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  • This movie was beautifully filmed and well acted, and I loved seeing Roman sights and learning a little about the culture. I only had two problems with this movie; one small (Angela hoofing it around Rome all day on those heels) and one big (Oliver's deep and abiding focus on only business and profits sure did change quickly, with zero growing pains). That being said, this movie did a pretty good job at making me think such a transformation may be possible with the right person and experiences. Well done!
  • This has been a very drab year for these movies. I believe they're doing so many every year now that it's impossible to get new and interesting stories, and the performances they're getting from the actors have been fairly drab -- possibly rushing production to the point that the actors don't have time to get into their roles.

    And even though we like this film, it's still pulling from the same list of plug-in cliches: girl fired just before Christmas, fixated businessman who needs to learn slow down and smell the roses, corporate acquisition needing to understand the family business to be acquired.

    Despite the plot cliches, the people behind this film get bonus points for deciding to spend the bucks to film on location in Rome. Some of the great sites of the city serve as the backdrop for many scenes, and every scene has atmosphere in the location. It was a good idea done well. And too many of these movies are a "good idea bungled".

    Next, the leads connect. Another mistake many of these movies make is not actually putting the leads on screen together enough, so their developing relationship gets hard to buy. Here, the leads share virtually all of the screen time, allowing a believable chemistry to develop.

    Finally, FRANCO NERO! Great decision to add this wonderful actor into the mix. I've been a fan since Camelot -- yes, THAT long. LOL At 77 during filming, he could pass for 60. He still looks great. He isn't given much of a challenge in his role -- mostly turning a quizzical eye on the American businessman fumbling with the "ways of Rome", but it's still great to see him. -- and looking at his IMBD page, he's still very much in demand. I don't think I've ever seen a page with so many upcoming roles!

    This is one we'll want to watch again in coming years -- the first time I've been able to say that about the 2019 crop of films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why wasn't wasn't one of the biggest stars, Franco Nero, who had a supporting role, included in the cast? Beautifully filmed. Always enjoyable, Hallmark movies,always deliver.
  • Christmas in Rome was also filmed in Bucharest, Romania not only in Rome, Italy. I enjoyed the movie, nice sceneries and Lacey is one of my favourite Hallmark actress.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Hallmark regulars Sam Page and Lacey Chabert play a businessman visiting Rome and and a tour guide living in Rome respectively. Watching them walk through Rome is reason enough to pick this one over some other Christmas movies. But it looks like they filmed in warmer weather than Christmas time. She is a bit over chatty in her usual way. Things get a bit boring with setting up her tour business and his business deal. Not a must watch but the travelogue is more convincing than the romance. At least moving to Rome isn't as bad as the usual give up everything for a small town.
  • This is a great vehicle to do different things in a Christmas movie. For one thing, this movie is as much a travel movie in a fictional setting as it is a Christmas movie, at least in the beginning. So many things are new to the American especially one who has never been to Rome. Beauty is an understatement. Wow. And it goes deeper than the view. Angela is teaching Oliver about the culture and traditions in Rome. I have no reason to believe those things are anything but accurate. This whole aspect alone of the movie makes it very enjoyable.

    I wanted to do a spot fact check, so I looked up the three coins in the fountain. There was a movie by that name that goes along with the legend Angela quoted. I found one reference to that legend that went beyond that movie, so it appears this reference in the movie is at least partially accurate and possibly entirely accurate.

    It is refreshing that you don't see snowball fights or Santa Claus in this movie but there are a few traditional activities that are familiar. If you watch as many Christmas movies as I do, that's a nice change.

    Lest you think it's all business, or touring the sights, Chabert and Page manage some chemistry and some witty dialogue.

    This is at least the second movie Lacey Chabert and Hallmark have done recently that goes behind the scenes in a travel setting. I can guess that there will be more to come. (I don't remember if Love on Safari fits this model exactly, but I think it probably does.) I thought this edition was better than the previous one(s) (Love, Romance, and Chocolate).

    Does a movie have to have conflict or tension? For me, in Romance movies, especially Christmas movies, I can live without it if the story is otherwise enjoyable. There is a bit of tension with Oliver's boss being too demanding which results in a plot line that has been overused in this kind of movie. It works here, but I didn't think it was needed.

    The climax includes a choir singing a Christmas song in St. Peter's square, another impressive sight (although some of it looked green screened).

    There are pluses and minuses in this movie, but for me, the pluses were enough to get the best rating.
  • The sights are breathtaking, so much history! The relationship of Lacy and Sam is lovely, they both find a new look at Rome with their new eyes! This is one of the best Hallmark movies I've seen in quite a while! ENJOY!
  • This is the typical, formula, stereo-typed Hallmark Christmas movie plotline. There is nothing new or surprising about this romance story - you've seen it all before (probably many times) other than the fact that some scenes are actually shot in Rome which does add some uniqueness. Nevertheless, the always good stars, Lacey Chabert and Sam Page, rise way above the lackluster material and give some really nice performances that make sitting through this, ultimately, okay. Once. But not again. Fun to see Franco Nero, an Italian actor who became an international heartthrob during the late 60's, 70's and early 80's, show up as "Luigi" (of course), but he really isn't given much to do or say. The rest of the cast works well, too, despite the trite script. It's time for Hallmark to realize that taking their really talented performers and sticking them in boring stories just because they take place in London, Rome, Graceland, Dollywood (that one was a real stinker this year), etc. does not guarantee viewership. As a matter of fact, we quit watching the Dollywood one half way through. Never saw Dolly Parton!
  • fleamom8 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Riome us the star of this movie,. I found myself rolling my eyes through most if the film. A tour guide who runs around Rome and cobblestones streets in boots with sky high heels, and the forced lingering looks from Lacy Chabert's character didn't work for me. I ordinarily love her in almost everything. I like Sam Page, too, but the chemistry between the two characters was just not there. The story line was unoriginal. I think I might be oversaturated with Hallmark movies at the moment. Bored with the unoriginalitly of some acting techiques likethe falling off ladders into the male character's arms, the long glances over the shoulder as they walk away from each other, the fluttering eyelids as they lean into a kiss. I know it's Hallmark, but really? Bored with same actors appearing over and over again in almost every movie, and the same secondary characters as well. This one missed the mark completely for me, despite Franco Nero and Rome.
  • Oliver started off all work no play, but Angela changed that without a doubt! Beautiful sights and enjoyed this story! Oliver was quite humorous LOL
  • Kmb_flip: The First Noel during the dance is from the 2004 album, "Christmas is Here," by Kevin C. Teasley and Carlton Blount.

    I loved the authenticity of filming in Rome. The whole cast had a lovely chemistry and seemed to honestly enjoy being together, to make this a warm, uplifting Christmas special.
  • parksidedrive3 December 2019
    The backdrop of Rome was wonderful. The sights and sounds of Italy at Christmas time was beautiful. Angela and Oliver are a lovely couple that have an "Italian Cupid" to make things right. I was impressed by Angela's strength of character and ready to make her way in the world.

    Sam Page's and Lacey Chabert's acting was above average which made the movie so enjoyable. Very merry Christmas movie. Enjoy.
  • These two did an incredible and believable love story. They had awesome chemistry that seemed effortless. They Should do more movies together.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Going after Oliver, finding him at the Christmas Concert, and telling him that she doesn't want to lose him.
  • rafika27 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Excellent pacing, international location, no boring snowball fights, and actual good acting. This is a more realistic drama than Hallmark's usual formulaic fare that is becoming sickenly trite. I'm not impressed that everyone always falls madly in love within a few days of meeting each other, but the fact that Angela is able to turn Oliver's head, teach him Italian, and introduce him to the secrets of Rome was quite remarkable. This movie showed all the actors' skills in the best light. Different aspects of the film made everyone in our family happy--tradition, magic, Christmas, romance, and travel. Nicely done. Bravo, Hallmark!.
  • Great fun movie. I was in Rome a year ago and it was wonderful seeing all the beautiful spots again. This movie is visually stunning. Love the actors. I wish Hallmark would keep the tried and true actors in their movies more frequently. Love love Lacey. No matter she's in she rocks it.
  • Not quite as cringey as the average Hallmark Christmas movie. Predictable and cheesy, yes, but also with better acting and actual friendship developing between the characters before the romance. I did miss a bit of romantic spark between the main characters, though. Their friendship had spark, but the romance became a little...rational instead of emotional. The cast was definitely better than average, and I liked the details about Rome. I have no idea if they were accurate, and there may have been some stereotypes I know nothing about, but as a foreigner I found the depiction of Rome really enjoyable. Hated the horse and carriage scene. That was the most cringeworthy moment of the entire movie. All in all, I found this to be one of the better cheesy Christmas movies in a long time.
  • This was a great Christmas movie! It was fun to hear some of the great traditions of Christmas in Rome. Lacey Chabert and Samuel Page are some of my favorites! Once again, Love found a way!!❤🎄 Does anyone know who was singing The First Noel when they were dancing at the restaurant? It is a favorite of mine and I wasn't sure who was singing. Thanks Hallmark for another great movie!
  • Christmas in Rome is a wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie, and it's remarkable in one very important aspect: nothing about it is corny. I don't think you'll find another movie like it during their entire holiday lineup. From start to finish, the movie is completely realistic. You will not cringe, you will not roll your eyes, and you will not get a cavity. What are you waiting for?

    Lacey Chabert is an American tour guide in Rome who's passionate about her job and her surroundings. She goes beyond seeing the sights; she shows the heart and soul of the city. Sam Page is a slick businessman sent to Rome to buy up an Italian factory before Christmas. He has neither a clue nor an interest in Italian culture or business customs, but after a chance meeting with Lacey, she gives him a couple of tips that prove quite fruitful. To help him close his deal, he hires her to be his personal tour guide and help him woo the factory owner, Franco Nero.

    One of the reasons I love this movie is the deep connection Lacey and Sam grow to have. There's no love-at-first-sight, and it's very clear he's paying for her professional services instead of demeaning her or using the situation as a pick-up line. Instead, her intelligence, kindness, and passion are on full display as his tour guide. She's absolutely delightful; it's no wonder he falls for her! For Lacey, she's not hooked into an attraction based on merely trying to get a grumpy opposing force appreciate the spirit of Christmas. In many respects, this isn't really a Christmas movie, since she instills in him the spirit of Rome rather than the December holiday. Instead, she's drawn to his appreciation for her many qualities as well as his belief and tangible support in her ability to succeed in her professional goals. This is not a shallow, silly romance. When they share their feelings, you believe them and that they have what it takes to make it work.

    Another reason I love this movie is it really captures a love of Rome. Filmed on location, it shows audiences famous sights as well as hidden nooks, and it educates them on the language and customs. Lacey has Italian roots, and as a fellow Sicilian, I appreciated her accent and her obvious love for her surroundings. I don't know if Sam is also part-Italian, but I've dubbed him "Hallmark's Marlon Brando"-the young, cute MB from the early '50s-he certainly looks like he is. With Franco Nero in the cast, as well as several Italian supporting cast members, this feels like a very authentic movie. You've got to check it out. It just might become your favorite Hallmark.
  • Vranger's review pretty much said everything I was already thinking. I was just in Italy two months ago and I had such high hopes that this movie would be special. Yes, the scenery is beautiful and hearing about traditions and Italian words that I just learned myself was lovely but It truly is a repeat of the same storyline that Hallmark continues to use. Girl loses her job and decides to start her own company. Guy is with a large corporate entity who wants to buy a small business. The two of them literally "bump into each other" at the very beginning of the movie. -Also at the very beginning, a guy is walking through town carrying a fake Christmas tree that we are to believe is real... also 9 out of 10 people passing on the street are carrying shopping bags. Really? Everybody right there was out Christmas shopping? Christmas decor was way overdone as usual. We know it is Christmas. We don't need garland every 3 feet to tell us so. There were a few other little things that annoyed me but I don't remember them all. -Honestly, the feeling I got from the two of them is that they were good friends who were out sightseeing. I never really got much of any chemistry between them. -I did appreciate that this is another adult movie. What I mean is, there are no children in the storyline. So, they are not doing all the usual family things like going to the festival and making a snowman and making wreaths, etc. There is a little girl who makes a brief appearance and she and her Italian accent were definitely adorable. -The cast all did a great job acting and conveying the storyline being told. The scenery was just as I remembered Italy being. Those pine trees with the high canopy are really pretty and of course the old buildings. They even portrayed the hills which my legs and heart figured out very quickly while I was there!
    • I just can't give high marks because the storyline has been done way too many times. I'm not saying I could write a better story but this is like Groundhog Day movies at Christmas. I wonder if Lacey gets tired of making this storyline as well? It is not one I would set out to watch again. If I was browsing channels and it was on, I might tune in for a few minutes hoping to catch some of the Italian scenery again.
  • Ahhhhh .... another notch in the string of Lacey Chabert Christmas themed romances blossoms. Just what we need every year at least twice eh? My header comment is based on how silly Lacey Chabert looked playing a tour guide in Rome, Italy named Angela de Luca who can seemingly get by financially providing a private tour to one young executive named Oliver Martin (Sam Page) who is trying to close a deal with an Italian businessman named Luigi Forlinghetti (Franco Nero). Angela and her client Oliver are seen walking up and down the hilly streets of Rome Italy wearing coats that are always wide opened, and her wearing 3 inch high heel boots instead of running shoes.

    If you can get by these two phoney Americans looking totally out of place as if they own the city of Rome and no one is around them doing business or just living in the bustling city of Rome, then maybe the premise of this film will inspire you to also find romance in Rome whilst making a magical fruit cake just like Lacey and Oliver did.

    I give it a 6 out of 10 IMDB rating for some level of originality and of course for the beautiful scenic views of Rome, Italy, although some of this picture was filmed in Bucharest, Romania of all places which has some beautiful castles and panoramic views as well. Typical of some Americans not knowing what country there in.
  • Angela (Lacey Chabert) works for a walking tour company in Rome and she loves it. Having done it for several years, she knows all of the good spots and all of the zesty details to tell her tourists. However, her boss doesn't like the fact that she sometimes deviates from what he wants her to relate and show, so poof! Angela is fired. Just at this low moment, she runs into Oliver (Sam Page) a workaholic businessman in town to charm a well-known pottery company owner (Franco Nero) into selling his wonderful business to Oliver's conglomerate. Not amazingly, he doesn't know where he is going and Angela points the way. He also begs her to go with him so there can be no mix-up. Thinking he can wrap up the sale in a day, Oliver has a rude awakening, as Angela tells him. Things are different in Rome and Ollie must gain the trust of the older man before he will consider the offer. Thus, Angela becomes Oliver's personal tour guide in Rome, giving him the scoop that should help him along the way. But, with pretty Angie single and Oliver likewise, will romance spring up near the Trevi fountain? This lovely story has the best of Hallmark's matchless films. This would be the great cast (how amazing to see Nero!), a nice storyline, great costumes and ROME. Perch yourself on the sofa, with the tea and cookies nearby, and relish this sweet, sweet tale.
  • That about sums it up. The two actors have about as much chemistry and peanut butter and pickles. The scene where the leading man is supposed to declare his feelings for "Angela" is painful for him to deliver--the look on his face as if even he knows it's not believable. If you watch it with the sound down and don't listen to the trite dialogue, you should enjoy the view!
  • 7/10 - light holiday fun with the incomparable Lacey Chabert
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Having about 20 plus hallmark Christmas movies, I have been a fan for a long time but over the last two years, I have watched less & less of these!! The reason why is simple, SAME PLOT!! These movies are supposed to be family friendly & relatable but they aren't!! This movie shows what I mean about being relatable. The Hallmark plot line goes, single woman with money!!! Single guy with money!! They are both successful is why they have money!!! They meet, the whole movie follows them & they fall in love near the end!! It's always some place in America & the only difference for this movie is, they do all the above in Rome!! That plot line gets old after the first 100 plus movies!!!
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