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  • Spice Studios/Entertainment is a mysterious, short-lived porn label of a decade or so ago that released many a Brit Porn feature in the States, but afforded them no respect. This second volume of Rural Countryside porn themed to high-toned Brits has no acting credits on screen, erroneous credits on the DVD box, and spurious production credits for the U.S. importers including the great director Bud Lee called "executive in charge of production" (a misnomer).

    With "British" in the title I can't fathom why they would attempt to hide the provenance of this material. Editing of the U.S. compilation is poor, with quick cuts from one unrelated vignette to the next.

    But the players are talented and make it worth a watch. Angel Long brings her tallness and sexual expertise to the opening segment, chatting with Ian Tate in the back seat of a Land Rover owned by her daddy, en route to a picnic. Outdoor sex ensues as a threesome with her chauffeur Danny Mountain, including various d.p.'s.

    A Black actor in Blighty who I couldn't identify has two scenes: one a black on black encounter with busty Alexis Silver, who emerges memorably from her SUV (NonSex chauffeur a bit part) clad in only a mink coat and sexy underwear. He also gets to hump an imperious young lady of the house who criticizes him as her servant for not getting the place ready for the ensuing dinner party, but she's easily pleased when he whips out his big black dick. IMDb listed American actress Alicia Silver incorrectly for this video because the sloppy Spice Studios DVD liner listed her, but any porn fan can immediately identify the gap-toothed Alexis instead, and I'm correcting this error.

    The team of McKenzie Lee and Marcus London, who previously appeared together in an obscure Brit Porn production "Wife Swap" encore in an atmospheric segment where she seduces him at a marina, after he takes her out for a trial spin (potential customer) on a yacht. McKenzie's breasts are ample at this point in her career (circa 2005), not the huge and ultra-fake looking boobies of her later roles.