• WARNING: Spoilers

    Michael has the chickenpox, and after Ug returns from the hospital without him. After he recovered from the chicken pox he's going hiking with his parents in Switzerland and wont return to camp for the summer. Everyone is sad to see him go except Bobby Budnick, who was happy to have him gone at first. Eventually, the knowledge of Michael not returning to camp starts to affect him too in not so nice manner because now the resident prankster has no one to bully around. The fact is, Michael was the one who kept it balanced between him(the prankster), Donkeylips(the tough guy) and Sponge(the nerd).

    It's only been four hours since he left, and already a new camper has arrived, Ronnie Pinsky. He introduces himself by throwing Budnick out at baseball. Everyone is excited to meet him, but the resident prankster doesn't like the new kid. In the boys bunk, he kicks the bed to the ground while Pinsky is on it, but it doesn't phase him as he continues to eat his infamous "Pinsky Salami" with pride. This draws the ire of Budnick even more because now he realises that Camp Anawanna isn't big enough for two sneaky pranksters.

    Meanwhile, Ug has decided that everyone needs to be quarantined so they don't infect anyone else with the chickenpox. Pinsky doesn't like rules, so he breaks quarantine to go to the girls' cabin by putting small holes in a paper and spray paints it on a sleeping Ug's face to make it look like he has chicken pox. The prank works after Budnick turns on his stereo. Ug thinks he has chicken pox and runs to the nurses office. Later on, he catches Pinsky in the girls bunks, and punishes him by making him roll an apple in mud with his nose.

    That night, he can't sleep. He decides to go to the girls cabin, but is caught by Ug. With quick thinking, Pinsky offers him the famous "Pinsky Salami", and it turns out he loves salami. Ug quickly gets the camp out of the chickenpox quarrantine. The other boys can't sleep either and goes out to see what happened to Pinsky. They hear music coming from the lodge, and finds Pinsky playing the piano and the girls dancing, while Ug eats the salami. Sponge and Donkeylips are inpressed by his moves, but Budnick is less than that.

    The next day, an irate Budnick ran all of Pinsky's boxers up the flag pole as an effort to humilate him (like he did to Michael when he first arrived). However, he's unphased and salutes his shorts with pride, angering the resident prankster. The girls like him even more and Ug continues to eat salami Budnick doesn't understand what happened, but he knows he doesn't like Pinsky.