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  • Daniel Dakota gives Adam & Eve a mediocre video, which oddly spawned a sequel. It's just five vignettes saluting guys in uniform, with zero creativity involved.

    Johnny Castle plays a firefighter in a vignette that makes those Playgirl TV fillers (often starring Castle) seem quite grand in comparison. He saves contract superstar Carmen Luvana from a burning building, but not before dallying with her in the sack for about 15 minutes while the place is all aflame.

    Luvana, big star that she was over at A & E, returns for a second scene of the Sapphic variety, hooking up with another big-buster Katie Morgan in "Operation Sex", where Katie gets to be dominant, strap-on dildo and all.

    Unrelated Holly Morgan plays a youngster tutored by her teacher Tommy Gunn in "Learning...The Hard Way". You get the picture.