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  • Under Chinese Communist Party leader Xi's strong-armed, iron-clad control, China in the 21st Century has gradually gone backwards to the pre-Cultural Revolution stage. The limited freedom prospered during the rapid development and progress of the last 30 years, now suffered a huge blow. Chinese people now again, are living in an uncertain insecure weather, they cannot do anything without the permission of Communist Party's censorship guidelines, so the main-stream "Praise-The-Lord" formula is back to the movie industries. Movies or TV drama series have to churn out lot of propaganda to praise and glorify the Chinese Communist Party and its heroic Party leaders new or those long dead. This propaganda movie about Zhou Enlai is one of the products, trying to brain-wash its people in a subtle way, telling them how great this Zhou loved them, taking care of the poor and the old. How Chinese people, especially the old in the poorest part of China became prosperous under his attentive guidance.

    Folks should expect more and more propaganda movies disguised as documentary movies to be produced by the Chinese movie makers, because it's their duty to show their loyalty to the Communist Party by regularly producing such kind movies to glorify the totalitarian regime and Xi, the new dictator leader, otherwise they'd lose lot of privilege to make movies and TV dramas. They have to meet the obscure "Quota" required by the regime to churn out certain amount of this kind of movies or any kind media product to avoid the penalty and boycott, or lose their licenses and permits.

    We, the people who live in the free part of the world, don't need this kinda crap from China. If we like to have our brain washed and washed regularly, we would go to church on Sunday or any weekdays that church giving sermons, to purify our souls by God's sacred words and doing the self-justified invasions to other sovereign countries. The satanic Chinese Communist regime is an anti-Christ, anti-Christian and anti-humanitarian tyranny, how could possible that their dead Party leaders would be great people lover? Run as fast as you can to get away from Chinese' propaganda craps, go to church instead.