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  • The acting in gay-oriented Adult movies by Nica Noelle has steadily improved in recent years, but this rather obvious feature about sexy pool boys marks a retreat, with a very weak script and poor structure.

    It devolves into the equivalent of old porn loops, in that there is no real story or characters, just horny older actors (Billy Santoro and bear Colby Jansen) humping handsome young studs Brandon Wilde and Nic Sahara. Brandon is a genre superstar, and featured in three of the four vignettes.

    DIsturbing to me was the final vignette in which owner of the domicile Colby hooks up with new pool boy Brandon, with merely voice-over narration explaining the no-dialog scene. This occurs even though prior scenes established the two characters, but for some reason the linkage is omitted at the finale, making what was ostensibly a feature fall apart completely. Sex footage is standard stuff.