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  • angie291112 June 2009
    I'm a huge GTA fan and have not played the previous Saints Row game, but it was recommended that I try this one. And I'm so glad I did :) I really didn't know what to expect, but straight away it was clear it's in the same vein as GTA, but it has SO much more to offer. From the start you get to choose how your character looks, so you can base it fairly close to yourself. Everything from skin colour, to age, weight, facial features and voice. Great fun :) From there on, you get to begin free roaming, and this is where GTA 4 loses out. Whereas the graphics in GTA 4 are unrivalled, the game-play was fixed and VERY short lived. But S R 2 is the opposite - there's SO much to do and everywhere to go! On top of which you can customise your look, your cars, your cribs and your crew and partake of loads of missions, side activities and diversions (like ambulance driver, taxi, police woman/man, insurance fraud (so much fun), races, hit-man and more!). It's a truly great game and very underrated and under appreciated. If these guys were to combine this game (or their next one) with more advanced graphics (which are already very good) then they would sure as heck give Rockstar a run for their money. Go get it and have yourself some fun!
  • I recently wrote an article concerning Saints Row 2 for Ezine which is in the process of being reviewed by the editors and may be out in a few days if approved. I had hailed the game for staying loyal to its roots and circumscribing to pure wild game play instead of realistic game play. The over-the-top violence and characters give us a game that makes us laugh, curse and grind our teeth till we make our way through swarms of enemies without straining our minds towards the core story. This makes the game a cooler in a time realistic games with great emphasis on story, characters and emotions have come to the forefront, a perfect example of 'mindless fun'.

    Saints Row 2 is gigantic in its scope and may take more than 50 hours to get 100% completion. It has plenty of core missions, secret mission, activities and diversions, strongholds that are mostly tongue-in-cheek in tone; so you never feel sorry for executing someone gruesomely, even your close ones in the game. While some may call this insensitive, I say 'why so serious?', as many gamers don't really play games to fall in love with their characters; ask my friends who still play that outdated Counterstrike, rejoicing when they shoot their foes dead! Most of the missions involve heavy shooting and explosive cut scenes that are likably cheesy and humorous. The best part is that the game does not spoon-feed by beginning with simple tasks like drive to destination, drop someone etc. It knows that the gamers buying this have murderous desire to wield their guns at the first person in sight. However, I do find the game to be limited in a way that most missions take place in the city and isn't as diverse as 2005's magnum opus GTA San Andreas that took you from the city to countryside, desert, industrial area and back to the city.

    The main character can be customized anytime, and everything about him/her body and physique can be altered. This feature, while making the character malleable according to the gamers' fancy, gives the protagonist no individuality. It sometimes feel that Volition has just thrown the game to us without any lead and has given us the freedom to create someone who just finishes the game rather than seeking redemption, which by the way, is the main aim of the game. I still remember Niko Bellic, because there is only one Niko in the GTA series, and he is the Russian who has come to America, to fulfill his dreams and stay at his cousin Roman's place but Roman made false claims regarding his life in America and therefore Niko has to live in the shabby quarters. The story continuesÂ….. While in Saints Row 2, all I remember is that this main dude/ girl is in the hospital with another patient and they escape and take over the gangs. That's the most I can tell about the protagonist.

    But again, when a weak story is compensated with terrific fun, one just forgives the negative aspects of the game. The game is definitely worth the bucks on the console systems but is extremely lagging on the PC. Do not get discouraged by the chintzy cover art on the box, thinking that it's a shadow of GTA 4. It has an independent identity and should be regarded as a great game.

    My Rating: 9.2 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i loved the first game ,the first sandbox game to hit the next gen consoles.The game is wonderful except for the graphics,since gta 4 made the best out of the graphics sr2 has made best of the game play.The game is a fun rollercoster the side missions are top notch ,tis is something gta 4 did not achieve.the character customization is wonderful player can change each and every detail of the player ,the crib,the gang,the vechile and much more to appreciate the game for.but since saints row2 is not gta4 it does miss some main things like cover and enemy AI is not very good,but sr2 is made for fun and to kick the ad reline out of any sandbox game fans.the game begins with the patronage with a face reconstruction,its a good excuse to start the sequel unlike the first saints row where we don't know any detail about the patronage .the weapon system and the weapons are wonderful and easy to use.Hand to hand combat has also been improved ..saints row 2 is a wonderful game ever ..i have gta 4 but still i prefer saints 2 since it is not about realism but for plain fun n sr2 gives it are blurd but its not bad relatively,but still some touch should have been better ..but one thing is for sure saints row 2 lives up to its rank as one of the best sandbox game in the world ,,the story is also wonderful and funny at times u should all look for it you-self..anybody with the next gen console i beg you to buy sr2 and give it a try ,,u will be addicted to the game..its a Gar-dam-tee.i give it 10/10...........
  • tixsr-600019 August 2014
    I have mixed feelings about this game. Its some kind of mixture of spoofing and alike games like GTA series but some things are odd. There's many interesting ideas and side missions that would worked in GTAs; editing main characters looks, choosing gender and voice from multiple options (and you can change these things after beginning by "plastic surgery"), balancing on a driving car, taking hostages when stealing a car to that point they're ready to pay the ransoms, mayhem missions where your job is destroy things and "fight club" missions. Also many other things are customizable. You can smoke weed and drink and there is many things which are familiar from GTAs. In the other hand some things from graphics to the gaming experience is made in "who cares" attitude and supposedly "tongue-in-cheek" (not always in a good way) its sometimes odd. Also there is some things I like more in GTAs like a linear story telling (in Saints you get a mission by getting respect by playing side missions). Its like GTA San Andreas graphics on new generation game consoles with odd plot and sometimes unfinished experience.
  • A good sequel it suffers from similar issues to its predecessor yet is again perfectly enjoyable fun. A good story and character there's not much to dislike
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (WARNING! : This review may contain spoilers. maybe....)

    I played Saints Row 2 on the PC for 2-3 hours, and I really loved it. I knew that this game had one of the worst PC ports ever, So, I played it with IdolNinja's Gentlemen of the Row. This mod makes the game a lot more better than the vanilla version, The game had a lot of great reviews and Saints Row fans liked this game. A lot and a lot of people wanted to play this game, even though it has been backwards compatible on Xbox One and Xbox One X.

    So, lets dive right in into the full review and why I liked this crap from 10 or 11 years of release!

    PLOT - I have to copy the entire story in Wikipedia, So, here is the full story.

    After the explosion on Alderman Richard Hughes' yacht, the player fell into a coma and was taken to Stilwater's maximum security prison to undergo extensive plastic surgery. Five years later, Carlos Mendoza, the brother of a former Saint, infiltrates the infirmary and helps the player escape. After arriving at the city, the player is informed by Carlos about the demise of the 3rd Street Saints; Julius went missing, Troy Bradshaw became the Chief of Police, and many Saints members were either killed or jailed. After arriving at a bar, the player discovers that Johnny Gat is on trial for 387 murders and looks set for death row. The player breaks into the courtroom and rescues Johnny, taking him to Aisha's house, where they discuss on how to revive the Saints. After learning that the church was turned into a tourist trap, the player and Johnny take over an underground mission and establish as their new headquarters, and soon recruit high-ranking lieutenants for the Saints in Carlos, Pierce Washington and Shaundi. The player then officially becomes the new leader of the Saints and is then referred to as "the Boss" by the rest of the gang.

    Maero, the leader of the Brotherhood, calls a meeting with Carlos and the Boss. The Brotherhood and The Saints's meeting is interrupted by cops. After escaping the police, they go back to The Brotherhood's headquarters. Aware that the Saints have very little influence left, he offers to give them 20% of Stilwater while The Brotherhood gets 80%. Insulted, the Saints refuse and declare war on the Brotherhood. With the help of Donnie, a former Westside Rollerz member who now works as Maero's head mechanic, the Boss blows up several of the Brotherhood's prize trucks and laces Maero's private supply of tattoo ink with toxic waste, leaving him with severe facial burns. As revenge, the Brotherhood kidnaps Carlos and drags him through the streets tied to a moving vehicle. With his injuries too severe for medical treatment, Carlos begs for the Boss to put him out of his misery, which the Boss sadly does so by shooting Carlos in the head while holding his hand. Furious at Maero for causing Carlos's death, the Saints abduct his girlfriend Jessica at a bank and lock her in the trunk of a car which is then destroyed by Maero during a Brotherhood-sponsored demolition derby, crushing her to death. With most of his remaining allies locked up, an enraged Maero forces Ultor CEO Dane Vogel to pressure Troy Bradshaw to release them. However, The Boss blows up the prison buses and prison boats before they reach their destination. Vogel orders his company's security forces to confiscate a Brotherhood weapons shipment as "compensation", but the Saints steal it first. Using the stolen weapons, the gang lays waste to the Brotherhood's dockside headquarters. While there, The Boss kills Matt, Maero's personal tattoo artist, for helping Maero escape. Maero calls the Boss to the Ultor Dome, where he and his surviving thugs plan to kill him/her in a demolition derby. The Boss then kills them before confronting the dying Maero. Before Maero can finish his last words, the Boss shoots him in the head, killing him and putting an end to the Brotherhood.

    Working alongside Shaundi, the Boss moves to take down The Sons Of Samedi by killing their dealers and destroying their drug farms and labs. DJ Veteran Child, Shaundi's ex-boyfriend and a Sons Of Samedi lieutenant, has her kidnapped and brought to his club, where the Boss confronts and kills him. The General, the founder of The Sons of Samedi, arranges for the Boss to be drugged while his men assault the Saints at their base. Despite being severely intoxicated, the Boss rallies the Saints to fight off the attackers. Mr. Sunshine, the creator of the gang's product, is killed by the Boss whilst attempting to defend his manufacturing plant from a Saints raid. Unable to locate the General, Shaundi and the Boss pose as repair workers and hack the police station's street surveillance cameras to find him. Finally, the Saints organize an ambush of the General's motorcade, eventually tracking down and killing the General in the Stilwater Mall.

    To get the Ronin's attention, Pierce, Gat, and the Boss rob their most profitable casino. Fearing disgrace, their leader, Shogo Akuji, orders his enforcer Jyunichi to use Aisha to lure Gat into a trap, which results in Aisha being decapitated and Gat getting severely wounded after losing a katana duel with Jyunichi. After killing Jyunichi in a fight at a restaurant and saving Johnny from Ronin hitmen trying to kill him at the hospital, the Boss receives the location of the Ronin's headquarters from Vogel, angered by Shogo's father, Kazuo, cutting all business ties with Ultor. As a last-ditch effort, Shogo leads a group of Ronin to kill Gat at Aisha's funeral. However, Gat and the Boss kill Shogo's men and bury him alive in a coffin as revenge for Aisha's murder. Kazuo, after surviving an attempt on his life at Wardill Airport, orders a direct attack on The Saints, but fails. Mr. Wong, an old ally of the Boss, is subjected to another attack at his heritage festival in a bid to lure The Saints out. After rescuing Mr. Wong, the Boss beats Kazuo in a sword fight and leaves him to die on a burning boat.

    Meanwhile, an increasingly power-hungry Vogel plans to destroy the Saints so he can expand Ultor's control over all of Stilwater. When an initial effort to kill The Saints' leadership is foiled by The Boss, the Saints respond by destroying a high-security Ultor lab. The company's board of directors try to rein in Vogel, so he sends their locations to the Boss, which he uses to kill them. Appointing himself chairman, Vogel hosts a press conference to denounce the Saints. Gat and The Boss open fire on the conference, forcing Vogel to retreat into his office. Destroying the building's defenses, the Boss enters and confronts Vogel. Vogel attempts to fool the Boss by claiming the board of directors were behind the attacks, and tries to make a truce with the Boss by saying that they could unite their resources to control the city, but before Vogel manages to finish his sentence, the Boss shoots him in the mouth, sending Vogel flying off the window to his death in the streets below.

    After conquering Stilwater, the Boss has the option of visiting Stilwater Police Headquarters and listening to 3 wiretap conversations recorded under Bradshaw's authority. According to the recordings, Julius was responsible for planting the bomb on Alderman Hughes' yacht that nearly killed the Boss, believing that doing so would allow him to disband the Saints and retire. The Boss can also contact Dex by phone, in which he offers to set up a meeting at The Saints' old base to discuss turning over Julius. If the player does so, however, Julius appears there instead and it becomes clear that Dex plans to have both of them killed on Ultor's behalf. After Julius and the Boss fight the Ultor Masako units across Stilwater in a car chase, the Boss shoots him in an abandoned amphitheater. Still not forgiving Julius for his betrayal, the Boss becomes adamant to kill him. Julius states that the Saints weren't able to change anything, as they had become no better than the gangs that they had been fighting against. The Boss proclaims that Julius's betrayal did help him with one thing: learning to never act as someone's pawn again and being in charge was the better choice. Despite Julius remarking that the Boss would've died if it weren't for him (mentioning the beginning cutscene of the first game), and saying that they were now even, the Boss shows him no mercy and kills him with a headshot, while remarking "not really".

    The story is darker, because of the cutscenes.

    CHARACTERS - The characters are fine, Pierce, Shaundi and some of the Saints members have been your teammates. Don't get me started with Johnny Gat because he was one of the badass characters in the entire franchise. (till Agents of Mayhem.)

    GRAPHICS - The graphics were outdated as hell, but the environment in the game is very awesome to explore. Stilwater has been one of the best cities in the video game industry.

    CO - OP AND MULTIPLAYER - Since Gamespy servers were shut down on May 31st 2014, We can play CO - OP and Multiplayer with Tungle and Evolve.


    REVIEWS - The reviews were postive by critics and video game lovers by its wackiness and over the top elements in the game, but the Microsoft Windows port was criticized for its awful FPS (Frames Per Second) and its technical issues with crashes.

    For this game, I was really liking it, I bought the GOG version and the entire port was improved with Gentlemen of the Row, I even played with this mod (half of it) and even liked it. Some famous youtubers like TheEscapist, mrsaintsgodzilla21 and FL1PPY actually liked this game as well, Some GTA fanboys would call this game a GTA clone, Hell, I even played Grand Theft Auto IV and it was too much realistic due to its graphics and its physics, but it was great. If you wanted to play an over the top sandbox game, I would highly recommend this game, Its just amazing.

    (ESRB RATING : This game is rated M for Mature 17+, It contains violence, blood and gore, strong language, nudity and sexual content.)
  • saint row 2 is a fun game i played this game back in 2010 and it was so fun this game brings back so many memories but i looked up ign i search up saint row 2 on ign gave saint row 2 a mediocre rating like what this game is so good ign you know what screw you ign go die in a fire this game is so good i gave this game a 9/10 this game is amazing