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  • The only part of the show they changed was the finale, and that was for the worse. I liked it when they came back in dramatic fashion. I love Bob Harper, but not as host.
  • I was really excited to see this show is back. It's so inspirational & motivational, especially as someone who's on a weight loss journey of her own right now. I do, however, have a few problems with this show.

    The first, the music. Awful. Like, YouTube awful. Maybe they're doing it for the millennials? I don't know. The background (no voice) music is fine, but every song with singing included... UGH. Not for me.

    The second, is a problem I've always had with the show: they're giving those of us at home unrealistic expectations. Most of us at home can't afford these trainers or gyms, etc & aren't living with said trainers & a team of others in the same boat as you. I don't know about anybody else here, but at my weekly weigh-in, I NEVER get the big numbers they get on this show. No matter how hard I work. So, I feel like those of us at home are actually almost let down by our 1 or 2 lb lost in a week. Which, by the way, is totally acceptable & healthy. So, as motivating & inspiring as it can be to watch, it can also be discouraging for us at home. That's just the truth.

    I sincerely hope the contestants are learning healthy ways to eat & live. I know this show has saved lives. I hope it does the same for some of the viewers, as well. If you're on a weight loss journey, just as I am, just keep doing your best! Do not compare your progress to anyone on this show. Or, for that matter, anyone else you may know IRL or on social media. Your journey is yours & yours alone. You've got this!
  • I am so glad this show is back!! I'm even more glad that they found two brand new amazing trainers, Erica Lugo and Steve Cook, to coach the teams. Being a woman myself, it's really great to finally see a female trainer with a truly attainable body. It's going to be a great season and I'm rooting for everyone! If you're looking for an inspirational, tear-jerker this is the perfect show for you.