Blake Sennett was the oldest cast member among the kids and was on his way to turning 19 when Season 2 aired.

Erik MacArthur (Michael Stein) left the series after the first season to take a break and focus on school. Rather than hire another actor to be Michael, Steve Slavkin created a more charismatic jovial character named Ronny Pinsky played by Blake Sennett. Sennett was originally going to play Scotty Rex in "Telly's Tennis Match" but when MacArthur left the series, several rewrites were made.

First appearance of Ronny Pisnky (Blake Sennett).

Budnick doesn't like Pinsky but as the series progressed Budnick and Pinsky became close friends and their friendship was tighter than the one Budnick had with Michael in season one. In real life Danny Cooksey and Blake Sennett became great friends through the series and both worked for each others bands. Sennett provided background vocals to Cooksey's band "Bad4Good" and Cooksey sang background vocals and provided additional session work for Sennett's band "Rilo Kiley".

Blake Sennett actually had mud stuck in his nose for two days and said he couldn't smell for close to a week. This occurred in the scene where Ug caught Pinsky sneaking into the kitchen to get sodas/snacks for the kids and Ug punished him by making him push an orange in the mud with his nose.

Although it's the first episode for Season 2, "Telly's Tennis Match" was the first episode filmed for season 2.

The Loner Ranger theme "William Tell Overture" is used in "Environmental Party" and in "Pinsky Comes to Camp". Steve Slavkin was glad to use the theme because it's public domain. Also in "Cinderella Play" Michael shouts the Lone Ranger's signature "Hi-O Silver"