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  • Maybe one of the most interesting projects in years at Mexico, making TV series. it's really nice to watch action/adventure tales placed on a Mexican context. El Pantera works very well, obviously with production mistakes, specially in the choreography and script, TV series needs more tension and fight scenes.

    Despite of this, it's a good option for the Monday night. The Pantera will try fight against the injustices in the Mexican society, fighting against typical criminals of the city. Let him do it, for a new generation of entertainment in Mexico.

    Give it a chance.
  • gato197523 August 2007
    For those who know El Pantera, this guy will appear too much of a metro-sexual hero... I guess the producer did not catch the creator's idea of what this hero is. This guy is supposed to be an ex convict, and he did not go over fifth grade on school, so he is barely educated.

    But if you take this guy as a a completely new character, the series will be entertaining and it has some action (it is kind of slow paced).

    As for the production, you can easily tell that Mexico's big TV conglomerates are now willing to invest a large amount of money on their productions I think it is worth seeing this show at least once.

    But also, try to find the book and read it!

    Season 2 is now out... but I think the writers spent too much time watching 24... this is sad, it just does not take off. Still low paced, there is something wrong, they cannot make it exciting somehow