblipton13 December 2010
    This is one of the many Fox short comedies issued during the silent era, all of which, save a vanishingly small number, are lost. This series is fairly close in broad outline to the original idea of Roach's 'Our Gang' with a bunch of kids and their various pets. It includes a Pete the Pup lookalike, battling a bunch of crooks following a robbery who are looking for a hide out, around a rodeo venue.

    This one survives in a Kodascope cutdown, and the pace is timed to emphasize just the gags. There is a lot less kid stuff in this one than you'd get in a Roach Our Gang and much more well-directed slapstick around the adults, including Bud Jamison in silk hat and morning coat, whose cigar constantly gets busted. While no world-beater, particularly for those of us who love the Roach series, this is now a fine, high-speed short for those who want to see what the -- nowadays -- less available competition was doing.