This 50 Years special is an hour long but consists of only six segments, features numerous clips, and uses the half-hour gameplay format; the third segment of the show contains no gameplay.

The 50 Years special's logo is a red-and-white-marbled star with the phrase "A Celebration of Bob Barker's 50 Years in Television" over it; "Celebration" is on a golden streamer, and "in" is inside of a television set. For this special, this logo supplants the "The Price Is Right" logo in the opening, on the Big Doors, on the Turntable, during the mid-show bumper, and during the consolation prize plugs; it is also present behind the audience, as well as in place of The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular (2003) logo on the 6-digit Showcase podiums.

On this 50 Years special, the Big Doors are reminiscent of Door #3 on The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular (2003), but with emmy statues instead of dollar signs; the same is true of the Turntable walls, although the far-left "extra" panel looks the same as it does on the daytime show.

The 50 Years logo is accompanied by six pictures of Bob throughout the years on the Big Doors and behind the audience; a different set of picture appears in each of the four locations. Pictures are also shown inside of "televisions" that are "stacked" between the Big Doors.

Bursts of light, somewhat resembling snowflakes or fireworks, are projected against the curtains behind the audience.

This 50 Years special begins with Bob standing in front of the plaque presented on the ceremonial 5,000th episode of The Price Is Right (1972), saying, "From the Bob Barker Studio, CBS is celebrating my 50 years in television. Come on down; let's party!" The picture then cuts to a montage of photos, with the beginning of the show's theme, a portion of "Walking", "The Bean Stalker", "The Cats", and the end of the theme playing in the background; the light border is present on the screen while "Walking" plays. As the montage ends, the picture wipes to a shot of the audience for the traditional opening.

The bulk of the 50 Years special is comprised of clips not only from The Price Is Right, but also of Bob hosting The New Truth and Consequences (1950) and appearing in a bit part on Bonanza (1959). An interview with Bob is also shown during the third segment.

For no apparent reason, the clip of the tube top incident from the September 14, 1977 episode is edited to show the current light border instead of the original one.

Unlike the Daytime Price Is Right, this 50 Years special retains the mid-show bumper, which occurs during the third commercial break. It consists of Rich saying, "Bob Barker: A Celebration of 50 Years in Television will continue!" over a shot of the audience as the 50 Years logo flies into the corner of the screen and one of the primetime "return from commercial" music stings plays in the background.

After Plinko, the fight scene from Happy Gilmore (1996) is aired in its entirety, uncensored; after the clip ends, Adam Sandler appears and reads a rather unique poem that he has written for Bob.