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  • This movie was bad enough for me to want to come onto IMDb and submit my debut review, so here it is: When faced with a family comedy, you'd hope that at least one member of the family audience would laugh a few times. At least. Unfortunately, only two or three times during this movie was there an attempt at humour just funny enough to ALMOST make me smile, or indeed to make the five and seven year olds I watched this movie with almost lift out of the stupor they were thrown into by the horrifying monotony that was Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. At these moments of near-humour, I would hope that perhaps the movie was improving, but then my foolish optimism would fizzle out again as the movie sank back into its dreary dialogue and dull acting. Of course, the acting isn't something that would be such a big importance in this kind of movie, but here it is so terrible that it is one of the straws that broke the camel's back. I believe this was the fourth film in a series. That fact alone speaks volumes. It was boring in almost every respect and not worth anybody's money or time.
  • While this isn't Oscar-worthy, and it will never be nominated for Video of the Year, Kyla Pratt doesn't fail to entertain, in spite of a lax plot so full of holes, it's nearly nonexistent. The dialog is the worst kind of cheese, and the whole execution is completely idiotic. However, the premise is rather cute and amusing, and Kyla Pratt is cute and amusing DOING it. Although suspension of belief is nearly impossible when faced with the horrible dialog and implausible plot elements, contrived story devices, and horrible production quality...and in the face of all that, somehow I don't hate it. That's mainly because of the "cuteness" factor and Kyla Pratt's growing abilities as an actress in spite of the horrible parts she has been shoe-horned into. I liked it...oddly enough.

    It rates a 4.2/10 on the Str82Video Scale.

    It rates a 3.6/10 on the Movie Scale from...

    the Fiend :.
  • talya-524 March 2011
    OK, my disclaimer here is that I've seen all the DoLittle movies now, because they're safe and my son loves animal movies and I figure there could be worse things to watch (like Garfield the movie, oh lord don't get me started...) And I actually didn't mind DoLittle 1. DoLittle 2 wasn't so great but at least it had Eddie Murphy in it, and the man knows funny. OK wasn't his funniest movie by a long shot, but at least he's animated. By DoLittle 3 I was pretty tired of the franchise and I think it definitely lost a big something with Murphy's departure. Everyone says how 'cute' Kyra/ Maya (?is that her name) is but I just find her yawn yawn yawn. Well, it still wasn't the worst thing to have to watch. Guess what was? Yep, DoLittle 4. Finally hit the almost bottom of the barrel (ok that's reserved for Garfield the movie - and before you tell me Garfield 2 the movie is worse, I DON'T want to know - have hidden the DVD in the cupboard and am hoping the 6 yr old doesn't remember we haven't seen it yet and start asking questions)

    So I suppose I should review this movie huh, after all that preamble? Well my 6 yr old laughed at the monkey, and he was right - the monkey had the best scenes in the movie (and even he was under par this time). And I guess Mr. 6 laughed at a few other of the animal scenes too, so at least one of us was happy. But I found the animals in this movie painful (especially the wallaby, and Lucky the dog was particularly subpar this time). Anyway let's face it, Mr. 6 is at that age of no discerning taste in movies whatsoever.

    So Maya has come to the end of high school and wants to go to college to a vet school that has her Dad's name and endowment, but has been getting crappy grades and the review panel is unimpressed - they put her on a waiting list. Already by this point I'm annoyed by the sheer laziness of the writer/ director -no explanation for why she no longer has a sister, or why the very promising boyfriend she had at the end of the last movie is no longer on the scene, or why her Dad no longer lives with them (ok he's 'off in Antarctica' this time but there was no explanation for why he was no longer around in the previous film in which Mommy was flirting with Maya's boyfriend's Dad, so clearly they are actually no longer together - why not just say so??), or why the college doesn't just accept her because ?hello?! SHE CAN TALK TO ANIMALS - who needs good grades when you have that advantage over, um, every single other person in the world (except for Daddy). And who needs good grades when your Dad OWNS the school?!? Whatever, movies can be implausible right? Suspension of belief right? OK sure, if there is a theme/ point to it. But this movie requires you to constantly ignore gaping plot holes and inconsistencies for no reason other than the writers' laziness. Everything about this movie just felt so incredibly cheap and lazy.

    Moving on...

    Maya needs to show the school she's got the goods, and luckily enough who happens to swing by needing some help but the President's staff, hoping Daddy can cure the First Dog who has gone rogue. As Daddy is AWOL, Maya fits the bill for the job, and is whisked away to the white house without so much as a security check to meet the President and go camping with him and his daughter for the week to work on the dog. Maya isn't at all phased about meeting the President, it's like she's greeting her taxi driver.

    Now, I want to know, what's up with every adult character in this franchise after DoLittle 2 being a single parent? Ms DoLittle, the Dad in the last movie, and now the President (no explanation ever given). Not that I have any problem with it, I just find it weird... Anyway so they all go to the ranch, which is actually an animal conservation ranch as the President is a knowledgeable conservationist (convenient plot device!). There's some ridiculous story about saving a forest and a bunch of animals, which is not only ill-explained but also a bit of a lazy rehash of the DoLittle 2 plot. The First Dog story is also pathetic, lazy and dealt with in clichés. The 'romance' isn't a romance at all and similarly dealt with in a pathetic way - despite the cute boy seeming to have no romantic interest in Maya, his girlfriend is absurdly rude to Maya right off the bat for no reason whatsoever other than a silly attempt to provide an atmosphere of drama.... As if in the professional environment of the Presidency a staffer could get away with being outright hostile to the President's latest favourite go-to girl? And then all of a sudden she realises her mistake and that Maya is actually cool and they are all friends. No explanation for this sudden and clunky change of heart.

    Oh god why am I writing this essay?? I was clearly damaged by the experience of having to sit through this movie. I won't continue.

    2 words: excruciating and lazy

    (But I guess at least it's 'safe' viewing for kids if that's what you're looking for - no swearing or inappropriate sexual references at all. And at least it's not Garfield!).
  • To call this movie lackluster gives the word a bad name. To call it good is an insult to movie goers everywhere. But to call this movie a waste of time is a good starting point.

    Somehow, a Dr Dolittle 4 has been made and this time no Eddie Murphy. You probably couldn't pay him to even watch this movie. He probably would rather pick up a transvestite along the side of the road again instead of watch it. Yes it was that bad.

    The movie is basically the young Dolittle entering college and only gaining 'temporary admission' and having to show some activity to gain full admission. While that is hogwash, it gets better. PUSA (the President) is inviting over a fake leader of a fake African nation to sign a fake treaty. Yes, some evil logging company wants to destroy the rain forest because thats all they want to do.

    Dolittle saves the day with her animal pals. And evil logging is stopped. Everybody get real excited! I really thought this movie should have been cut in funding to see how ingenious they would have to get with real animals. Instead, its not even entertaining. "F"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I actually registered to IMDb just to comment on this extremely bad movie. I've seen all the movies I've got at home about 5 times each (we've got 500 or so), and I'd rather watch either one of them a 6th time, than recommending anyone watching this movie even once.

    The plot was just silly, even for a child. Maybe a 4-year old could enjoy all the cute animals, but really, everything was just overly "cosy", stupid and there was no real meaning of the whole movie, at all.

    Examples: (This is where the SPOILER starts, not that it matters in this movie anyway.) They're looking for the runaway dog, and Miss DoLittle asks the President's daughter if there's any place she could have gone. She answers, no, just to get some cheap emotions squeezed out of the audience. Then, after a few seconds, after the audience gave up all hope, she says "No, wait, there's this place where me and the dog used to hang out at all the time". And all I could think was "Duh, why didn't you just say that before?"...

    The stupidity-levels are at the same level as the joke where the man asks if his friend can see that tree over there, and he answers "No I can't, because the forest is in the way".

    Another example is the "mean intern girl", who first is very rude towards Miss DoLittle. When Miss DoLittle asks the "nice intern boy" for help, when the intern boy and the intern girl are working, she refuses to help them and the boy gets mad and says that there's more important things in the world than her career. Now, this is a girl who's been struggling all her life to work at "an international level by the time she's 30", but after her partner says that ("There's more important things than your career") she goes out and helps them to look for the dog like a good girl should! All I can say is wow. Just, wow.

    I like cosy movies, I really do, but when they're sleazy and sickening sugar-sweet like this one, it just gets silly. I'll never watch this movie again. In fact, I'm going to delete it completely (haven't done that with any movie I have, not even Dead or Alive).

    I'm not sure if I think the acting was really bad though; I'd have to see these guys in a movie with an actual plot to fully pass that judgement, all I know is that you can't make a tasty stew with rotten vegetables and sour cream, so, working from that experience, I won't judge the actors by this movie alone.

    Summary: This movie is bad, really bad, for whatever the reasons may be.
  • Vartiainen28 December 2013
    If there's one good thing that can be said about this movie it's that at least Kyla Pratt is dedicated to the character of Maya Dolittle. She debuted as the nerdy animal girl in the first Dr. Dolittle film when she was 12 years old, and ten years later here she still is, playing the character. That is dedication to your craft, and I can respect that.

    That being said, this is an awful film. Pratt is actually one of the better actors in this whole lackluster borefest and even she isn't great, merely slightly above average. Though I mostly blame poor writing. None of the jokes are funny, the conflict is laughably out there - and not in a good way - most of the characters have no motivations, backstories or even characteristics. All the animals especially are just bad, being either stereotypical, rude, full of lowbrow humour or all of those at once.

    The plot is one of those B-movie comedy plots mainly written to give room for all those wacky characters to spout wacky dialogue and to get into wacky situations. But, as already established, both the dialogues as well as the characters are poorly written and the plot itself is the poorest of them all. One of those three can be poor, and the two might be able to pick up the slack, so you can only imagine what happens when they all fail.

    Still, there's really nothing actively harmful in this film. You can see that at least some of the actors believe in their roles and it has a good, if a bit clichéd, message it tries to convey. I guess that if you honestly have nothing else to do, this will pass the time, but I wouldn't recommend it. Kyla Pratt sure is cute, though.
  • 8 October 2016. There is nothing particularly great but at the same nothing particularly bad in this animal talking live action movie. The lead character seems to be a little on the dense side at times. The pacing of the movie seems to slow down too much in places. What's interesting is the performances and acting of the Presidential detail outside the immediate advisors that add to the authenticity of the movie which is usually loosely handled in other movies. One of the lead character's pets actions seems rather oddly portrayed in the movie. Overall this movie had a comprehendible storyline, an environmental focus, and decent if not superlative acting. There's even a Presidential lesson to be learned by young people who watch.
  • I'm absolutely hypnotized by the stories that stories make. I often think of stories having their own agency, doing whatever they need to do to survive. That can take one of two paths I think.

    The first is the path I normally pay attention to. A story can coax and guide it's tellers and receivers toward paths that matter, that penetrate and dissolve bits of us. These matter, and it's not just interesting to look at what they are and why they affect us, but also how they became so.

    And then you have other path, which you could consider the quantity over quality model, where a story evolves so that it can simply be repeated. These reflect rather than make worlds and they thrive on a parasitic energy from other stories. I think that is what we have here.

    The Dolittle story in it's basic form has been around for eons I suppose. In films I first encountered it as something which could carry some simple endearments spiced with enough humor to entertain. But that form has no juice today.

    So it evolved, attracting Murphy and support to become something more colorfully funny, adapting a raunchy persona. But the fertility fades on that as well.

    Now I suppose that there is a branch of evolution for all stories where they end up a Saturday afternoon kids babysitting material. And I suppose that this story already was headed in that direction. But the specific form is interesting at least. It has moved to the "black" theme part of the story ecosphere.

    It's a comfortable, secure niche that guarantees longevity and repetition because it links to an audience that uses such stories to define self.

    The story form has these elements: the focus is on women and how they make the world right. In every case, there is an environment in which men live and which has a dysfunctional dynamic, needing the common sense of women, common sense that is deeper in the African American woman than anywhere.

    The chief character is always the same. Here she has poor grades and a focus on "social skills." she seems inept at first, but her pluck allows a situation in which she can apply her "emotional intelligence" to the problem. It invariably is the result of some family dynamic which incidentally explains deficiencies in our heroine.

    She does her stuff and the world is made right, to the befuddled who lack this gift. In this case, it is the president that needs help, and by implication the soul of Africa (literally) that needs to be saved.

    An interesting thing here is that the story includes multiple references to endangered species and preserved ecostructure in the context of personal (meaning in this sense, animal) personal inadequacies

    Survival folded into survival.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.