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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have already watched twice and want to binge watch again. A believable plot and the fact that the leads fall in love slowly rather than quickly makes it more like it would really happen in real life. Can't wait for season 2.
  • I just have to simply say that I have not watched a television show more engaging and emotionally moving in a raw, real, natural way in years. Once one episode ended I had to immediately start the next episode. I cant wait for season 2.
  • Indeed, a great show. Believable acting, excellent choice of leading roles and generally good casting, in a series that could very easily be predictable. But it doesn't, because while watching it you are always caught in the moment, focused in really enjoying it and each episode leaves you with a refreshing feeling and good vibes. Waiting forward to a second season!. It has to be soon because this couple has a great chemistry and i believe, even more character development for us to watch! Needs more yo be told about them for sure!
  • catmc-392801 September 2019
    If you like the ups and downs of falling in love then you will definitely enjoy this series...
  • moongypsygoddess12 September 2019
    I've been on a Chinese drama binge and like the others this one drew me in and hooked me! As an American there is much to adjust to due to cultural differences but I love this show and others like it. It has a much different tone and pace than what we have here, which I think is an issue for many americans who watch these shows. For me, that makes them even better.
  • It was so very good and enjoyable!! I absolutely adored our main couple, they were perfect for each other! The chemistry was great and I was cheering for them from start to finish! I was a little annoyed by her friend who always seemed to show up, he kinda got on my nerves. The storyline was interesting and I binged watched this in two days! Plus happy ending for the win!
  • I have no spoilers, yet want to provide a loose framework of the differences in this film from many others, especially those made in America. There are no caricatures, even if initially it seems that way. When we discover most of the backstories, it is clear that the book's author was interested in reasons for each person's feelings (much like those we have all known). Thankfully, none of the actors portrays teenagers in high school during the series, with the female lead is working toward her second post high school degree.

    These people are in their 20s or early to mid-30s, with the older ones often more inclined to make decisions about life partners. There is joy in the many results and and unhappiness between a few. One of the several reasons I love this film is that it allows secondary and support actors to experience love affairs. Most Asian dramas I have seen only allow physical closeness (embracing, leaning on each other, kissing, or other signs on affection) to the leads, even with married couples in the programs. This was very disappointing for a wonderful husband-wife couple in Amazon Prime's. 'Love Better Than Immortality'. They were the secondary couple and the actors were more authentic in presenting their situation, yet were only allowed to hold hand, no even to embrace. Truly ridiculous!

    One man is an arrogant loser, a bona fide jerk who is just like several I've met, while another is a nice guy with a solid, non-offensive crush on the lead and who ultimately became annoying in his denseness (to me, if not the rest of the viewers). A couple women would have been BFF-Mean-Girls in high school if they had met, but each has her own (potentially) valid reason for acting out; neither seemed to be simple plot markers since their backstories were valid for the assumptions made. It was fascinating to watch the lead made be candid about the situations for a surprising change, rather than being the typical, boring dupe as male characters are most often written. Truly loved these small, yet important points because neither sexes need to have people assigned stupidity as a reason for failure. Lack of experience and/or understanding is sufficient.

    The title, "I Hear You", refers to several things in this film: (1) With the leads, it speaks about each of them learning the language of the other person, which in their case is a bit of trouble because they have nothing in common except their nationality and being human. Yet, they each tell the truth in every situation. (2) Three people separately provide misinformation through lies, omission, or obfuscation. (3) Two people separately experience imaginary conversations, in which they overwrite the spoken reality. (4) One person clearly hears the correct words, yet constantly selects second or third definitions that are more suitable to her personal gratification, claiming total belief in her choice over what is mean.

    The leads begin their journey toward understanding and a realistic relationship: they are in a very awkward situation because of promises to their separate best friends, who work together. There are several starts, stops, and teetering, so applying the word "falling" to love as a description of their emotions is a misnomer. The leads' experiences with each other begin organically, becoming more defined as episodes progress, growing naturally, with fits, stops, starts, then grow more steadily. Bumps continue along the way due to others' needs or agendas, yet the variations are interesting.

    As an American woman, I have been extremely impressed with the manner in which Chinese women are shown equality and respect in films. Lusi Zhao is the headliner because she is the more experiences senior to Riley Wang King in this drama, even though he is three years older. She became 21 in early November this year and has been working for a while in comedies and dramas, being excellent in both. This one always feels like her most natural performance because of the contemporary setting.

    As for her best friend/former room mate and the Italian, Mars; people who are settled professionals with more life experience are often willing to move quickly when they have the reasons and opportunity. Why not? If you've waited for years and the other person continually disappoints with no response or remorse until you might no longer are be his fan. What a wreck! Choose life, joy, and hope!!
  • theamarker56 December 2019
    I have come to see a difference in the Asian countries by watching these shows on Netflix. I really get Into the characters and binge watch too.
  • ajahnirichardsonowens15 October 2019
    Their was a piano song, played constantly throughout the series. Does anyone know the name of it, or even how to find it?
  • rdawkins-5820819 September 2019
    It was a good show but it would be nice to see the end of the love story hopefully there will be a season 2.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For me, the Italian wedding was weird...Too soon with no relationship before the wedding really. Also, the ending of the season, I found that it was cut a bit abruptly.

    I am giving it 6 stars because I really liked the heroine. She was believable and a very friendly character.

    The main hero was bothering me with his very slow walking and always having his hands in his pockets. He was a bit robotic but he had some emotional moments too.
  • From IMDB: "An aloof violin maker strikes up a relationship with a sweet girl next door after they are unexpectedly cast in a reality-dating show." Stars: Lusi Zhao, Riley Wang, Gratitude Dai. 24 x 1 hour episodes.

    At first I was a little mad at the producers of this - they paired a six foot tall, 30 yr old 'ice in his blood' male with a five foot short, 22 year old 'feisty' girl; as prospective love partners in a Reality TV Dating show. He is a maker of violins, she is an inspiring voice-over actress. Frankly I thought her friend (in the show) Lizi was more age and height appropriate - but they being two 'misfits' was the whole premise here.

    However as things wore on, they both showed their true colors and won me over; the male's heart began to melt and the girl (real cute) was funny and had about 100 facial expressions, also her 'voices' were quite well done. You can guess the rest. After all, it is a romantic comedy.

    Of course NO Rom-Com would be complete without a jealous female rival, and there's one here.

    Probably best for teenagers thru millennials. IMO Just sit back and go with the flow. Ultimately quite an enjoyable and fun way to spend some time. I give it an 8/10.
  • AWWW such a cute drama. I watched this one with my friends, and it was so funny, lighthearted, and heartwarming. This is a wonderful story of first love, and shows how they gradually went from not liking each other to becoming friends and eventually lovers. :) MUST WATCH
  • rialakiran26 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was a tale of first love. the story of a rich violin maker and an aspiring voice actress who meet on a reality show. they start living together, because of the show, and in the process, they fall in love. so cute <33
  • I enjoyed watching the slow growth, discovery and acceptance between the couple. It's rather refreshing to see the several layers of the couple's characteristics. I found the parts played by her best friend and mom very realistic. Something I think most women can identify with in our lives.
  • A different rom-com plot device: a young, wealthy violin maker and a talented but unknown voice actress are compelled to live together for purposes of a reality TV show. The contrast in personalities is understandable but sometimes exaggerated. I think more could have been developed about the male lead's distraction from his purpose as it seemed sudden. More could have been made of the female lead wanting to distance herself from her childhood upbringing and her mother. The ancillary plot is pretty wonderful without the secondary leads overacting, especially the female secondary lead whose character was miserable but dignified in the end. Her taking a risk at the end was marvelous. But this secondary plot could have been developed more. Overall the series was entertaining, thoughtful but maybe one season was too short to fully develop the transformations in the characters.
  • The though I was feeling iffy about the progression of the show and the female leads sudden love for the male lead 19 episodes in...I let that go because when it comes to these silly dramas I'm willing to suspend disbelief. Where the show really lost me was the ridiculously random wedding to the random Italian guy and the subsiquent complete unraveling of much of the story development up untill then.
  • Jackiemitchell72223 December 2019
    Was a good series though thought the ending just cut off, like there should have been a little more
  • joanne-7804917 June 2019
    Never finished the series was too boring . was ok for first couple of episodes didnt grab my attention thought the main lead was too robotic. . wouldnt bother yawn .
  • I loved this show and was really hoping for a season 2. One of my favorites. Love the storyline and acting.
  • jjarvis-5434726 October 2020
    I can tell you. This is a worthy show for a second season. The plot line was outstanding it gives you lots of Highs and Lows it keeps you want to see more. The ending is like I need more. I can't wait for the second season
  • fakepersonforme18 November 2019