• WARNING: Spoilers

    An unbelievable coincidence, a conclusion based on unconfirmed news, a media and social short circuit. The effects can be devastanting, a life can be completely riuned.

    Even that of a success man, even that of a surgeon who is trating small bodies affected by the most terrible ills. This is a tragedy that is born from suspicion. Sergio is suspected of being a brutal seriel killer, someone who has been killing for years in a rich provincial city. A tragedy, a black hole that suddendly sucks down all our certains, one by one.

    This is the worst nightmare that could possibly happen to anyone of us. And infact it happens to Sergio. Voices and insinuations are more dangerous than a sentence. Suspicion spreads more quickly than the penal code and it will ruin a man's reputation. With no appeal allowed.