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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have the music video for the new (2019) Halsey song nightmare that runs for pretty much exactly four minutes and was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who worked with many many recordings artists in her career already despite how young she is. One she has directed many music videos for actually is Ariana Grande. So not really a surprise she is in charge of Halsey's work here. The song was not a flop, but not a big hit either. Okay outcome. Same can be said about the click quantity this one has on Youtube. Millions and millions that would make every Youtube happy really, but for famous singers, it is just an okay number for less than 6 months. The music video here did very little for me I must say. Kinda stylish, but the substance is missing really. All it does is basically emphasize Halsey's rebel image and that she is not the nice girl living next door. And the lyrics fit in nicely too, even if I am a bit surprised why this is called Nightmare because I think this word is only used on one occasion and it did not feel incredibly significant there. "Wreckage" could have worked better or just another title that does not have to be one word only for example. Overall, I believe I liked other stuff from Halsey more that I have come across in the past compared to this one here. Not just in terms of the music, but also in terms of her looks. I hope it is okay I say that with the very brief politically correct anti-male message about men in her bed that I am sure liberal media and white knights everywhere will appreciate. But to me it felt basically for the sake of it just like almost the entire song. It feels created to show us a specific image of the protagonist, but music-wise I cannot call it a success by any means. Admittedly, it is not a failure either as it does not stay as bad as it starts. By the way, there are also some famous females in here. Check out the names on the cast list, some more talented (Blondie), some less (Cara). Overall, a thumbs-down though. Watch (and listen to) something else instead.