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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Buy yourself a bag of manure, set it on the table and watch it for 42 minutes. After that time, you'll have absorbed as much scientific information as you'd get watching this amateur Youtuber's dreck. He's quick to damn the "accepted science" of trained archaeologists, but offers no science whatsoever to back up his claims, which are borderline "chariots of the gods". In the Petra section, he remarks how long it would have taken for a civilization to "dig out" the caves and chambers, and that the Nabataeans could not have done so, and that they merely "hired" someone to "decorate" what they'd found. He doesn't seem to grasp the fact that creating those ornate facades didn't exactly happen overnight, and would have required the same tools he claims "prove" it couldn't have been the Nabataeans who chiseled out the openings in what he claims is almost diamond-hard sandstone.