• WARNING: Spoilers

    Maiwenn, a former actress and one-time movie director, wants to shoot a documentary about the real life of actresses, a behind-the-scene single camera genuine portrayal of these women that according to her have a neurotic need of being loved. Her producer first refuses to go ahead with the project, which he considers too risky and not commerical enough primarily because Maiwenn wants it to be a mixed genre, both a documentary and a musical supported by short clips of songs and dances performed by the actresses. Maiwenn eventually convinces him after showing him the scenes that she already shot and reluctantly agreeing to include a former model turned aspiring actress, Estelle, in the documentary.

    Maiwenn follows several types of actresses through her project: Karin, who is full of herself despite her very relative celebrity and already sees herself in Hollywood; Charlotte, the experienced cultivated older actress who has lost her joie-de-vivre; Melanie, the narcissistic, fashionable and successful young actress who stages her life as a suite of cliches; Marina, the comedian who wants to change direction and play more dramatic roles; Romane, the once famous actress who must now resort to hosting product showcases in order to make it into the tabloids, and many others. At the same time, Maiwenn also has to cope with her family life and her boyfriend Joey, who reproaches her for not being there enough for their young son. Confused feelings that Maiwenn will experience when meeting and then kissing Estelle will blur things further.

    Along the way, Maiwenn will demonstrate her thesis about actresses being self-centered, neurotic, and craving for love in a fashion she had not anticipated at the outset.