Dina Alexander: What are you goobers doing?

Dina Alexander: We're playing Pick the Pox.

Eddie 'Donkeylips' Gelfen: You got to guess the exact number of chicken pox of Michael's face when he returns from the hospital.

Dina Alexander: What a completely moronic and childish thing to do.

Bobby Budnick: The winner gets a gallon of chocolate ice cream.

Dina Alexander: 35 pox!

Kevin 'Ug' Lee: I'm sorry to have to tell you all like this, but Michael Stein won't be coming back to camp this summer.

Telly Radford: Why not?

Kevin 'Ug' Lee: Soon he'll be going to a better place.

Z.Z. Ziff: You mean he died?

Kevin 'Ug' Lee: No. He's going to Europe.

Kevin 'Ug' Lee: This is it; the baseball field! What do you think?

Ronnie Pinsky: It's not exactly what they showed me in the brochure.

Ronnie Pinsky: You know, guys, most camps have rules against bringing in outside food, but you know what? I don't like rules. Thus, ladies and gentlemen, I come bearing gifts. Behold, famous Pinsky salami; the most delicious meat or meat byproduct known to man.