Artie: Are we almost there yet? It feels like we've been walking forever.

Shrek: Hey, it wasn't ''my'' quest! Next time, ask the Lady of the Lake for a shorter one!

[''A piano being played is heard'']

Artie: Is that a piano?

[''Shrek turns and sees Captain Hook playing his piano on a huge log'']

Shrek: Hey, kid. Which one is Artie?

Artie: Um, that tall one over there. But he prefers to go by his nickname Peaches.

Shrek: Okay...

Shrek: All right, Peaches. You're coming with me.

Lancelot: What did you call me?

Shrek: Peaches. Come on, we've got a ship to catch.

Lancelot: You said it again!

Shrek: And you'll have a whole kingdom calling you that, if we ever get there. Now move it, Peaches!

Lancelot: Unhand me! You've insulted Lancelot's honor for the final time!

Shrek: Lancelot? I thought you were Arthur.

Lancelot: That's one insult too many! You should face me on the field of battle!