Hidden in the Ocean is an Easter Egg Known as Volition Island.

At the airport are signs for a Noitilov Airlines. Spelling "Noitilov backwards gives you "Volition" - the game's developer.

The Channel 6 News theme that appears on the radio after a significant mission has been completed, is an extraction from the ITN news theme.

A series of videos called "Street Lessons with Uncle Gary" starred actor Gary Busey giving helpful tips to the players of Saints Row 2. Gary Busey attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, a town that shares the same name as seen in Saints Row as well as its sequel. He's also done a video in which he speaks about motorcycle safety. Busey was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident during the 80's.

This is the first title in the series to be released on PC, & PS3 since the original wasn't released on either platform.

One of the missions is entitled "Assault on Precinct 31". This is a nod to the movie ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 where a gang attempts to infiltrate a police station; which is also what the characters do in this particular mission