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  • bkoganbing25 April 2020
    The discovery of a body in a couch being thrown out leads Kevin Bernard and Jeremy Sisto all the way to Plattsburgh to Melissa Leo a woman with a runaway teenage daughter who's identity she's taken over on social media.

    Taken it over for the purpose of scamming men and she's got her hooks into Barry Del Sherman who has lavished thousands of dolars in presents on her sight unseen. Sherman maybe chump of the decade.

    But that's only the beginning of Melissa Leo's evil. She is truly a monster of the worst kind.

    Watch this one for Melissa Leo.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Two "sanitation" officers caught two guys who were trying to take an abandoned couch into their van. A dead man was hidden inside the sofa. The victim was a marine deployed in Iraq; he had a partner in business, they stole maps from the local library, trying to sell them online; Van Buren faked her identity (32 years old girl!) online to locate the perp and he was arrested. But it's not about business: they shared interests over a girl they met online. Detectives didn't find the teenage girl, her mother (Melissa Leo) said she had been missing for over two years, but she's a pathetic liar: she used her daughter's b-frenz page to lure out money from innocent people. What detectives found in her boyfriend's basement is unbelievable.....

    That's what happen recently: people pretend to be someone else in their avatar, much younger, charming and mysterious; it's easier for con artist to succeed. I'd rather meet someone I like face to face instead of chatting online, with surprises around the corner.