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  • These "Tricky Spa" vignettes suffer, as always, from contrived situations always leading to the same conclusion: an unscrupulous masseur hoodwinking a beautiful woman into sexually servicing him.

    Title segment instead follows a cuckold theme, with inevitable crew member Big Chief Quarterblack (whose in-joke stage name is always misspelled Quarterback by these latter-day pornographers) playing unbilled Cassidy Klein's drunken boyfriend who falls asleep while giving her a massage, prior to Klein's desire for some morning sex. Out of nowhere Derrick Pierce enters the living room (script doesn't bother with any of the niceties of a scene set-up and gives the horny star a lot more than a massage.

    The other scenes have our creepy guys doing their thing, leading off with Jack Vegas warned that an undercover agent from the vice squad is on the prowl, so he'd better be careful. Because the spa is fitted with hidden cameras, he is able to blackmail and outwit smug lady cop Cadence Lux, though the scene is ludicrous on its face, as this femme cop insists on being serviced sexually, hardly logical or believable.

    Tall Dylan Phoenix impresses sexually, stuck in a dumb role as masseur Eric Masterson double-talks his way into her panties.

    In his first scene with Lux, Vegas is incorrectly called and credited on screen as "The Masseuse", yet these sloppy folks at Gamma Entertainment give him the proper "The Masseur" credit for his second scene, having sex with the luscious tattooed lady Sarah Jessie.