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  • Like most people, I get immense pleasure from seeing a child cry. Oh, how I love to watch the tears roll down their little faces! I also love seeing the mentally ill being publicly humiliated - well, who doesn't? Unfortunately, it has become less and less acceptable to seek out and publicly mock infants and the disabled.

    Thank God for Britain's Got Talent! Finally, we are free to laugh at the disadvantaged without being shunned by our peers. I literally cannot think of a better Saturday night's television than watching a quartet of millionaires sat behind a desk sneering at the disillusioned, disadvantaged and disturbed. Each episode allows you to cackle with glee as a stream of human beings' hopes and dreams are destroyed in front of the entire nation - what could be more heart-warming than that?

    The judges are what really make the show what it is - after all, who could possibly be a better judge of "talent" than Amanda Holden? Her role in that programme about hairdressers is widely regarded as the greatest character portrayal of all time. Presumably the sheer strength of this performance is why we've not seen her act in anything since then.

    Simon Cowell is brilliant. I love the way he sneers at the inept auditionees for "wasting his time" - how dare they? I mean, it's not like he gets paid millions for his appearance on the show! And the contestants certainly aren't pre-screened by producers before they're sent out onto the stage!

    The star-power of the judging panel has really been upped this year, however, with the addition of Alesha Dixon. Yes, the greatest female artist of the millennium - I'm sure we all remember her smash-hit single "Knockdown" which reached the dizzying heights of number 45 in the UK charts.

    Britain's Got Talent does an amazing job of bringing the Victorian 'freak show' concept into the 21st century, and the culture of the UK is truly richer now that we can take pleasure from the humiliation of strangers from the comfort of our own living rooms!
  • I can barely stomach the American version, so I thought I'd check out its progenitor to see if they did things better or with more panache across the Atlantic.

    Well, no.

    It's the fact that I recognized several actors that appear on imported British shows here in the U.S. that made me laugh and then want to kick the messenger that was my TV for another trash ridden pre-staged show.

    Don't believe me? The most glaring example was an actor from Doctor Who whom I saw more than a few days before doing his dance routine on this show, Britain's Got Talent.

    Another glaring example was the fat kid and the good looking girl, and, shock of shocks, the fat kid decided not to let his less talented partner go, garnishing much applause from the talent (he said sarcastically).

    I'd estimate roughly over half of this show is staged, with the rest being one-shot acts of people who are good at doing one thing, and nothing more, then get their "big shot" on stage, and move on afterwards.

    What's worse is that people, apparently mostly girls, eat up this junk. Well, it's far too late for me to warn folks not to watch it, but, on the one in a million chance you haven't seen it, and have stumbled upon my review, do yourself a favor and avoid this thing. OR, if you need a good laugh, then tune in for an episode or two, smirk, then change the channel.

    Either way, watch at your own risk.
  • It's impossible to pick up a British tabloid without reading about the newest media star created by this show . I decided to ignore it since it's lumpen nonsense . The panel itself was enough to give the show a miss

    Piers Morgan . A former Fleet Street editor of a rag called The Daily Mirror . Morgan's main claim to fame is that he published obviously faked pictures of soldiers " torturing " suspects at a Basra army base . Anywhere else in the world this would have led to him facing charges of treason but after being sacked by the paper his career really took off in a big way . Only in Britain

    Amanda Holden . An actress who is famous for being Amanda Holden , which tells you how well she's made a career out of being an actress

    Simon Cowell . Okay fair enough

    The word talent is very vague . On Britain's Got Talent it seems " talent " is a euphemism of " gimmick " . You got a family pet that can tap dance then have a go on this show . If you're a talented human being who can play an invisible musical instrument or juggle wheelbarrows then audition and you'll be chosen for the semi finals . If you're even less talented than your peers then don't worry because " talent " can be an euphemism for " sob story victim "

    Actually this is why the show is so objectionable - it's highly manipulative . Someone comes on and says they've had a close family relative die recently , or they've reached middle age without receiving a french kiss and everyone will fall over themselves to improve the victim's life . Perhaps the worst personification of this was ten year old Hollie Steel bursting in to tears and being told by the producers she's blown her chance . Cue more banshee like wailing from young Hollie that led to Simon saying " I don't know how but we'll find time to give you a second chance . I can see young Hollie having a career as an actress since talent or a lack of it has never stopped Amanda Holden being famous

    But this show has nothing to do with anything resembling talent does it ?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked BGT in the early days but the show has become too manipulated in recent years. Now we not only have footage of the acts supposedly waiting to be auditioned by Simon and the other judges (even though they're actually being auditioned by anonymous staff on earlier dates) we also have footage of acts making their way to the audition, after the audition where hug their family/friends and most perversely miked up members of the audience who make inane or obvious comments about the acts performing (while other pull stupid faces in response to bad/weird acts, not realising they look equally stupid themselves).

    Added to this the fact that a lot of the acts are not British and a lot are professional or have entered and won talent shows elsewhere leaves the traditional meaning Talent Show a bit meaningless. In other words BGT so manipulated and dubious you stop believing its real and start thinking its one big con and you're in danger of falling for it.

    It's interesting that some of the acts who won (or came close) in previous years including the first winner Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and the 2015 series winner didn't appear at the 2016 ten year final celebrations (go figure).

    Talking of which, Richard Jones, the winner of the 2016 final was a very unworthy winner. Not because he stole his tricks - a lot of magicians borrow from the past - but because he didn't perform them well. A lot of the time you can see exactly how he did them (and he made some unforgivable mistakes when he did the trick on This Morning), close up magic is a bad choice for large arenas (relies too much on cameras which is never good) but mainly because he's so bloody boring. The guy has no real presentation style, no clever or funny patter and most importantly ZERO charisma. He's just a tall soldier. End of.

    I could just about forgive all that but that crock of rubbish he served up as magic in the final was truly pathetic. A child could have done that routine with the same result. There was just one simple card trick involved which has nothing to do with what he was talking about, and then he brings on the veteran soldier alongside some more of his army mates. When Jules O'Dwyer bought on an extra dog in the previous years final she got criticised. This guy brings on half a dozen extra people with no comment The whole thing's a stitch up. Let the soldier win. Let's be patriotic. Fine but it has nothing to do with magic. But that's BGT in a nutshell, it has little to do with real talent but a lot to do with what they want us to see and what Simon Cowell can get out of it.
  • TheLittleSongbird22 September 2009
    Britain's Got Talent is an entertaining talent show, that is very addictive to watch. It is true though that some of the people who went on the show were laughable like the singing saxophone(Simon summed it up perfectly when comparing it to a baby crying), though in the recent series there have been revelations like Diversity, Susan Boyle and I am probably the only one who was very surprised by Hollie Steele, despite her meltdown in the semi final. Ant and Dec are very entertaining presenters too, not annoying, actually funny mostly. The judges are fine, Piers has said a number of very unfair things in the past, and there have been a number of times when I have disagreed with his decision-making. Amanda Holden, I know is an actress, but she is very beautiful and encouraging, so I don't mind her. Simon seems a lot less critical than he is on the X Factor, yes he has said some nasty things, but he does tell the truth(well most of the time) but sometimes doesn't put it in the right way. Britain's Got Talent is very entertaining, especially in the audition weeks, and fun to watch, but I'd rather watch it on my television than participate on it. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show not only mocks good people but has a real effect on their life i don't have a problem with simon or pierce but the other judges are just plain mental. Amanda holden who just not the state of mind. the worst thing about the show is the audience the audience simply just mocks anyone who comes on stage pretty much except for the really good one. this show overall need to be plugged off from airwaves. trust me the American version is so much better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you like entertainment/talent shows, e.g. Pop Idol, The X Factor, etc, finding the newest talent from the country, then this is the show with it all. Presented by Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, this new show sets out to find the best talent that would have the chance to win £100,000, and the chance to perform in front of The Queen or Prince Charles at The Royal Variety Performance. The judges were ex-newspaper editor and media baron Piers Morgan, actress of stage and screen Amanda Holden (who performed there herself), and the always popular music producer Simon Cowell, with temporary guest judges actress, dancer and model Kelly Brook and music manager Louis Walsh. The show has no rules about age or act, they just want anyone to turn up who thinks they have something to impress the judges, the thousand strong audience, and (if they win) royalty. The difference here is not just the audience, but the judges have the opportunity to stop the act with three X buzzers. The acts that get through to the semi-finals are all great fun in their own ways, and most deserved to get there. Acts have included: Damon Scott with Bubbles the Monkey, opera singer and winner Paul Potts, young classical singer Faryl Smith, young soprano Andrew Johnston, electric violin players Escala, street dancer and winner George Sampson, canine freestyle act Kate and Gin, dance act Signature, rapper DJ Talent, street dance group Flawless, young singer Shaheen Jafargholi, comedy dance act Stavros Flatley, singing phenomenon Susan Boyle, street dance group and winners Diversity, and many more. Ant and Dec were number 56, and Simon Cowell number 33 on The 100 Worst Britons (why?), Cowell was number 28, and Ant and Dec number 7 on TV's 50 Greatest Stars, and Cowell was number 67 on The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols. Very good!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    BGT has always been a little nauseating, but at least good entertainment in its initial seasons. The entertainment factor mostly stemmed from having both GENUINELY good acts and GENUINELY bad ones. And a panel of judges that would actually critique them in that way. Most of the drama derived from the Judges decisions, disagreements and ultimately their rejection of decent acts that just weren't quite good enough. It was cruel, but it was genuine great entertainment. THE SHOW ACTUALLY FELT REAL.

    Its now season 13, and OH MY LORD THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

    This is now the most embarrassing show on television. There are so many reasons for this, I will only really be able to cover my main gripes, but to headline it - THE PRODUCERS HAVE WRECKED IT IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

    1. Half the acts are undoubtedly fixed. As in they are written and created by the producers themselves, and it is shockingly obvious. Many of these have taken the form of mind reading or magic acts, where the judges are always involved, and the participants always guess what the judges are thinking. Even if these acts actually do involve people with real magical powers, any body with half a brain is likely to be SCEPTICAL, anybody with half a brain might just feel that the judges are in on the act here. Christ, they even had a mind reading DOG this season, who won his semi final! VERY, VERY EMBARRASSING...

    2. This one coinsides with point 1. The judges and presenters take part in over half the acts. This is beyond outrageous. For me this absolutely rubber stamps just how FAKE the show is now. Who in their right mind would turn up for an audition expecting the judges or presenters to play a major role in their performance. NOBODY. But every time, Ant and Dec or Walliams and Amanda have no objects in participating in what look to be very rehearsed acts, even sometimes dangerous acts. The writers (And this show shouldn't have writers btw) are clearly on drugs.

    3. The Judges. AWFUL. Either they're told not judge anymore or they just don't. Cowell is a shadow of his former self. The show use to have actual judges, like Peirs Morgan. Now we have the like's of WALLIAMS.. Who spends the whole show clowning around with Cowell, performing exchanges which look to be written by a five year old. Their interactions are absolute vomit.

    4. No drama. The acts are always 'good', and the judges just praise how amazing they are or they're 'over the top' bad. As in FAKE bad. As in their created by the producers to add some comic relief and give the judges the opportunity to buzz. This incredibly annoying structure has removed the main source of entertainment which was decent acts, at times getting harsh criticism from the judges, and not quite making it through. This was when the judges actually did their job. This new structure of 'good' acts and 'silly' acts has completely eradicated all the drama!

    There are so many more things I could complain about here such as the cringe worthy sob stories, grotesque melodramatic music that is shoved in our faces, or the clearly solicit audience who give every act a standing ovation, but the list would be endless. I think you can see, I'm a little disappointed with the direction this show has gone. Fundamentally change it or STOP IT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously I just don't see the point of this show? It's so much like the "X Factor", you do the amount of performances on the show, you win and never heard of again. It's like a complete joke!

    Even though, Susan Boyle was absolutely fantastic during her time on this but really, where is she now? I'm like, what is the point coming on the show and not been heard of again?! Everything on the show seems to 'try' in making this programme more interesting because you get to see varieties of people showing off their talents, at the end of the day, it's utter rubbish and a complete sham.

    Like X Factor and among those other shows that Simon Cowell puts on, needs to be taken off on television. It's just too pointless to watch!
  • There are some fabulous performers in Britain' Got Talent every year. This year there have been some excellent singers, an amazing water acrobatics group which should have won and gone on to the Royal Variety Show.

    There are some odd performers: a German 'plumber' had an act of throwing sink plungers at the backs of muscular men to make them stick. Accompanied with a running commentary in German which was entertaining for its humorous delivery.

    Famous outcomes of this show have been Susan Boyle and Paul Potts. And that shows the ignorance of the judges. The panel are philistines most of the time. Susan can sing well but she's not the outstanding singer that all the applause and record sales would suggest. The surprise that her voice is good coming from someone who is unglamorous gave her the fame and winning on the show. Her voice is good enough for a career but there are far better singers who would have beaten her on vocal ability.

    The judges pushed her forward because of the contrast of her voice with her appearance. The likes of Amanda Holden are not experienced casting directors. With the exception of Simon Cowell none of the judges has any experience promoting or producing a new act. The panel consist of whatever well known faces are available this year.

    A panel of experts who can assess acts abilities and help them develop would be better but they would be unknown and the show panders to the audiences need for identifiable faces.

    Consequently many real talents and years of practice either don't apply or are rejected because the judges are easily impressed by a nice sounding but only of average quality for professional standards.

    To confirm my opinion a dog won and beat the water acrobatics, musicians, dancers and singers. That says it all.
  • This programs so "fixed" even dck and ant are participating in acts, "simion said" i mean cow has three acts per show one chosen as best and others just fillers. david wallbean just pretends to be sexualy attracted to cow and the other two compete to being best dress woman on day. If you can strain your vocal chourds you have tallent. fast forward past bad acts only one good act per show.
  • studioAT16 April 2017
    Often better than it's more flashy stable mate 'The X Factor' this Simon Cowell show is still going strong.

    The reason for that is that it's purely about variety. Not someone screeching out a song every two minutes. We get acrobats, comedians - it's good old fashioned fun.

    Cowell has smartly kept the judging panel largely the same over the years, with the same hosts in place too.

    I look forward to this show every spring, and apart from the 'Hassellhoff and McIntyre year', it's hasn't let me down.

    Keep doing what you're doing with this show, Simon.
  • Well, what can you say about "Britain's Got Talent" other than EXTRAORDINARY!!! Independent Television ought to be so proud of owning this show. I've so enjoyed the show and yet it's ending tonight in about 50 minutes at 9:30.

    Last night, Holly Steele (who my sister says is annoying) really grabbed my heart when she ultimately broke down live on stage when she gave it all she got singing "Edelwiess" and I honestly didn't think she'd find the courage to continue her performance and agree to go through to tonight's final but she has - she's a very brave little girl.

    Susan Boyle nearly quit? Why?! She seemed to be really enjoying herself last week. Maybe it's because, like Holly, she, too, felt the pressure.

    I can't say I know who I'd like to win... I'd say it's a 3-way-tie between Holly, Susan and Aiden: I'll just have to stay tuned with much enthusiasm. However, I'm sure it'd break her heart if Holly doesn't win tonight and mine would break for her.

    I must say, Shaun Smith wasn't bad either. I think he's a proper sexy 17-year-old, if I'm to be honest.

    Whatever your age, wherever your home (ideally in Great Britain) you must let "Britain's Got Talent" fill your heart - it's an unmissable show that's gripped the entire nation!
  • It is interesting to see people from all over the country showing what they can do, some of them are quite good, some of them are just plain stupid.

    It's a little bit funny how some people are discussing their talent with Ant and Dec or just to the camera and explaining how they feel gifted and how they have been doing their talent, etc then they come on and they're just utter rubbish. Come on now, being rubbish is one thing, but trying to make yourself look better before you've even started is just plain silly.

    There was that impressionist who tried imitating Tony Blair, William Hague and David Blunkett and he was really bad. He did William Hague just about okay, but he could not do the others to save his life.

    I think most of the time the judges are right in their decisions, however when they complain that the act they see is quite limited, why don't they say yes, but ask for more variety in the next round? If they can offer it they can get further, if not, they're out. That's fair isn't it? Don't get me wrong, sometimes the judges are a bit too smug and smart for their own good.

    Sometimes I wonder if they should leave out singing as a talent, otherwise it could just out as another X-factor.

    I think they should show more auditions on TV, because its either entertaining if they are good, funny if they're not. Either way, viewers can't lose.

    I think they should also show a repeat late at night, with no censorship. There was a dancer who was quickly buzzed out and Simon Cowell told him that he was just useless and he shouted a few swears, which were bleeped out obviously, and ran off, before the judges had even had a vote. Wouldn't it have been interesting to hear what he said?

    All in all, too many talents to mention here. Kate and her dog Gin were quite good and yes Kate did actually train her dog and stuff beforehand. If may look like she didn't do much but most of her work was behind the scenes. Like the conductor of an orchestra.

    Quite a good show.
  • With Peirs Morgan gone and Simon not in the auditions due to ditching us for the US, Britains Got Talent is unarguably better than ever. New judge Michael McIyntre brings character and humour to the judging panel (much needed), and world sensation David Hasslehoff is just brilliant in portraying his role to find new talent for the Queen and the World! Old time favourite judge Amanda Holden remains with a some might say annoying sense to her but we love her anyway.

    What I would criticise though is the lack of wow factor in the auditionees, no one has really stood as a potential world Star but let's just see to the Semi finals!!! Ant and Dec never fail to make audiences up and down the country and didn't disappoint this time around. With their school boy charm and humorous take on everything they bring a shine of light to the show!!! I really can't wait for the rest of the series and to see what Britains Got Talent will bring us in the future!!!! Review by Liam de Gruchy
  • Britain's Got Talent started in 2007 with the aim of finding a new act to perform on the Royal Variety Show. The first series was strangely only on TV for one week, however the second and third series was extended to around eight weeks, with the auditions broadcast on a weekly basis for seven weeks and then the live finals broadcast daily over the following week.

    In my opinion, Britain's Got Talent is a more entertaining reality show than any of the other main ones such as Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor and Dancing on Ice. The main reason for this, is the show is open to absolutely anyone with any talent. The auditions are hilarious and are my favourite part of the series.

    It's just a pity ITV don't give the show more air time. Considering X Factor is on TV for four months, it's strange they only give eight weeks to a show that is actually more popular.
  • It is really interesting to see such a rough talent and idiotism in the same place. I must say it is very entertaining. The judges are ok and funny except Mel B who is the queen of idiots. I really dont see the point of the judge who dont understand the half of the acts on the show. How can someone judge something that dont even understand. Her sit should stay empty or replace her with someone who have the brain. But Heidi Klum isnt much better either. If u can ignore those 2 the show can be real fun.
  • The only two things I don't like are
    • The episodes don't have full performances. They just put some of the performances as a clip.
    • The results. There are a lot of people talented but they don't get the prize. Maybe I'm not that much good at English, I don't think some of the jokes (especially, the winner of 2018's jokes) are funny. I didn't even laugh at his joke in his first audition. I don't even know why he got the prize.
    All in all, it's good to see some amazing performances.