Dorian Spitz: Are those the kind of people you usually hang out with?

Grace: Well, I don't usually hang out. Why?

Dorian Spitz: Well, you just don't really fit the type.

Grace: Oh, what's the type?

Dorian Spitz: Spoiled and obnoxious, and totally removed from reality.

Dorian Spitz: I knew we should go into business together... I can see it on your face, you know. I can see it in your eyes. You need to escape your world just as much as I do.

Grace: Except that you're trying to escape down, and I'm trying to escape up.

Dorian Spitz: No. There's no up or down, man. There's just free and trapped.

Grace: Okay, I'll just wait out here.

Dorian Spitz: Why? Why don't you want to go outside?

Grace: I just don't feel like it.

Dorian Spitz: Why? What do you have to hide?

Grace: ...What? Nothing.

Dorian Spitz: Well, are you scared of these people?

Grace: People?... Is this about Ben?

Dorian Spitz: I don't know, is it about Ben? Is that why you're not going outside? Is it Ben?

Grace: Oh my God, please don't be that stupid...

Dorian Spitz: I'm not being that stupid, okay? I just want to know what you see in this guy, alright? Like, it is that deep, sort of pseudo soulful look that he's always got in his eyes, when he's just really staring at nothing? Or the fact that he looks like he hasn't taken a shower in a week? Maybe it's his Jesus hair!

Grace: You know, I'm not going to have this conversation with you right now, okay! Fall apart on your own time...

Dorian Spitz: Do you understand that he's never, ever, in his whole life going to understand how special you are? You are so smart, and beautiful and cool and fun to hang out with, alright? And you've gone through so much in your life, and he hasn't struggled a single day! He hasn't worked for anything that he has! He's gotten everything that he has from his parents!

Grace: Oh yeah, and you're so different?

Dorian Spitz: ...Well I'm doing something about it!

Dorian Spitz: Don't you wanna go to college?

Grace: Yeah, that's why I don't wanna go to jail.

Dorian Spitz: Aw, they don't put pretty, white girls with nice smiles in prison.

[Grace drives away. Dorian cups his hands and shouts]

Dorian Spitz: Hey, virtue is its own punishment baby.

Rhonda Berry: All I'm saying is, you don't have to go to college to get an education.

Grace: ...To be a doctor? To be a doctor, you have to go to college, mom!

Water Park Boss: This is going to be the best summer ever, right? We're here to have fun and to make friends. Because the more you have fun, the less it feels like work. I want every one of you to ask yourself - How am I going to live today, in order to create the tomorrow I am committed to?

Grace: ...I've got to get out of here.

Dorian Spitz: I'm Dorian.

Grace: Grace.

Dorian Spitz: Pleasure to meet you, Grace. I knew someone named Grace in pre-school, and she was just sort of good and sweet and lovely, you know?

Dorian Spitz: So, you work here long?

Grace: Uh, yeah. Forever.

Dorian Spitz: Forever, huh? Forever's a long time.

Taylor Elizabeth Berry: Who are you?

Dorian Spitz: I'm Dorian.

Taylor Elizabeth Berry: I'm Taylor Elizabeth. It's after Elizabeth Taylor, but my mom wanted to make it original...

Dorian Spitz: Huh. It works!

Ben Pretzler: Would it be weird if I asked you out?

Grace: Why?

Ben Pretzler: ...Why?

Grace: I mean, why would it be weird?

Grace: ...That's because pots illegal.

Dorian Spitz: That's because the tobacco and liquor company want to maintain their monopoly, and the prison industries thrive in the war against pot. And it's far too difficult to control and therefore far too difficult to tax and will remain illegal... until the government can turn a profit.

Grace: I have to come up with twelve *thousand* dollars by august 10th or I'll loose my spot.

Jean: It's a lot of blowjobs.

[Both laugh]

Taylor Elizabeth Berry: Are you sleeping with Dorian?

Grace: No. Are you?

Taylor Elizabeth Berry: No. Is mom?

[Both laugh]

Joe: We don't get what we deserve in life, we get what we expect. Okay, so all raise our expectations.

Joe: Do you have a car?

Dorian Spitz: Nah, I've got a driver.

Joe: Who? Your mom?

Dorian Spitz: No, yours.

Joe: If anything ever goes south, you never knew me. Understand?

Dorian Spitz: Yeah, who are you again?

Ben Pretzler: This is weird. Usually, when I meet a girl, um, it's always weird at first but I feel oddly comfortable with you.

Grace: I thought you just said it was weird.

Ben Pretzler: It is... because it isn't. You know what I'm saying?

Grace: Yeah.

[They kiss]

Cami: [talking about the money] Is that enough?

Dorian Spitz: No, the condom doesn't count.

Grace: Rejecting great things doesn't make you noble, Dorian; it just makes you naive and stupid.

Grace: My sister thought we were sleeping together.

Dorian Spitz: Hmm, I like that.

Grace: Yea, I thought you would.

Grace: You know, you promised me you were making those payments.

Rhonda Berry: What payments?

Grace: What payments? On the credit cards you took out in my name, that you swore you would pay back?

Rhonda Berry: I know, but sweetheart - When I get the settlement from my accident, Then I'm going to give you the money.

Grace: ...Did you buy a new dress today?