Nene: [upon seeing the creation of Final Szabo] Hmmm.

Silent Ku: The general...

Heat-Wave Sai: ...shall be...

Raging Kesu: ...reborn again...

Turbulent Mai: ...with our power.

General Szabo: Whooooooo.

Nene: Machines are merely objects.

Dethroy: Objects.

Nene: There seems to be fragments of my soul remaining in those pests. Now go and get them back.

General Szabo: Whooooooo.

[the group is looking through Kluke's clothes drawer]

Kluke: Don't go in there!

Marumaro: What is this thin cloth?

Kluke: Marumaro!

Marumaro: OW!

[the group is looking at Kluke's bed]

Shu: It smells like Kluke.

Kluke: I told you. Knock. It. Off.