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  • It's a shame when we have a cast like this and get a movie as poor as this. Every woman in this is stunningly beautiful but the end result is kind of ugly. The biggest reason is the strange lighting, bad editing and way too much close ups. The movie isn't that rough either.

    The best scene was the one with Angel Dark. In this scene Angel grabs a guy straight of the dance floor and take him into the bathroom and has her way with him. The scene manages to be good despite the problems that I listed. And that is all due to Angel Dark. I must say that this girl is on top of one very long list of porn stars, that I would like to do. I mean she is so beautiful and sexy that my cock almost bursts out of my pants, just when I see her with clothes on.

    The only other scene that manages to be good is the one with Francesca and Nika. They are two really stunning blonde's who take on one guy each. You can tell from the scene that these two girls are really in to what they do.

    All in all I don't really recommend this porno movie to anyone. It is watchable but nothing that will stick in mind. There are way better ones out there so don't let the cast fool you.