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  • ak-3838916 November 2019
    Once again failure for vijay Sethupathi....dappa film....masala over
  • ak-3838916 November 2019
    Another flop for vijaysethupathi..... Worst of time....worst of money
  • This movie should've been made before a decade but looks like the director got a fateful producer-only recently. Just like the director's previous endeavors, this one is also a poor making added unto his list. Unfortunately, Vijay Sethupathi seems to have got in the middle. But, it again proves the fact that even if a crappy movie has a growing star in it, it doesn't mean that the movie will go places. A good lesson learned by Tamil Cinema.
  • arjun-tkalathil21 January 2020
    This movie is just a waste of time, the story is too predictable and this is like recent vijay movies which is only running in theatres due to fanpowers.But badluck, its vijay sethupathi. Small actors movie only become hit when it has anything interesting!
  • sunilaas7 February 2020
    Vijay sethupathi wants to hit a commercial action movie... but don't choose these type of movies... guys please don't watch these
  • harish-6390715 November 2019
    Vijay sethupathi surely needs an Oscar for his performance... Superb
  • Vijay Sethupathi plays the protagonist in this movie. The first half was quite entertaining and light-hearted, and starts off with a satirical portrayal of how a typical hero and comedian are shown in tamil cinema. Suri plays the comedian role here. The song "Oh My God" is peppy and has motivational lyrics. Raashi Khanna plays the role of heroine and looked pretty. It is a story with a flashback. The flashback portion is set in a village where a happy family is beset by tragedy due to an act of revenge. The hero plots to avenge the deaths of his family members and to save his village from potential environmental pollution. The second half is a bit tedious and the plot is an often repeated one. The songs were good. However, on the whole, there was nothing new in the story. The movie is watchable for Vijay Sethupathi, the songs, cinematography and some social messages.